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Differentiating The Subfactions Through Their Ships

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by NostramoBorn, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. Nostramo Born NostramoBorn Forum Beta Tester

    We know you will be making each subfaction differ from one another, and everything won't be just a 'reskin'. How far are you going to go with this?

    Will strike-force ships also be customizable and reflective of their subfaction? And I do not mean that the Blood Angel's strike-force ships will just be red and have one giant 'tear-drop' on the hull as opposed to the blue and inverted omega of the Ultramarines.

    I mean the interiors. You mentioned that you would be able to collect trophies, and do other 'customization' like options to make sure your housing feels like like yours.

    The idea came to me after user's SonOfLorgar's post in another thread, I'll share a snippit of the post that applies here.

    That would be indeed, cool. If you were of a different legion, joined your buddy's "party" or whatever and went on his ship. Surprise, his is different. The lighting is different, the interior has a different texture on it, etc.

    I'm not sure if the dev team is considering doing notes, but take note Brent :p If it is alright to 'suggest' this, I have some base ideas that could be expanded upon.

    Ultramarines - They share a lot of aesthetic influences and similarities with the ancient Roman empire. Why not make it so? Have their interiors be pearl-y white, with pillars like that of Greek and Roman pillar supports. They could be very 'clean' ships. The lighting would be top notch, and pretty 'natural' feeling.

    Blood Angels - They've got a big love for the color red. I don't know much in terms of unique textures that their ships could reflect off their art and style. Maybe corridors could have gigantic gems every 20 paces with gold lighting?

    Dark Angels - Knights in space. Make their interiors textured like a cathedral! Candle light as opposed to other unnatural lighting.

    Space Wolves - often described as being overly shamanistic, even in the great crusade era. Bone supports with blueish 'ice' lightning?

    Black Legion - Perhaps warp infused. I'm not so sure on the Black Legion. Something to daemonic, but different from...

    The Word Bearers - Religious zealots. Lots of 'blood candles', lots of daemonic gargoyles. Dark, red lighting. Fleshy walls and such, overlaying the original tech/walls and such.

    Night Lords - pitch black! Or extremely dark. Night Lords have the best eye sight to best look through the darkness ( a curse and a gift). Their ships don't really differentiate much, except for like a few extra skulls. (MORE SKULLS!)

    Iron Warriors - very pragmatic lot. Extremely militarized, lots of chevron paint everywhere. Emergency lighting perhaps?

    The ideas could extend to the Orkz and Eldar - but I unfortunately don't know much about the Eldar or Orkz. So that could be left to community members or others to fill in blanks.

    Thoughts? Discuss.
  2. SonOfLorgar SonOfLorgar Well-Known Member

    The aesthetic aspect of the game must stir emotion and emotion is stirred by symbolism and iconography. If the vessels are not representative of their keepers , they are not worth being in-game. These ships will be our fanction's "hometowns" , they must scream aesthetically.

    I thought it would be more pragmatic game-wise to have a single ship for each race that will have sepperate corridors for the fanctions. These is appliable lorewise , its not the best thing atmospherically but it would be easier done in-game without any problems or offenses towards the fluff. Also it would be handy in PvP. Assuming that we will be able to perform boarding action in some meta-game large scale pvp conflict , it would even things up as the sepperate elements of a single fanction will attack/defend together. It would be ugly to have all of one fanction vs one of the other. Fluffwise i would prefer it ofcourse but it would be a hindrance to the equilibrium.

    Assuming my theory is correct , the fanctions could be split on the ship depending on their character. For example while the Iron Warriors are stationed in the Ships forges and engines , the word bearers are at the cathedral area. The Black Legion is placed on the strategium , the Night Lords on the ship's dungeon etc.
    Another pro of this kind of setup would be that the fanction would feel bonded. Its a completely different feeling to have us all on a single ship over five individual ones. IMO , the "one ship for each fanction" may (or may not) put distance between the warbands and loosen the alliance. Ofcourse , im assuming that the ships will be actually important and that we will be visiting them a lot. If that is not the case and they only serve as a starting area and a place to take your friends and show them what an awesome collection of trophies you have , it is irrelevant whether the ships are five or one.
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  3. Brother Bardiel Brother-Bardiel Well-Known Member

    I Totaly agree with you guys thanks for bringing this up, I hope the devs takes a look at this thread.
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  4. Lutherian Lutherian Subordinate

    totally nailed it. the artwork guys should go nuts with the interriors, a simple reskin would be horribly boring. customization of your ship interrior leaves a thousand options for microtransactions, i think it might pay out to give it some love.
  5. Nostramo Born NostramoBorn Forum Beta Tester

    Hm. To a point. But that would be another nice way to support the game, I think.
  6. SonOfLorgar SonOfLorgar Well-Known Member

    Aesthetic microtransactions have proven to be a very succesful source of income for various games. And i cant blame it , i mean , if im enjoying playing very much a certain character , why not pay a small amount to appear even more badass. Although , since we are paying a full-price product like any game , i think microtransactions would piss me off. They are great for f2p games but otherwise it feels like they are trying to be sneaky.

    EDIT: A good way to use microtransaction could be this:

    We know there will be f2p. So , maybe , the free players will be able to pay to unlock more and more content. For example:

    You start as some ork boy. You like the game but you are not sure yet and you dont even like orks. You pay and unlock another faction to play. And so on.

    Maybe by unlocking a single factions you get a single free class and then you can pay to unlock the rest of the classes , for less money than you paid for the whole faction ofc. This way the game will be purchasable in two ways:

    All content at once. Or , bit by bit.
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  7. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    people in war 40k TT spend a lot of money for cooler (forge world model) model better painting etc etc... i espect a lot of cash form aestetic in a war 40k games.
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  8. 40k Is all about atheistic, and I can see people paying to get a nice armour skin. SO long as everything remains recognizable as one faction or another it would be fine. I just think that to save time the different factions would have sections of a ship where each separate group could have their own aesthetic, but I imagine overall most will remain the same for linking corridors or the bridge etc.
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  9. Lord Grimm LordGrimm Subordinate

    This is a good thing. The Legions were never very close to begin with, even during the Great Crusade, and they are far less amiable now. They barely trust each other, and a mainstay of Chaos is that the Legions and warbands frequently fight each other. Dealings between Chaos forces are usually less than cordial, and always have the smell of possible violence around them. This isn't just true for the forces of Chaos, mind you, the loyalists are like this as well. Space Marines aren't very trusting of those outside their chosen brotherhood. I fully support separate ships for the subfactions. Intra-factionary relations are usually tense in the WH40k universe, I think only the Eldar are exempt from this.
  10. SonOfLorgar SonOfLorgar Well-Known Member

    What you say is well and nice in roleplay and fluff but when you are playing a game , you play to win and to win you need to have a good team and people to do what they are supposed to do. Consider the fact that the majority of the players will be angry noobs , most of them wont even speak english. I think the factions must be as tight as possible for the "good guys" to get together and have some fun playing.

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