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Do you enjoy having friendly fire in the game?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jublator, Sep 23, 2016.


Do you like having friendly fire in game?

  1. No

  2. Yes

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  1. Pchunk Pchunk New Member

    It's possible to assist teammates in melee from range. When I started out I was accidentally killing teammates in melee. Then I learned to pop shots at melee engaged enemies. Don't spray and pray your guns at the enemy. You may get the kill or not but you also get xp for the assist so it's worth it. One issue is with melee players not knowing their role. I've seen so many just blast into an area that's being hit by gunfire.
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  2. PvP don't mind it. Would be great if it could be turned off in PvE
  3. SaffronB SaffronB Preacher

    It is part of game and can lead to some funny moments as well as ones that are very dissapointing I wouldn't change it
  4. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    It's already reduced in PvE, half damage from FF I believe.

    FF in PvP doesn't need to change, otherwise you'd have everyone running around with plasma cannons and rokkits and there would be no risk for their use.

    Perhaps a mechanic could be added to punish repeat TKers a bit earlier? Other than that it's fine.
  5. Rei_Shepard Rei_Shepard Active Member

    And then you will still get shot in the back, by a friendly, chivalry is dead.
  6. NyahOrk Nyahime Subordinate

    Meeb find it pur comedy shinaz an i ab laugheded so many timz wen i bin accidentlee shot in da back by a sneaky git. Meeb 'ope they neva ebur remove da friendlee fire. But it iz abit annoyin' in PVE mode, but it jus' makz ya godda be more carefull.
  7. Yes it is almost dead but still fun for times to times.
    It will indeed not do good against TK, but i can't see any way to prevent friendly fire/slash by those happy enough to get you killed to take your/their xp.
  8. Pouncey Pouncey Subordinate

    I bought Overwatch months ago and I'm somewhere around rank 50 or 60 now with 0 prestiges unlocked.

    And I also am glad that Eternal Crusade is not Overwatch. Eternal Crusade has 30v30 fights. Eternal Crusade is set in the 40k universe. Eternal Crusade has Eldar and a hope of eventually having playable Sisters of Battle joining in on the Space Marine side of things (I wouldn't expect each Imperium sub-faction that gets added to fight battles entirely separately, so mixing them all together into the same pool of Imperial players would be fine for me). Eternal Crusade has a slim hope of getting a persistent, open world one day instead of relying on arena maps. Overwatch has none of these things.

    "Well then why'd you wax on about those two Overwatch characters if you don't want EC to become Overwatch?"

    Because someone asked how those Overwatch characters would fare in Eternal Crusade, and answering that required describing their toolkit, attacks, and weapons. Also I don't actually play any other shooter games that don't have friendly fire enabled by default, so it's literally the only example I have that I can describe well.

    My aiming problem is two-fold. Firstly, my hand jerks the mouse when it moves it, it's never a smooth motion. And my reaction time is slowed by one of my medications, and add onto that the fact that my processing speed score on my IQ test was an 86, which is in the category below average but above mental retardation, and quick reactions are not my strong suit.

    However, I usually play a healer. Since my main faction is Eldar, this means I'm usually playing a Warlock. So what I'd do is just start hacking that guy. I don't know why I was picturing myself playing a Dire Avenger in that situation.
  9. I love how friendly fire is an aspect of the game. I just loathe that so many players have the inability to act accordingly, often exhibiting zero situational awareness.

    In the defence of players though, the aiming system is vague at times to say the least, this issue is compounded by friendly player markers often disappearing randomly relying on character recognition. This isn't always an issue when you have Orks engaging Marines or Eldar but when it comes to LSM vs CSM it turns into a bit of a dog pile.

    Overall aiming could do with some refinement and it could just do with people paying a bit more attention to what they are shooting at and what is going on around them.
  10. Ærthe Aerthes First Blood!

    Yes i love team kill my mate when i cast a plasma bullet, release it and see a melee run to try to catch it with his head.
    If fights aren't so bad and draft, FF would be fun, in fact it's a nightmare...

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