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Do you feel like we are getting the short end of the stick... Again?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Onomatopoetic, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. So let me just vent for a minute. Arguing with Bolter Porn fans make you need that.

    I recently wrote my little green heart out to some Space Marine fans and didn't get through, so let me hear your opinion.


    As an Ork player, you will be used to being less important that other fanbases. The Space Marine fans are often very adamant in their approach to their faction, as is Chaos Marines, though I think that's mostly because the Space Marine fans already decided that Marines are diehard, and Chaos Marines are just evil villian Marines, so they have the same kind of power, though a bit weaker, since they are enemies of Marines. Eldar, too, has many fans, and they can also get very worked up about Eldar being represented fairly. Eldar is another sort-of-heroic faction, and so too has many fans.

    Orks, though, don't get this kind of support. We love our faction to death like you, but in all stories we appear, we are there to give that vicious feeling of killing a whole mob of Orks. You could say that a unit's strength is graded from how quickly it will reduce an Ork mob to molten slag or bloody chunks.

    We don't mind, though. We know we are bad guys, and that we shouldn't win, so it's not that big of a deal. We don't take it seriously. But, even though we know we're here to provide entertainment for the other factions, we don't get the same sort of respect from other fans, or from the Devs, so to say.

    For example, the EC leaders. Space Marines get an awesome Dark Angel leader known from books and lore and TT. Chaos Space Marines get freaking the Despoiler himself, who, despite some annoyence around his character, is really friggin badass and wellknown. Eldar get Jain Zar, a heroine of renown and an ancient leader from the lore. What do Orks get? Some slobnosed unknown Warboss.

    ... What?

    I mean he's a cool character, and has a lot of personality, but he's just not in the same league as the others. Where's Ghazzkul Mag Uruk Thrakka? Where's Grukk Facerippa? Where's Wazzagh? Where are our heroic characters from the lore?!

    It get's better. Here's a breakdown of the average Player character:

    • Average Marine.
    • Average Chaos Marine.
    • Average Aspect Warrior.
    • Average Ork Boy, but has to be improved to be anywhere near the strength of the other factions, or they wouldn't have a chance for some reason.

    ... Who the hell decided that? Who decided that Ork Boyz are inherently weaker than all the others? The TT? Those books written from a biased view of Space Marines? Why can't we Ork players get a word in, and say that in a lot of our fiction, one or maybe two Orks are a fine match to a Space Marine (at least in melee combat), and can often kill them in CC too? Why do you have to decide what the capabilities of our faction is?!

    I've only ever read one story from Ork perspective, and it's from this website. It's about some Orks boarding a Navy Cruiser. There's two Space Wolves on it as bodyguards, and while they down three-four Orks each before going down, they are taken down quickly afterwards, since they simply can't keep up... And the only reason they lasted so long was because they held a choke-point that the Orks hurled themselves at.

    See? Space Marine Bolter Porn isn't the only source of Ork capabilities, and I'd very much be happy if people would stop saying that that's the fluff as it has always been. It's what it's always been from YOUR angle, but not from ours. You don't know about ours, because it's so small and underdeveloped because everyone thinks Orks are fine as they are potrayed in the Space Marine books, but I don't, and I will never do.

    Orks are people too. Represent, yo.


    How do you feel about this? Do you feel like Ork players are getting less support and respect than the other faction, because of us being fodder most of the time? Do you have any thoughts on it?
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  2. its the same reason why tyranids are weaker when you only look at one
    they are a swarm army
    swarm armies are strong in a swarm
    if each single unit of a swarm army would be strong as a unit of non swarm army then the swarm army would win each single fight

    you cant take novels as source because of heroism
    the main chars need to look overmighty and badass

    an orks beats almost everyone in a brutal 1on1 meleefight
    its even easier for them if both are barehanded

    but orks suck at range and mostly in tactics
    and thats why they rellay on numbers
    cause more guns are more likely to hit their target
    more bodies to throw at your enemy will make the need of tactic less relevant

    in short
    a smart and accurate ork will kill everything
  3. PhilosAzel Philos Ordinate

    Its different army meta's.

    They are a horde army. If it make you feel better, if there was a WAAAGH and all the Orks would work together, they could potentially crush everything.
  4. True they aren't very well represented in the fiction but jus' wait 'til Black Library release Da Beast Rises soon. There are also a couple of the old fanatic comics "blood and thunder" and "deff skwadron" but my favourite is the chapters in the novel "Imperial Glory" written from the perspective of an Ork going from gross poddy birth right to the beginning of his WAAAGH!
    The Orks totally win
    With us Ork players we are gonna be responsible for showin' how great Orks are, always have been when playin' table top but I like that underdog status, it has always been part of the charm for me.
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  5. Yes

    But you know what

    All we do is fight and die, but we're good at it

    And we're still taking Orkhona
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  6. i will use my boys to soften up the enemy until i charge in and get an octakill <3
  7. Honestly, I feel we Ork players get a bit too complacent with our place. I think it's nice that we don't all make a big fuzz, but on the other hand, it means that we are more accepting against the shit we're sometimes given.

    I mean, all for being nice, but there gotta be a line somewhere. I just saw someone post that, compared to a Space Marine, an Ork would be a 90-year old peasant with scelerosis with a rusty eating knife.

    Literally that. I meeean.
  8. haha what a poser
    i think he will be the first who is wetting his powerslip when the WAAAAGH is coming ^^
  9. You know, I thought of making an Ork Hit-List, with all the users who've been asses towards Ork players and the faction in general, so all Orks know who to pounce on when they see them.

    You'll see. The Ork faction is properbly gonna be the most organized of them all.
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  10. They're jealous they weren't made to combat a death less army of insane robot zombies

    And that they were created to fight us

    Realize that and laugh at them

    Laugh at how they still fuck it up

    Laugh at how we're still around, and they have a snowball's chance in hell to change that

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