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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gren, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. SST_2_0 SST_2_0 Preacher

    I would overflow with joy if the community and the devs could agree on giving out special awards to people, that would give that person the ability to be a Grey Knight level of power, but with heavy restrictions, for one multiple grey knights would be needed, at least enough for a single squad and they are squad locked. Then deployment is based on BE leadership etc. Even if this is only done in weekend campaign setting and all other times Grey Knights are not available. How many would play during the week if it meant a better chance of being a GK during the Daemon summoning event starting from small out posts fights to a possible Greater Daemon summoning.
  2. so any dev confirmation for deathwatch stuff?
  3. I almost think Deathwatch should be their own faction, or at least Subfaction. Deathwatch are the Elite Xenos Hunters of the Space Marines drawn from all Chapters. I think that deserves a bit more than just a Skin. Especially since when Deathwatch Marines return to their parent Chapter they only sometimes keep the Silver Gauntlet/Pauldron. Maybe make them a Subfaction of Space Marines that gets bonuses to fighting filthy Xenos. The Deathwatch are very much their own Chapter, and are, in my opinion, too Elite to be just a Skin.

    And lets not forget:
  4. Beskern Beskern Recruit

    Deathwatch as their own faction isn't viable. They're a subgroup within the imperium and should be treated as such. I hope they save DW. for an update post launch that is inquisition themed. I can't see DW marines filling a role other than elite specialist units because of their advanced tech. I could see them having the infiltrators role via their stealth generators to mirror alpha legion marines of a similar role.
  5. Aristos Aristos Menial

    Soon they will be getting their very own Dex, so this could put things in perspective!
  6. Rauko Rauko Recruit

    Why not make them a chamber militant of War Council?
    Hand picked, 100 brothers like normal company, you join for a fixed time that may be extended by war council with the agreement of said battle brother.
    Better equipment, , prestige and of course-cool looking pauldron ;)
  7. Why not just make Deathwatch Veterans/Grey Knights into Hero choices? They are heroes after all, aren't they? I mean DW vets are supposed to be the best at fighting dirty xenos and GKs are space marines whose power levels are over 9000.

    That way the restrictions are already set in place and they can't be massed into an OP ball of god-modding BS.
  8. if I could play as a Deathwatch Imperial Fist with some robo limbs, I could play my Deathwatch character, and I fully support this action.
  9. Nomad Darmadeus Nomad Arch-Cardinal

    DW/GK as a PvE hero class of sorts? or a PvE "triggered" class? Lol. Abit far fetched atm since we have no idea how PvE's gonna work. but I'm sure there's a way they could make it work without throwing them their own sub-fact
  10. Rauko Rauko Recruit

    Making DW their own sub faction would be boooooring.
    They should be absolutely ELITE. More than terminators,chaplains and librarians.
    Seeing silver pauldron of Deathwatch on the battlefield should inspire awe in your Brothers and fear in your enemies.
    My main concern is not how to get DW distinction but how to make it something that is very hard to earn, privilege given to only a few and with a good reason.

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