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Discussion in 'French' started by Frenchtouch03, May 15, 2014.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    I ain't need summary if I join in with a new character, too avoid meta-gaming! So I can be like "Oh what adventures have you been on?!" and learn of your guys in-game. Also PnP Lite, I will send you a PM regards the system so you can take a look at it and let me know what you think. Uhm also regards character creation. Do you want me just to send my guy in or do you want to make him together with me or something? If so; what experience levels should I use for fairness? (Don't wanna be too strong but if you already got quite some experience I don't wanna be too low either! XD)

    And yeah I say, let's keep this going with the Full PnP Core Rulebook and if you decide to use the PnP make a new one. Because some talents and things do not exist and I have not yet made the Psychic Abilities! ^^
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  2. Very well ! I expect to firm up this PM !

    For level of your character... A classic Space Marine of the Deathwatch, Rank two should do the trick !


    Très bien ! J'attends de pied ferme ce PM !

    Pour le niveau... Un Space Marine de la Deathwatch classique, de rang deux devrait faire l'affaire !
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  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Rank Two has quiet a range of experience options :p An exact total EXP value would be appreciated xD I will send you character & PnP Lite sheet together once I got the char together.

    Also I decided to make a new char, to make something... Cooler. May I ask which chapters you guys have taken so far, so that I can be something unique? :D
  4. Ah oui, je viens de me rappeler les règles (Dur de se rappeler les règles, pour moi...)... Eh bien, mis à part les points de bases impossibles à utiliser, je pense que...

    *Relis précipitamment les fiches de ses joueurs*

    Oui, hum... Deux mille points en plus, ça devrait être bon.

    Pour les Chapitres... Voici ceux disponibles :

    -Angels of Absolution
    -Angels of Redemption
    -Black Consuls
    -Black Templars
    -Blood Angels
    -Blood Drinkers
    -Crimson Fists
    -Dark Angels
    -Flesh Tearers
    -Hammer of Dorn
    -Imperial Fists
    -Knights of Blood
    -Lamenters (Oui !)
    -Nova Marines
    -Space Wolwes
    -Storm Wardens
    -White Consuls

    Si tu veux changer le Chapitre de ta fiche, n'hésite pas !

    Et si tu veux incarner un Relictor... Je te ferai un cadeau.


    Oh, I just remembered the rules (Hard to remember the rules for me...)... Well, apart from the points impossible to use bases, I think...

    *Reread hastily sheets players*

    Yes, um... Two thousand points plus, it should be good.

    For Chapters... Here those available :

    [See above.]

    And if you want to embody a Relictor... I'll make you a gift.
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  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Well I sent you already my thing. Relictor.... Not my thing! :p Also I went with rank 2 minimum which is 17k. Hope that is okay.... lol...
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  6. CreatorOfMoon Creator Well-Known Member

    French ! On est tous rang 1 avec a peine 600 exp de plus que les points de bases o_O !

    17k xp c'est beaucoup Trop ! ^^'
  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    He said rank 2 so I went with that! I can edit my char and tune down, no prob, lol!
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  8. Chuuut Uriel, pas si fort ! Creator va s'en rendre compte...

    Et zut. Moui, bon bah... Je suis sincèrement désolé Uriel, je ne suis pas très bon par rapport aux règles... Pourrais-tu changer ta fiche pour la mettre avec seulement 2000 points d'améliorations ? Si tu veux changer de Chapitre, n'hésite pas non plus, c'est comme tu veux ! Et garde tes Caractéristiques !

    Je vais prendre un cachet : je gère deux joueurs, d'habitude...


    Shhh Uriel, not so loud ! Creator will realize...

    And heck. Yesh, well well... I am sincerely sorry Uriel, I'm not very good against the rules... Can you change your record to bring it with only 2,000 points for improvement ? If you want to change your Chapter, do not hesitate, it's like you want ! And keep your features !

    I'll take a pill : I manage two players, usually...
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  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Soooo 1000 standard points plus another 1000? so 2000 in total? :p

    Also only 2 players? BOOOORING! :p
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  10. But no, I dug their history to the bone... So the big bad responsible for the massacre of Planet X (home planet of the player.) Appeared in the adventure, etc...

    Uh... Yeah, um... 2000 total, yes... Hmm...

    I'm so g ^ ené I r ^ acle throat too ... I'm going to need propolis syrup!


    Mais non : je creusais leur Historique jusqu'à la moelle... Ainsi, le grand méchant responsable du massacre de la planète X (Planète natale du joueur.) apparaissait dans l'aventure, etc...

    Euh... Oui, hum... 2000 au total, oui... Hum...

    Je suis tellement g^^ené que je me r^^acle trop la gorge... Je vais avoir besoin de sirop de propolis !

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