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Does Anyone Else Care About Bikes?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The_Dokta, Jun 28, 2015.


Warbikes, Warbuggies, Jetbikes and fast light vehicle's of all types, do they matter to you?

  1. Yes

  2. Kinda

  3. Meh

  4. Not really

  5. No

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  1. I've heard bikes may be on the backburner, I don't know if there are many more of you out there, but I for one planned to use a Warbike as my primary vehicle.

    So, anyone else actually favor light vehicles?
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  2. Yes. That was what I wanted to do the most when I found out about the game. Bikes with all 4 races. It may be on the back burner right now, but it'd be hard to argue that they should create bikes before getting all 4 factions into the game. Last we heard, the bikes were going to be added around the first expansion or the end of beta. I think the priorities are still being decided. I don't know if the confirmation of terminators in the first expansion pushed back the bike date or not.
  3. For me it was one of those things that pulled me towards founding, because the bikes are all two seater it meant that if I have a friend who doesn't preorder we when the game officially came out we would still be able to team up and cause some havoc.
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  4. Dragun16 Dragun16 Subordinate

    Player Bikes, being the cheapest in game mode of fast travel or light assault vehicle, would be AWSOME, my love of Tau not with standing as they don't have any "bike" i guess a fire warrior can ride on the back of a XV8 between the jet pack, but i digress.

    The bikes and attack bikes are just like jump packs in my eyes, trading over objects for around them faster, this sort of thing helps the slightly less armored like Orks an the frailer Eldar, level the playing field an get in close with there space marine adversaries, even the IG walkers could be considered "bikes" even though they trade speed for heavy weapons.

    I think, this would be a great idea, for any time the "walk to objective" hits 5 minutes, cause spawn-walk-die, spawn-walk-die, spawn-walk-die 4 times an you spent more time walking to the Objective then actually shooting at enemy.

    I hear that troop transports an tanks are already in the gears an I seen video of them I assume there being player controlled, with more players in the crew spots or the back, id hope that the Driver, Main gunner, an support weapon spots are all independent, Vehicles are power full platforms of death an destruction only the Dreadnought requires some one to die to be reborn as a walking coffin with guns, so for a Predator to really take the field it needs two people one drive one gun, or at the vary least the option to allow people to man these positions individually not like Planet side or BF were one person dose it all, an the other people are just getting light machine guns, or spotting out a back window XD yawn boring.
  5. Surely the Piranha would fit the two-person fast attack bike-like option? similar set up to an eldar jet bike from the look of it.

    Also yes most of the vehicles are set up with team play in mind, the three confirmed SM/CSM vehicles are:
    Rhino: transport
    Predator: armour
    Vindicator: seige breaker

    Confirmation of Ork and Eldar vehicles are still sketchy but you can image it will be models that meet the same kinds of needs in transport, armour and siege breaker slots.
  6. Not so much about prioritizing as being genuinely curious as to how many people give a shit. Never know, bE could cut them completely if the community sees them as inconsiquential, and I for one was looking forward to waring with a biker gang.
  7. Frank FrankM Curator

    must have
  8. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    TDAs are more important for me but i get i get tickled every time something is put on the backburner!
  9. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    until the maps get bigger there doesnt seem to be a need for them yet ... and thats from an Eldar player (Saim-Hann)

    at least until Dark Eldar and Necron are ingame
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  10. ja
    predator tanks in EC have 5 slots
    1 driver and 4 gunner
    1 main gun
    2 side guns
    1 roof gun

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