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do you like the new DoW game

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Balthazar_bloodhawk, Dec 19, 2016.


do you like the game

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  1. I have to ask, what the fuck is with this "moba graphics"?

    Like...Mobas were based on RTS games period, how is that even a bad thing then? And what exactly is Moba graphics because between LoL, DOTA2 and HotS the graphic style is quite different.
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  2. it's called moba because it is the general art direction Moba games usually use (do note that i never called the game mobaish, i simply referred to it as the art direction and i only explain cause you asked)

    the size comparison between units (gabe , orion , jain zar)
    the model quality difference between hero units and the line units
    overall terrain design (no actual high ground low ground effects in the terrain )
    large and large amounts of unnecessary special effects
    unit combat animations (both hero and line units)
    line unit movement (the jumping and in-ordinary movement)

    as for why do people think it is a bad thing is cause......................... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    MOBA is the RTS for people who can't play RTS (to put it bluntly)

    focusing mainly on one individual hero unit rather than a entire force, so people overall don't have to put there attention on other aspects of RTS games
  3. I don't understand. Mobas literally took everything from RTS. The only difference I can see is that MOBAS generally do not have elevated ground but not a huge deal.

    As for the reason people think it's bad, that has zero to do with the graphics, I am at a loss to see the connection here.

    People are unhappy that they gave decent animations(some over the top sure) to units instead of one repeated sword swing animation? People are unhappy that environments look highly detailed and smooth?

    I this real life?
  4. I don't know if this guy is trolling or not but iirc he is the one who created a thread about Tau instead of Eldar in EC, so..yeah.
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  5. Says the equivalent of Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino character in regards to 40k games/fanbases.


    You can still play Chaos Gate last time I checked, sounds more up your alley.
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  6. yes Moba took everything it has from RTS game but Moba didn't took everything that RTS games had, that is the major difference between RTS and Moba

    take DoW2 and a Moba game, some people said both games have a lot in common simply because of how the Hero units and abilities in DoW2 worked, but DoW2 had more mechanics than a moba such as

    terrain cover
    building garrison
    standard unit abilities
    heavy weapons
    retreat option
    customizations(Armour, passive effects, abilities ,weapons)

    as for the animations
    i can see where you are coming from and you have a valid argument

    i can also see why people call it moba graphics (the art style itself alone is normal IMO, but combined with all the common effects you see in a moba game that i posted above, people intend to misunderstand it simply as moba graphics, but that does not mean they are wrong, it is simply the shortest way people can explain them selves as to why they think all the effects, art direction and etc is bad )

    that being said i don't really have a problem with the art direction the devs choose
    but sadly relic seem to inherit not only the art direction from moba but also the general mechanics for the game which i find disappointing

    now now....... no one need to strangle each others necks over this , we all have Table Top for that

    Edit :- also.... Tau before eldar? really @Dreadspectre ? and shame on you @Grossly-Incandescent for bringing it up :D
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  7. Wulfburk Wulfburk Steam Early Access

    Decent animations? LOOOL
  8. The only reason I made that thread was because the Eldar population is the tiniest one. If it had been Orks I would have said Tau instead of Orks. Also because I was bored at work :p

    I honestly think that Tau would have had a larger playerbase draw than Eldar.
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  9. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    No, not really. MOBA is an offspring of Warcraft 3, which by itself differred greatly from traditional RTS like C&C, Starcraft, Ages of empire. Moreover, MOBA is already vastly different from WC3, left alone other RTS. You can hate MOBA all you can, but to say that it's just a dumpdown of RTS is simply untrue. MOBA has a lot of different new mechanics that RTS games don't/can't have. I can make similar comparisons like you just did using Dota 2 as an example.
    • Terrain cover: in Dota 2, you can use trees to block line of sight, trees also reduce the damage from some skills. Also, high grounds give you a huge advantage over your enemies because they will miss most of their attacks if attacking you when you're on high ground.
    • Building garrison: currently not a standard mechanic in MOBA, but who knows, some MOBA may have it in the future. Older RTSs didn't have this either.
    • Standard unit abilites: well, the melee and ranged creeps do have abilities (if you count them as standard units). Also, almost all of the creeps in Dota 2 are controllable, except Roshan. Almost all of them have abilities too, except the most basic ones. I can even say that units in Dota 2 have a lot more abilities than units in DoW2, and their abilities have even more varieties.
    • Heavy weapons: it depends on your definition of a heavy weapon? Because MOBA has items(weapons) that give your hero/weapons more damage, elemental attacks, effects, etc.
    • Suppression or effects are something that no MOBAs lack. Slow, stun, disarm, dispel, immunity, poison, etc, you name it.
    • Retreat: most RTSs don't have this either. Also, this is hardly a mechanic that you must have in a RTS.
    • Customizations: you're gonna have a bad day if you want to compete with MOBA in customization. The reason why MOBA or Dota 2 in particularly has a very high skill ceiling/floor is because of the depth of its customization and the vast number of things you must learn to even be remotely decent at the game. In Dota 2, excluding cosmetic items, there are over a hundred of items, over 200 of skills and unlimited number of special cases that will make you want to say "WTF should I buy/build/do?" everytime you play it.
    Moreover, I also don't think DoW3 took most of their inspirations from MOBA. I say that the game is heavily influenced by Starcraft more than anything. For example:
    • Units moving and fighting in a giant blob.
    • Battles started with unit throwing skills at each other.
    • Fast paced combat.
    • A lot of base building.
    All of which are a common sight in a Starcraft match.
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  10. Eagle 11 Eagle_11 Well-Known Member

    Skipping over until gets heavily modded, if can be modded at all.

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