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Do The Gods Fight Over Already Claimed Souls?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by nealbulldozer, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Do the chaos gods fight each other for souls claimed by another god?
  2. Whitefox550 Whitefox550 Well-Known Member

    I... don't know... But we can extrapolate from when Slaneesh was birthed.
    All eldar go to Slaneesh. They belong to It because they birthed it.
    While Slaneesh claimed most of the Eldar gods, three s/he did not.
    Khorne fought for Khaine, and this resulted in Khaine being torn into little bits.
    Nurgle fought for Isha, and won. Isha is now held by Nurgle.
    Cegorach is irreverent. And this distance allowed him to escape Slaneesh.
    Following this, within the Harlequin there are Solitaires, who upon their death it is claimed that Cegorach will make a gamble for the Solitaire's soul.

    So, we see that at the very least god souls can be fought over, and it's possible that Solitaires can be in some way be won back from Slaneesh.

    Someone with more chaos lore can chime in about the Great Game, the eternal struggle between the 4 (can't be that eternal, Slaneesh is new on the scene) and dominance within the warp. Does that entail anything about gaining power from claiming souls from each other? Or is it more the metaphysical effect of the physical realm's inhabitants dealing with their own psyche?
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  3. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    We also know the big E can go poke chaos gods in the face to reclaim the lost souls of his primarch sons

    Source: if the emperor had a text to speech device (totally canon imo)
  4. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Slaanesh was "always" in the warp ,what we call his/hers/its (!? pick whatever you like) birth was his awekening!Or so some deamons and/or chaos worshipers would tell you!
  5. Whitefox550 Whitefox550 Well-Known Member

    Non-formed potentials don't count. Otherwise we'd have to retroactively include the possibility of a fifth chaos god for when humanity gets potentially conquered.

    Back to the topic, do chaos gods fight over souls already in the warp and claimed by another?
  6. Kranon Member

    Considering the perpetual war between the four: possibly, but I doubt that it happens often, why expend power for an unremarkable soul? I'd also assume that The Chaos Gods can hold power over souls and claim them, the two being different things.

    Holding power over a soul means that the former owner of the soul was claimed by a minor champion of the god or the soul was just snatched up from the warp, these souls are used as power, playthings, whatever, they can also be used to create daemons such as Nurgle using human souls to create Plaguebearers, if the soul is used to make a daemon in this way then it is claimed, souls that are held can be stolen but it would probably take more power to steal the soul than the amount of power the soul would offer and so it doesn't make sense to make a habit out of it without good reason.

    Claiming a soul means that the former owner was killed by a major champion of the god, ritualistically sacrificed to the god, has been turned into a daemon or is predetermined (e.g. All Eldar belong to Slaanesh, all victims of Nurgles' rot all belong to Nurgle) these souls can not be stolen and are now part of The Chaos God they were claimed by but can still be used for power, playthings etc. but they are definitely part of The Chaos God.

    At least that's how I think it is, as it hasn't been said anywhere (to my knowledge).
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  7. As far as I'm aware, the answer is "Living beings in the warp, yes...dead ones, no"

    So if your friendly neighbourhood Khorne Beserker lops the head off a Space Wolf while screaming the kill's dedication to his patron, the Blood God will get all warm and fuzzy at the blood spilled in his name and the soul depositing its metaphorical skull at the foot of his throne, but Tzeentch won't later try and steal that particular individual's soul as if it's some kind of odd Pokemon that can be claimed by someone else winning in battle at a later stage.

    It's not entirely clear, if I'm honest, if the souls remain whole in any meaningful sense once swallowed by the warp. I suspect the answer is no - it's the act of killing someone, the purpose for doing so, and the hatred and fury and other associated emotions spilled out of them during their death which gives it meaning in the warp and value to one or all of the gods. Once the soul is in the warp, it joins the countless trillions of other formless roiling emotions and effectively becomes part of the scenery.

    Interventions like those from Cegorach for the people who are dying / have just died would be an attempt to interfere in this process. I suspect the reason for it being a gamble is that either Cegorach has to put something valuable from himself on the line to persuade the relevant Chaos God(s) to take the chance, or it's a gamble because there's no guarantee of him pulling off that type of interference any time he tries. I'm not an expert on Eldar lore, though - others may be better placed to answer that aspect.

    The Gods absolutely fight over the souls and future of living beings in the warp, though. Many of the worlds in the Eye are populated, and the Chaos gods scheme and plot and fight over them to claim them and their inhabitants as prizes - they act similarly towards sentient beings living outside of the Eye, they just have less direct influence there compared to what they can achieve on a world very literally floating in the middle of hell.
  8. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    Maybe souls are like MTG cards in the warp. If so you better belive they fight over them!!!
  9. Most likely, they also use them as currency
  10. Well, in DoW II Kyras claimed the Eldar souls he had sacrificed went to Khorne, rather than Slaanesh, but Retribution's cannonacity is...questionable.

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