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Do You Think It A Mistake Having Spacemarines As A Main Faction???.

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Pancakeofdoom, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. I feel Space Marines should have fallen under the faction "The Imperium of Mankind" and CSM under "Chaos Undivided". This route would leave room for future expansions and regular additions to each faction. ORKs have a ton of classes that can be added and Eldar are very diverse.

    Heroes and Elites such as Inquisitor Lords, IG Ogryn, Certain Mechanicus units, Kommisars for the Imperium. For Chaos Undivided Daemons/Daemonkin, Renegade Ogryn, Dark Mechanicus, Khorne Berserkers, Plague Marines, Noise Marines, Mutants, Renegade Elites.

    That's a lot more leeway and room to work in new classes.

    As far as IG and Renegade IG being playable foot soldiers(non elites) the only viable way to implement them would be player controlled AI squads. Pets per say. They would be extremely squishy compared to the existing factions and would have to make up for that by an IG player controlling a 5 to 10 man squad of NPCs.
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  2. Painting any damned face still kicks my ass. If I have to go no helmet I'll try to find a rebreather to glue on the face or another head with a rebreather, or better yet a hood with as little skin showing as possible. Why is painting skin and faces so damed difficult for me?
  3. There would have been a backlash against these ideas due to inter-faction rivalry between the Chaos gods, and a similar rivalry with IoM factions.

    Plus the idea that IG should be implemented as AI squads is not the only viable implementation.
    It may even be the most Un-viable approach!
    We can only speculate and discuss meaning such unsupported assumptions are unwarranted, which is why there's been a big argument over it.
  4. Make them a support heavy faction. Heavy weapons/vehicles. Weaker infantry, but the ability to bring ammo crates etc to the Battlefield. Let them split control objectives with marines if they have enough of a presence with each other. People may think it would make the Imperium too strong, but I think it would draw players from Marines, with many going back and forth.

    IG as a "hardmode". Imagine the shame when a marine is downed by a player with less HP and damage. Tisk tisk.

    If there is a supply mode feature for spawning, allowing IG more spawns of Infantry, which aren't as strong as other classes, that makes up for it.
  5. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    Tell that to the Black Templars, Space Wolves, and Carcharodons Astra- the Templars and Space Sharks especially rely on bumrushing to melee in a killfrenzy while other elements of the Space Wolves also charge into melee- yet all three Chapters have survived ten millennia of warfare without being wiped out from shear attrition. Plus Eldar are supposedly MEQs, or at least the Aspects, yet both the Invaders and Sons of Orar curbstomped entire Craftworlds (The Sons of Orar having Guard Support which mopped up a great deal of Guardians and Eldar vehicles), with the Invaders successfully wiping one out and the Sons of Orar nearly killing Alaitoc. Craftworlds have populations that number in the billions, meaning at the very least there should be millions upon millions of Guardians (during an invasion) and at least over a thousand Aspect Warriors. Guardians are supposed to be shy of a Space Marine and Aspects somewhat above, yet all were simply sweeped away despite having the deck stacked in their favor.

    (Also, the "It's All Propaganda!!!" excuse is nonsensical and useless as were the Black Library actual Imperial propaganda, the readers would all be executed for learning of Chaos and the doomed fate of the Imperium- along with Xenos civilizations looking superior to that of mankind's. It can't be Imperial produced material [outside of the primer] as it wouldn't be useable. The Inquisition and/or Dark Angels would brutally murder anyone who read it.)

    Boredom. Also watching in case the game actually manages to succeed, or crashes and burns. Preferably it wouldn't, but BE doesn't really give me any faith, especially with the current debacle of the gaming industry.

    It tiss a shame though that it isn't HH. It would have been a lot easier to make and ship in a smaller amount of time while minimizing balance issues.


    Also, if they do want to put Guard in, it would have been better to make a blanket Imperial Faction, with Space Marines acting like a MAX suit in PS2. Only they act like their own separate mini-faction within the Imperial Side, forming their own squads and giving their own orders, etc. Same with Chaos, only with Cultists and Traitor Guard.
  6. If you think those Chapters don't use complex tactics and just charge into battle, then you're not that familiar with the Lore.

    Space Wolves have definitely been shown to use tactics to bring their opponents to a point where they can meet them in open combat with enough force to beat them.

    As for the Craftworlds, you do know that not all are the same size?
    Some can only have populations in the Millions, and some of the larger ones have gone through wars of Attrition leaving them with low numbers.
    Plus Guardians are IG Equivalents.

    SM in novels are written from the point of being Heroes of their own story, like how some people are OTT in the movies. It's why you have the term "Movie Marines".
    But if you read IG stories you meet Heroes who are just "normal" humans and yet can take on SM and win.

    You don't read stories about the Red-Shirt equivalent SM, even though they do exist.
    Plus you must remember that entire Chapters have been wiped out, or have been reduced to the point where their future is in question. Examples of the latter include the Scythes Of The Emperor, The Lamenters, The Crimson Fists, and the Blood Angels.

    Considering how much more wargear you can have in 30K, I wouldn't be so sure on the game being easier to balance.

    That is your opinion.
    I dispute it, and have gone on the record with the reasons why.
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  7. Wolffe Wolffe Subordinate

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  8. Valentine Iyan Firebrand

    Space Marines get loads of plot armor from what I hear, which hurts storytelling. I don't think they'll get any of that here though =D
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  9. nup it be DoW lvl were they get slaughtered like sheep :rolleyes:

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