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Dire Avengers should have 100 armor

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Faeruin, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. @NoahWard

    Hello everyobe, even haters. Its time to sad truth.

    Dire Avneger is an inferior class compared to other racticals. Simply because he cant get enough armor due to lack of base stats of it. 75 its simply nothing. It even less than hit for head from bolter.

    I suggest back armor avengers to the medium value between all tactical. 100 - one hundred.

    1)Dire Avengers surely have some bonus speed and little slimmer hitbox, but also pay for this with 50HP. Its really a lot. But i suppose every eldar is okay to pay for it 25% of HP (its about 270-300LP cost of 50HP). It hurts really hard and make us glassy.

    2)Another point is that avengers donot have access to high toughess gear. Maximum is 120. And i question devs and myself again. Why even with it we pay 25 armor. Another ~180LP trait. When we are already paid HP for racial bonus.

    3)This is not about Hit&Run. Hit and Run tactics allowed by armor regen delay. And even if we can make such loadouts then spacemarines will be alowed to get 15% armor delay more than us.
    Envy to look at orks. They have 25 more HP, still 100 armor, 25% headshot mitigation, because of larger box, but in the same time allowed to weapons compared by DPS(rodeo or SUPPRESION bigshooty thats shits on any hitscan weapon) of eldar ones and very cheap and easy to get a toughness gear.

    Put Avengers in the line with other by basic values. Back 100armor to class that should face enemy, not backstab them/
    I also suggest then to weaken Enhance damage mitigation bomus. I dont want be OP, but want to have fair opportunities. beeing outclassed is a very shitty thing.

    What do you think. I also want to hear responses from LSM pros from BLOP or another highskill players.

    Lets make Dire Avengers worth again. We are not Guardians. Please get rid of Enhance crutch from durability of Avengers.

    DA and others
    150hp 75armor
    Tactical/traitor(not affected by marks)
    200HP 100armor
    225hp 100armor
  2. Lutherian Lutherian Subordinate

    Imo easier solved by giving catapult more damage, you hit hard and then run even harder.
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  3. It might be okayish, but its hits well enough with Enhace buff (that part that affects on hitscan weapons). Main grip is 75 armor stat. I repeat. It will be okay if devs will back us thing, but tweak defence bonus of Enhabce in the same time. Its a damned cruuutch not a buff. really.
  4. Dorfus Dorfus Steam Early Access


    also fucking remove TK launcher thanks
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  5. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    >Dire Avengers should have 100 armor
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  6. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    I dunno, you would have to make Enhance only give a 10% defense bonus in return, this would give base Dire Avengers 5 more ehp when enhanced compared to before but in return every single other Eldar class would only get 50% of Enhances original defensive effect and I don't want to buff 1 class by weakening 6 others.
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  7. its another point why Enhance was a mistake (in current state)
    but it can affect to other classes with different numbers. dont you think so? it also broken on Scorpions
  8. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    If devs had the ability to add if effects to abilities for alternate numbers or effects don't you think they would have removed melta bundle and made fusions guns get a damage bonus only against tanks by now or allowed MoK to use med packs or made urty syringe class as a chainsword tier weapon?

    I don't think the devs are capable of that currently sadly, but if they could then sure go for it, balance wouldn't crumble from it
  9. Nob Nob Prefectus

    It will be too fat. Eldar now imbalanced without this.
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  10. Lutherian Lutherian Subordinate

    Making eldar tougher is simply the wrong way to go about it, if they would buff evasive ability, fix the bloody iframes for eldar, and boost damage, it would do them far more justice then just giving them ehp. It would push them closer towards orks and marines, which is exactly what you dont want, seeing how orks are extremely dull to play. You wont have enhance near you as often as you wish, and increased damage would make you competitive with other tacs, which would be enough of a buff, making true to the glass cannon concept.
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