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Dreadnought Model For Shade 3d Competition

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by Ulysses, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Maybe some extra armour on the exhaust and some heraldry for the frontal side armour, other than that it's extremely accurate.
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  2. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    Bolts... lots and lots of bolts...
  3. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    And the front cover insignia.
  4. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    Here's what the front side looks like right now. Seal and skull. I think I'll paint the heraldry on the leg armor.
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  5. This is pretty awesome man. I love it... except that you are not making it a Space Wolves d-naught *whimper*
  6. It's looking great! Are you going to do anything with high-poly detail and maybe bake some normal maps or just paint everything in?
  7. Really cool man!
  8. Ulysses Ulysses Member


    The skull and text on the seal is normal mapped. The seal says, "MORTEM ANTE IGNOBILES ASTARTES" and the two scripts are Psalm 23 and Revelation 4.

    I have to turn it in on 8/28, so I'm not sure what it will look like for the contest entry, but I will continue working on it as my own fan art, and get it looking really nice. I think for my buddy's kid, I'll do a quick paint of a Salamander so he can have his green dreadnought picture, and then put some real effort into making it an Ultramarines dreadnought. For now, I'll probably just add enough edge loops in to subdivide it to make the edges less harsh. Not sure if I'm going to texture via Photoshop or Zbrush. Probably Zbrush for now, and then more in depth work with PS.

    Though I like the Space Wolves, they're not my favorite. Too much mutation. Though I love their actions against the Inquisition. Stand for what's right! GW's latest model of Logan Grimnar on his stormrider is pretty bad though... kind of dumb to be hauled around by a couple of wolves in my opinion. I'm an Ultramarines/Black Templars fan foremost. I've painted 2 space marines, and those are the two chapters I've done.
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  9. Well, I cant wait to see more updates! stop going to work, eating, sleeping, etc. and start doing some cg. that is your mission now.
  10. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    My entries for the Art of War Contest. Wasn't able to get it UV mapped and textured, so I put on a basic surface. In hindsight, perhaps should have done something that didn't have so much LORE behind it, so that I could have freedom to model, rather than requiring references from every angle. I do plan on UV mapping and texturing in the future, but taking a break from it for now to continue working on some other stuff.

    Main model rendered and modeled in Shade 3D ver. 14 Professional.
    Purity seals modeled and textured in Zbrush and PhotoShop.
    Skulls modeled in Zbrush, retopologized in TopoGun.

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