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Dream Bolter for UltraMarine

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by PrplHze, May 13, 2017.

  1. Viktor Aramorae TheWarpsmith Well-Known Member

  2. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    Sexy AF. Gimme PLZ

    The thing to remember is that textures for 3D models work on a 2D plane, it's either a mirrored texture or two halves of the bolter side by side, similar to this:

    (BAR from Forgotten Hope)

    The above can easily be re-painted in something like PhotoShop to create the 3D models we've suggested above, since they're reskins and not new models. This would take maybe an hour for a skilled texture artist, a handful for someone without experience, but it's certainly not impossible.
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  3. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    Good old diffuse maps. Hours of fun. I want the EC ones so bad :)

    The Bolters are really nice OP. Like where your head is at. Colour and socket swaps alone their could be a ton of new variants. And this is just the Bolter.
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  4. Lutherian Lutherian Subordinate

    i think chaos bolters should have the usual arrows/chaos marks to distinguish them form loyalist ones. Even the starting bolters too, it should be a 15 min job for a professional. i like the ultramarine so far, the checkered surface really gives it character.
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  5. Aztec5011 Aztec5011 New Member

    nice nice:CSMWord:
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  6. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    If i had a flat cutout for the models, id try to make a full image set. But i dont know the structure to make a blank. *hint hint nudge nudge*
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  7. Noah Ward NoahWard Game Designer

    Hopefully this is an informative post. I think this is the type of thing that would be great on the Steam Workshop if we could come up with a workable solution. The challenge is creating a workflow pipeline that smoothly goes through the Games Workshop approval process. The whole process would need to be streamlined enough that it could be more profitable than a traditional 3D pipeline. I don't think there is a business case for creating assets in a "less profitable" way. This means finding a solution that doesn't require a lot of extra work on our end.

    The current art pipeline looks like:
    1. Find official assets from GW source material we could use or make something new
    2. Get approval
    3. Create 2D "model sheets" in the proper dimensions for the 3D artists to work from
    4. 3D artist creates assets
    5. Get approval
    6. Animators in Maya do some magic that I don't understand
    7. Technical artist integrates Maya files into Unreal
    8. Game designer further integrates assets (adding colors based on faction, apply to loot or store, etc...)
    9. Animators sometimes have to do more stuff at this stage once the assets are applied to the characters
    10. Sometimes there is also new VFX before an asset is ready
    11. Get approval
    12. Show on Twitch
    13. Patch it live!
    Our bottleneck is not in creating new assets (step 4), we've actually got a surplus of assets already and can order more from our outsourcing partner. Our bottleneck is on the integration side. Integration means exporting the file from Maya into Unreal engine and putting all the meta data on the asset and linking things together so the asset can finally go in game. Steps 7 through 9 above.

    So far, to me at least, it looks like managing submissions from the Steam Workshop and packaging it in a bow for GW to approve could be enough work for a full time position. That full time position could instead be a person doing integration of the assets we already have and new assets that come in from outsourcing. The position could also be an animator or a level designer.

    Don't get discouraged though, we want to try to find a way to make Steam Workshop work. Other games have done it.
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  8. @NoahWard Id prefer a level designer please ;)
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  9. Dangerisimo Dangerisimo Arkhona Vanguard

    What about all the unused assets from Space Marine? It's a dead game from a dead company and GW holds the IP by the purity seals. Tons of good looking stuff there.

    Are you saying one person needs to fill all these roles or you guys only have space for one more person? I'll work for RTC if so.
  10. PurpleHaze PrplHze Steam Early Access

    hmmm,....this kinda derails my enthusiasm. Another nail in my coffin,...well, was nice for a minute.

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