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Does Anyone Still Play Space Marine On Xbox 360?

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by Frost, Oct 24, 2013.


What day of the week can you play space marine! (so we can repopulate accordingly)

  1. monday

  2. tuesday

  3. wed.

  4. thursday

  5. friday

  6. weekend

  1. Domlink Serbo Member

    Lol just missed this? Maybe I'll catch it next time, have to keep an eye on this. You definitely won't regret me tagging along.
    Jaccx023 likes this.
  2. Cindersun J-Rod Subordinate

    If anyone finds themselves want to play Space Marine on the 360 do please add me ( JcBxN0waDayz)
  3. Jaccx023 Subordinate

    Is that the same good old melta whore domlink? long time no see brother :3

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