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Do You Think There Is Any Chance Of Harlequins Being An Option?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by dabbler, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. MoterCrozz♐ MoterCrozzOG Active Member

    Even if the dev team considers to put them in , how would they balance them within the gane?
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  2. Melenar Mel Subordinate

    I imagine as a NPC function in a dungeon would be easy enough, don't think we will be playing them anytime soon. would be cool to see them in some common area or as a stage show that randomly appears
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  3. If they are a part of EC, the Dark Kin better get access to them as well.
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  4. I think Harlies would be their own faction that were always allied with craftworld and dark Eldar
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  5. please no. thats as bad as including the grey knights as its own faction or as a troop choice--hell its worse, harlequins are FAR more powerful than any mere grey knight.
  6. death jesters along with any halrlequin are FAR too powerful to include. reapers/fire dragons have enough firepower as it is, as well as weapons platforms.
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  7. Krake Hakula Arkhona Vanguard

    I don't see why they could not be in the game but as player chars at start, no.
    Maybe later when the game develops from the start.
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  8. no. they are far past any exarch warrior, and even the warlocks in a farseers bodyguard arent as powerful as a harlequin. they are beyond terminators, beyond anything anybody else has to offer without this becoming stupid--and dont say GK's would be a good counter, because harlequins are far more powerful than GK's AFAIK
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  9. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    I'm going off of lore and not the TT as the TT doesn't flesh them out too well and they can be murdered wholesale hilariously easily if the enemy knows what to do.

    Your average joe-schmoe harlequin isn't too much to worry about if you're a Space Marine. They're certainly very dangerous but so are you. A harlequin troupe can be really troublesome for a squad of marines, but the harlequin specialists are where the real terror lies. Shadowseers, Death Jesters and Troupe Masters are outright terrifying in lore, and with the troupe dancing together, you're only hope is to coat the entire zip code in promethium to prevent them from closing in and turning your Marines into chunky salsa.

    If you look into some of the Black Crusade books where Harlies act as sentinels of defense for certain places, then you can see why they're scary. They're fully fleshed out in those books and a Death Jester is an order of magnitude scarier than a Devastator Marine. They're squishy by comparison, but you have to get through their 78% chance to dodge that they get a free re-roll on. Oh, and their holo-suits act as forcefields that never overload.

    Here's a look at a Death Jester's standard shrieker cannon. This is base, with no special additions, like what you get on the TT and presented exactly as described in the codex's blurbs. (which the TT doesn't live up to)

    Shrieker cannon (Heavy; 100m; – /3/10; 2d10R; Pen 4; Clip 60; Reload 2 Full; Bio-Explosive†; Razor Sharp; Reliable; Toxic [3])

    For those that don't know the rules in the Fantasy Flight RPG line, this thing has the basic statline of a Heavy Bolter with the addition of the Bio-Explosive, Razor Sharp and Toxic[3] rules. What do those do? Well, Razor Sharp has a chance of doubling the your Space Marine now has no armor...and the toxic means they must take a crippling -30 Toughness test or eat 1d10 damage for every degree of failure. Bio-Explosive says that if you fail the toxic test, then take another one at -10 and suffer another 1d10 if you fail. Also, if you failed the Bio-Explosive roll and suffered critical damage then roll 1d5+5 and jump on board the comically deadly Explosive crit table for Body which kills you at 7. As a reminder, this Jester has a Ballistic Skill of 61, a paragraph of talents to buff that even more, and you have to suffer all this for each of the ten shots he is likely to hit you with each turn.

    I'm not going to start talking about the named just gets worse. It's the kind of worse where they Parry up to a 106 when the dice only goes to 100. (A natural roll of 100 is still a failure though)

    The only part of all this that really scares me is that lore-wise, this is all quite accurate for what Harlequins do in combat, and since EC is aiming for 'lore-accurate', it is only wise of them to reserve Harlequins for a much more special role than a starting class given their capabilities.
  10. and then you have solitaires.

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