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Drop list for Boxes?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by thesyndrome, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. thesyndrome New Member

    Does anyone else find the boxes an infuriating way to get gear?
    I desperately want storm bolter gear (barrel and ammo attachments, etc), but I actually have NO IDEA what tier of boxes I'm supposed to be buying to even have a chance at getting this stuff

    My initial thought was "oh they are just small attachments to the weapon, so they are probably in the 500req boxes", then once I had gotten everything in the 500req boxes I moved up to the 3k ones....that was a month ago
    then I saw someone using a Vengeance Storm Bolter in a game, and I can only assume that's in the 30K boxes

    Is there a list out there of the drops that each tier of box gives?

    Also, I have no idea why ATTACHMENTS aren't something you can just outright buy with req? I have spent more req trying to get storm bolter attachments than it cost to buy the storm bolter to begin with, and i still have NONE (but I have clashing generators for every fucking melee weapon in the game despite not really caring about melee.....)
  2. thesyndrome New Member

    nevermind, just saw loot crate content list on General Discussion

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