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Dust, snow, and steel

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The-Forge-Dragon, Sep 19, 2017.


What do you want the terrain of the new or a new map to be?

  1. Sand/Dirt

  2. Snow

  3. Mud

  4. Industrial

  5. Grasslands

  6. Craggy, rocky terrain

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  1. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    This actually works? I tried something like it a couple of years back, it was a real hassle to get working and they only had Tier 1 Empire 'working' sortof. No RVR lake, buggy npc's and mobs everywhere with no actual players.
  2. Yea they've come a long way. Believe they have t4 rvr lakes open now and rotation of scenarios
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  3. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    Actually, all meaningful and rewarding parts of RvR were all on timers and tickets.
    The game was very fun, indeed, but hardly unicorns and rainbows you remember.
    Plus, it was MMO, obviously it had more content, otherwise it wouldn't be MMO, but Warhammer: Wrath of Heroes.
  4. Fryskar Fryskar Active Member

    Used to play both AoR and RoR.
    AoR had a simple problem, you had to grind long and in PvP against enemies who are much more powerfull. One Armor tier above you meant usually very difficult to kill and two impossible, unless there was a high skillgap or you were playing his anti class.
    PvE was nice to play with very interessting stories and quests, but PvE armor was very weak compared with PvP which was another hit in the face for anyone not fully focusing on PvP while leveling (Best Pve was compareable, but a bit weaker than the PvP rank 60 of 100 armor). Also the boundary of the PvP rank stopped you very good (if you played lots of PvE for leveling and then switched to PvP).
    you had 11 (or? not so sure anymore) classes and each side had mirrorclasses, with smallish differences.
    It was like WoW a subscribe to play game, with free to play for T1 Empire/Norsca up to lvl 10 of 40.
    All in all it was not a bad game, but with too many problems.

    Last time i Played RoR it was just a shadow of AoR, because they lacked more or less in everything. I heard they have to rescript more or less all encounters and quests, but T1 Empire/Norsca (1/3 T1 areas) was working more or less fine. T2-3 had either nothing or one big zerg running around, sometimes even one for both sides.

    On EC's terrain, i don't see a problem with adding all of them. Just for diversity i'd like something not barren or semi desert like.
    Maybe some grasslands, or even a city. It would all do good at breaking monotony of the maps. Might even add again a 4/5 CP map to break it even further.
  5. Orkan Orkan Arkhona Vanguard

    I would like to see a petrified forest map, can be desert now but trees eliminated by asteroid fire and solidified would be very apocalyptic. [​IMG]

    Such an environment would provide lots of cover as well as a very interesting landscape. We just need more undulating terrain so more cover can be gained in defilade of hills and uneven ground. That's what would be good to see on the new map.
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  6. Dharchaon81 Dharchaon81 Arkhona Vanguard

    If you are interested, just take a look at their homepage.
    Atm the have T1-4 live, >650 ppl. online everyday on EU primetime (fan-project).
    They play-n-gamble with the oRvR mechanic and try to find a fair and good solution for the crowd.
    Their team is grown out of their own community and I think it is an awsome result, which they got.

    It is still worth playing, there are very good instructions how to get it started.
    I've never got great problems to launch it, following it since the beginning.

    Sorry for undergoing the topic.
    In the past there was a topic at OFF-topics, but maybe its gone in the warp.
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  7. That's why they're my favourite, but even being painted bright yellow I'd still like to fight in that environment. My statement was more a prediction of what would actually happen, despite servo skull targeting sprites painting anyone attempting to hide.
  8. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Sorry for off topic but Warhammer Online still lives

    Only thing that don't work are City sieges.Balance is also better than live to.
  9. Why don't we make use of those Drop pods, Roks, Webway portals and Thunderhawks that are modeled and sitting on many maps and on each Garrison?

    Picture a battlefield with trench lines(made by IG or PDF), Aegis defense lines, tunnels connecting some trenches or defensive positions, bunkers, bomb craters, downed aircraft, and wrecked Titans. Throughout that landscape we'd see drop pods and/or roks scattered all over the place. Objectives could be command posts, downed aircraft, Drop Pods, Webway portals or bunkers(actual bunkers).

    Dreadclaw Drop pod that's modeled and already in game. We could have these scattered throughout a landscape similar to the EC loading screen shown above.

    Rok. These are huge. Would make a great objective and/or Ork spawn point. Seems a waste to have these modeled and not being utilized as terrain, spawn points, objectives, or "destroy" type of secondary objectives.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thunderhawk(background below) as a potential primary objective and/or spawn point. Could also be used as a "destroy" or "repair" type of secondary objective. Could be used as terrain, as a bridge, or as cover. We can have one of these half buried in the dirt or crashed into a building with the cargo hold accessible and usable as a firing position. The huge gun sitting atop the crashed aircraft could be accessible, perhaps require a Techmarine to repair the weapons and the crashed aircraft could then be used as a stationary firing platform(vindicator caliber weapon), part of the reason why this objective needs to be secured and repaired by one faction or destroyed and finished off by their opponents.
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