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Detailed Concept for Deployable Spawning Beacons

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekra, Apr 28, 2018.


Would you like to see this system be implemented

  1. Yes, it would be a great addition.

  2. No, it's unnecessary and overly complicated.

  3. Maybe, but it would havw to work differently.

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  1. Dekra Dekra Member

    DISCLAIMER: This system requires a dedicated coder for it to be implemented, so it can't be worked on atm. But if this thread can get enough reactions and lay down what the community wants, then the devs can use it and work toward making it a reality once a coder is acquired.

    So this idea has been talked about for a long time among the community, but I haven't seen the concept really laid out in detail here on the forums. With this thread I aim to lay down the groundwork for how this system could be implemented. Pls leave your feedback and suggestions below but let's keep it civil and constructive.

    I will try to be as in depth as possible with this concept. To begin with, an outline on how this system is intended to work. The idea is for squad leaders to have the ability to deploy a mobile spawn point at their current location so the members of their squad can deploy on it. This opens up another level of tactical and strategic thinking, since if used correctly it could change the outcome of the battle but I'd wasted could prove to be the nail in the coffin for a match. This also lessens the dependency on vehicle transports, but doesn't make them obsolete in any way, as these beacons would have limitations (I will talk about them in detail later on) that make vehicle spawns still needed for the majority of a match.

    This would come in the form of a unlockable item in the tactical skill tree for each faction, that is unlocked as one of the final items at rank 5. This item would have a substancial cost of say 150-200LP and take up the spot of ammo and med kits in the loadout. Obviously it would only be become available for use when you are a squad leader. It would use the same animation as a melta bomb for deploying it on the floor or on a wall, it would be a destructable item like the servo skull, and once deployed it would last for a short period of time, say around 45 seconds and then have a long cooldown of 4-5min. This cooldown would have to carry over even after you die, so beacons are not constantly available.

    To prevent this system from being abused or exploited, there would need to be a series of restrictions applied to it:
    this item would only become available to squads of 5+ members, and most importantly, to avoid cycling through squad leaders or creating new squads to constantly have the beacon available, squads would have to be locked in place after the begining of a match, meaning squads are set in stone and cannot be changed. This is a tough idea for sure, but it's the price we would have to pay for this to be viable. Additionaly there would have to be a system where only rank 5 and above players can be apointed as squad leaders, so a squad can't lose out on the use of this item and you don't get new players thrown into a leadership role they can't fulfill.

    Ideally we would like each faction to have their own specific version of his item; LSM and CSM having a teleportation beacon, Orks having a Waaaaghhh banner, and Eldar having a webway portal. But this presents obstacles since the assets for eldar and orks would have to be brand new, and both of them are much bigger targets then teleportation beacons an thus could pose balance issues.

    Also you may ask "But what if I have the beacon in my loadout and I'm not a squad leader?" In which case, the beacon couldn't be used, and you should simply switch to a loadout that doesn't use it.
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  2. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    Lets see what these guys have to say about this =D
  3. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    MAYBE in ascent map to far B to C point

    or a drop pod is need ( Av and heavy troops can destroy)

    5 marines for every drop pod (need steel rain tactics)
  4. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    Good idea. Locking squads in place after the initial 30 sec are over could be a good idea overall, same for squadleader requirements.
  5. dreamer kadaverx Preacher

    This sounds great. Especially for assault maps where you don't have room to bring the vehicle forward. could be limited to veterans so it could be a once per game, per squad thing. or have a max of x per game so that people have to coordinate to use them.
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  6. Nudu Nudu First Blood!

    I would much prefer it to be tied to the vehicle deployment system and be an alternative deployment method in the deployment screen making it being used from the map. Then give it like 30 sec "casting time" when other people can join in and after that it just drops. It wouldnt work as a "rhino" after that though.

    The number of people to join in could be increased by giving the people that have already deployed a pop up that allows them to redeploy by pressing a button.

    Ofc the other factions could have different methods of deploying like the webway gate and chaos portal or and stuff. Could be nice to have 2 "drop pods" for orks and SM and then 2 portals for eldar and chaos.
  7. [VI] Benjamin Benjamin9 Steam Early Access

    It sounds awesome, a neat feature to add, to remove the reliability to transports. But i say it should check who ever has a drop beacon and is rank 5 should be put into Squad lead when the match starts. But the set and stone i don't know if i can answer around that one. The only other problems is some teams will suffer from being able to use the drop beacon and squad lead because some rank 5 player still has the knowledge of a rank 1.
  8. Waagheur Recruit

    The team locking would really disgusting on pub battles since small squads are usual and would make even easier the waste of rhinos since even for forgetting swaping you would get locked to use 15 rhinos.
    The cooldown could be set somewhere else, the timer could then be used by player to force them to wait till next deep strike, it could also be stackable like vehicules' spawns and then be used for a short burst needing a long time to fully recharge to still be able to make multiple spawn during like a minute.
  9. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    Its not really needed.

    Pugs are impossible to coordinate and would not be able to pull it off a single time and guilds would roflstomp everything with that kind of offensive support.

    Plus, transports exist.
  10. Poi Poi Drill Abbott

    Lockin' squads is a 'orrible idea. Wot if y' need to kick sum git from yer squad? Wot yer boyz join late fer various reasons? They'd be SOL.
    Not so sure about deployable beaconz. They'd 'ave t' be right 'uge judging from yer examples. Where would they fit? I'm pretty sure we don't got a WAAAGH banner model lyin' around but, 'ey, I wouldn't know.
    I like the idea of drop podz an' rokz but wot would dem poncy gitz get? It might also require extra voice lines an' dat might be 'ard. Next fing y'know iz dat you'd 'ave a new announcer git fer each race. A grot shoutin' over da fight like in Dawn o' War II might be interestin'. Definitely 'as a better kontrast compared to da average orky voice.
    Gah, got off on a tangent.
    Dis just raises more questions the more I fink about it. OP, dis doesn't fit in more wayz dan one.

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