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Do you feel like we are getting the short end of the stick... Again?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Onomatopoetic, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. If the factions are going to be differently balanced, and if Mekboy from DoW2: Retribution Last Stand is anything to go by, accuracy won't be such a big deal when you're shelling piles of dakka in the general direction of your targets. Orks are probably going to excel in close quarters combat. Things would be really interesting if by chance we also get a Tellyporta.
  2. Isic Magnus The_Hive_Tyrant1 Arkhona Vanguard

    i feel like orks should have low damage low accuracy guns but they will have a high rate of fire high ammo capacity and a decent reload speed with a chance of having a few additional shots
  3. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

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  4. Bardking Bardking New Member

    Dis thread orky as kin' be. No odda' thread be nea'to bein' dis orky.
  5. Dakiaris Dakiaris Curator

    Ork guns really don't have low damage most of them fire shells of a much higher caliber than a space marines bolter the draw back is they don't have as much penetration though they can get it they even have explosive rounds that function just like bolter ammo. They have high rate of fire high damage but low to mediocre accuracy meaning they are not very good at long range... What they lack in accuracy though they make up for in the damage/rof because everyone knows a wall of bullets is a effective way of killing and or suppressing a area.
  6. Reaper Reapz Subordinate

    Orks have hard hitting guns well assuming they manage to hit anything with it, that is the draw back to their ranged weapons
  7. Bentusi16 Bentusi16 Prefectus

    One thing they might do, and this is represented somewhat on the tabletop as well, is to not have ork guns bloom while moving.
  8. Madork Gunna DarkGraven Arkhona Vanguard

    I have to agree with what Nazzruck mentioned Orks don't have a really well represented Iconic Hero for so far. I mean where is our Grimgor Ironhide?

    For those of you who might not know before Warhammer Fantasy decided to do the STUPID Age of Sigmar thing which wiped out a nice chunk of lore. Grimgor was one of the most badass Ork's to walk the world of Warhammer Fantasy.

  9. Bentusi16 Bentusi16 Prefectus

    Mak Thrakka is busy taking power from the Overfiend during the 13th black crusade so he's otherwise occupied. Other then him there's some named ork characters, but more nichey.
  10. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    Not like it wouldn't be stupid easy to make a brand new named ork...that isn't centered around SM...
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