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Dreadnought Model For Shade 3d Competition

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by Ulysses, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    I'm working on a model of a dreadnought for a competition put on by Shade 3D. The winner gets a free Shade 3D Pro (I have ver. 14, so I would get 15 on release). I'm wondering if I would need to get GW's permission to enter this into their competition? Shade 3D would use the winner's beauty shot in their YouTube channel and on their site for advertisement/program showing off purposes.

    Here's a current screenshot of the Dreadnought WIP. I plan on making him either an Ultramarine or Salamander Dreadnought.
  2. Lutherian Lutherian Subordinate

    not bad at all, pretty clean topology there. just make the front more angled, the usual mistake that is made is making the fron not angles enough. do that and you should be good, maybe make the fist slightly more bulky, feet bit flatter.
  3. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    Thank you.

    The feet are exactly proportionate to the reference images in Imperial Armour vol. two - Space Marines & Forces of the Inquisition. Specifically the Black Templars Dreadnought on page 136.

    I do need more of an angle on the front. There is an angle there already, but the perspective of the shot doesn't quite show how much of an angle there actually is. Still, there does need to be more. Taking a look at the Dreadnought on page 91 of the 6th Edition SM codex definitely shows more of an angle than what I currently have.

    The fist is not big enough. It just needs a quick scale. I was working more on getting the shape correct. That's why I stipulated that it's a WIP picture. ;) I'm actually working on the fist right now, along with the rest of the left arm. Scaling is still off on quite a bit on the left arm at the moment.
  4. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    An update on the Dreadnought. Haven't heard from GW, so I'm just going ahead with it. I figure it's like being featured on Pixologic's top row or something. Here's where it's at right now:
    Have to add details now, like purity seals and stuff.
  5. Ulysses Ulysses Member

  6. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    And for those that understand:
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  7. You should take some more pictures from the rear, top, and bottom so we can get a look at the wiring and pneumatics. Those are typically where people end up skipping up on or get wrong. So far the front looks very close to the stock design however the melee arm with the flamer should be slightly angled outwards and the interior tips of the "fingers" should come in slightly more. Can't tell if the basin of the melee joint is domed or flat based off the picture.
  8. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    You are correct, the arm does need to angle out more. Still needs some posing work. Are you talking about the palm? It is flat. You are correct about the fingers. They were proportioned correctly until I proportioned the rest of the fist, and I forgot to correct them.

    I accidentally lied, however. Major modeling is not complete. I forgot to do the exhaust on the back. But just so you know I'm not fudging on the back, because it's the back:
  9. Cool-looking Dreadnought. First time I'm hearing of Shade o_O
    Good luck with the competition! ;)
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  10. Ulysses Ulysses Member

    There we go. The exhaust is done. Along with some purity seals and skulls. Time to give it a once over, and ensure that all the modeling is done, and then I can finally get to unwrapping and texturing.

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