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Destiny 2 PC

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by EvLTimE, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. EvLTimE EvLTimE Cipher

    Hi folks

    I am seriously thinking about moving from EC to Destiny 2

    "Hello Guardians. If you are looking forward to playing Destiny 2 on PC platform the upcoming fall, look no further. We are a group of players who love games and want to have fun doing so. If you want to play casually or be a hardcore grinder, you are welcome to join and share your experience with us.

    In the previous, we have played games like CoD, Battlefield, WOW, Warhammer 40k:Eternal Crusade, Defiance, Warframe, Firefall, Global Agenda, etc.

    Destiny 2 will be our main game for years to come (I hope) and we welcome all kinds of players. We are the international gaming group where English is main language. You don’t have to be super proficient in English so no worries about that.

    Meanwhile, you can join our discord to play any games you want until Destiny 2 is out.

    Everyone is welcome. Have a good day."

    PVE (60 fps PC)


    PVP (Destiny 30 fps ps4)

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