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Dont blame the team blame yourself

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by MolitvaVoina, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Yes im telling people to blame themselves as I do the samething to myself. It has been a great help to me so I naturally want to share it with others. Being new to the game is not a excuse to be playing poorly. You can learn the same things as a master starting day one. Thats the diffrence between a good player and a poor player. The willingness to learn new things and not oppose change. You have zero power over devs and your team but you have complete control over yourself. Would you rather push the mountain you can move or the one that you cant?
  2. If my team is fucking bullshit i will share my thoughts about it. Even if they will not like it. I hate when the winning games are thrown, when people dont listen to stay at 1 point to win or guard the rest to have a close win not an epic fail trying to capture a point where sit 20 enemies
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  3. Throwing words will only make them more volatile. Best not to waste time with foolish people.
  4. Why they dont bother to waste mine/your time?
  5. Your better off leaving the match then trying to debate with someone who doesnt want to adjust the way they are playing. Give them some advice and move on. Pointing fingers just makes you a target for hate by everyone. If I see someone doing it I mute them quick. You want to help someone then help them. If my melee character is dragging the team down then say it but also give me advice on what I can do better. Dont just point at me and go * Its his fault*.

  6. Actually do be that guy.

    EC has far too many seemingly clueless chickens running around most matches with their heads cut off. They're playing Team Death Match ala Call of Terrible(COD) igoring everything and focusing on those "leet killzzz" versus infantry. A vast majority of players totally ignore or are for whatever reason totally oblivious to the "used car lot" squadron of enemy vehicles parked outside objectives they're trying to defend.

    BHVR is mostly to blame IMO:

    -There's no vehicle kill column on the scoreboard.
    -There's no commendation for "most vehicle kills while playing as infantry".
    -EXP for killing vehicles is crap. 95% of all matches it's the player with 40 to 50 infantry kills topping the scoreboard. I work my ass of almost every match to get 5 to 8 vehicle kills along with 3 to 5 infantry kills that result in me defending myself while trying to take down enemy transports and I'm usually at the bottom half of the scoreboard.

    Considering the fact that the success of every single attack is 99% dependent on vehicles, if your team is full of "uninformed" newbies that are totally ignoring enemy transports, BE THAT GUY and ask for help killing transports.
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  7. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    yeah i'm always that guy... and you know what ... i get told to stfu because i only have 3 kills at the end of the match

    while i was prob the reason we won in the 1st place

    there are reasons i quit playing this stupid game...

    this is one of the many
  8. The_Crow2k The_Crow2k First Blood!

    Yes scoring & Rewards do seem counterintuitive. Like new players destroying both gates in a siege, they generally wont stop because they get rewarded with XP for doing it.

    Nothing worse than spawning in with a lascannon to rid your team of that pesky quadgun then you get it 80% of the way down & die. Someone else finishes the quad gun off & you (the player that did the heavy lifting) get no reward (besides helping the team but then looking bad on scoreboard at the end) for your efforts.

    The above applies to vehicles too, unless you kill a vehicle while someone is in it the reward vs time spent is not very good. Not only that but then if you lose & point out why people on your team are calling you bad at the end of a match because all you did was clean out vehicles & have very few infantry kills.
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  9. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    AV weapons should reward players with XP every 25% of vehicle health taken.
  10. Furst Blut Ne-Plus-Ultra Steam Early Access

    Reward more EXP based on damage done on the vehicle, instead of giving more EXP for the last hit.
    Make the EXP gained from defending a point more rewarding.
    Make bleeding tickets from the gates more rewarding. There was a time where I was forced to destroy our own anti-fortifications because someone is going for the easy EXP.

    Also add advance stats on scoreboard like total fortification damage, total vehicular damage, total damage done to vehicles, total friendly fire damage done, total hp healed, etc.

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