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Does Anyone Play Space Marines On Pc

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Froggie, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Froggie Froggie Member

    Hey everyone, so i picked up a copy of space marines for pc even though i have it for xbox 360. anywho i was wondering if anyone plays on pc, if so please send me a friend request on steam, my steam name is Church, i would like to get some multiplayer action in or some exterm mode in to level up my mutliplayer level.
  2. There are other threads floating around of members gettinga second wind with this game, both on pc and xbox. I am usure where i say them, but there was a group that apparently got together this weekend or something and had a blast... sadly i gave my 360 and copy of SM to my younger brother-in-laws. really wish i hadn't now! Try to find those threads and im sure there will be plenty for you to game with
  3. I play this game. but sadly I never can get anyone on the online search. I picked up the dreadnaught DLC and never got a chance to even play it.

    Church I tried to look you up in Steam but there were many Church's You can look me up as Zhaphael if you want
  4. same thing happened to me on 360. i was so mad.
  5. Waldorf Waldorf Active Member

  6. Cemsay Kay Scribe

    i play from time to time, it's just hard to get a game.

    steam name - cemsay
  7. Ratas Ratas Arkhona Vanguard

    I play SM every now and then too, would be happy to join a good game. Steam nick xRatas.

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