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DJPenguin's Streaming Thread [Notification thread]

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DJPenguin, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. I'd just like to say that today, I won both games I was in with you, but lost all the other ones.
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  2. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    There's a simple reason for that. You were playing with a party that was wearing white pants! <3
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  3. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    Guys.. Gals.. the amount of love shown last night completely broke me. I don't think I've ever ceased to function on stream the way i did then. I can't thank you all enough for the immense support, giving me an unforgettable event and helping make my dreams come true <3

    My breaking point
  4. Hey DJ, I was wondering, how does the !songrequest command on your stream work?
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  5. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    After putting in that command add a youtube link (or the code in the link) right after it!
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  6. Yeah, got my answer during your twitch yesterday, thanks!
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  7. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

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  8. Cullnean Recruit

    heh i was the guy who got across and took that last point on the 7v12 orks game :)
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  9. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    That was quite the win! Well done.
  10. DJPenguin DJPenguin Cardinal

    Just got the official Twitch sub button on my channel! Celebrating by starting off with EC today come join in the festivities!
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