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Dreadnought Model For Shade 3d Competition

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by Ulysses, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Ulysses Ulysses Member

  2. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    Oh, and for any interested: ALL QUADS
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  3. i would like this too, but i do not understand it... you could very well be making fun of my avatar picture over there (you and your dreadnaught bias against the superiority of space wolves),,,
  4. Oh wow..
    Just enter it, forget GW.
    Also send it to bE so we can get walkers at launch, you're going to make more right???
  5. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    I did enter it. That's why it's stamped "Unofficial Warhammer 40,000". They don't contact you if they believe your answer is already answered on their page. So I just followed that as best I could.

    Game models require quads or tris to work in the game engine. Quads (4 sided polygons) are preferred, as they are the standard. Tris (3 sided polygons) are just quads cut in half from corner to corner. N-gons (5+ sided polygons) mean you're a terrible modeler, and your model can rip during animation, because the software doesn't know how the corners are supposed to move, since they're supposed to be tris or quads.

    Right now I have some stuff to do for Strikeforce Ultra. Building up a basic knowledge base that Ultramarines should be aware of. Plus, I need to get back to building my own game. I will return to the Dreadnought pretty soon.

    I sent my pictures to Katie as fan art. If bE wants to use my model, they have my contact info. ;) Would love to do more for them! And that poly count can easily come down via normal maps.
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