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Deathwatch: The Darkest Night [IC]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, May 26, 2017.

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  1. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Orochi Mizakune frowned as the clone spoke of allying with the Eldars. Up until this point, he had been fine with everything that had been revealed. Sure, the clone wasn't the original inquisitor, but he was still human and therefore, if he wished to serve the Emperor, then all the better. Yet this notion of working with xenos, even against a greater threat, gave the Ronin a certain uneasiness that all servants of the Emperor might have, especially given the extraordinary circumstances leading up to this point in time. With that, he looked over to this Inquisitor Krauz, then to his brother Chaplain.

    "Truly, is there no other option outside of cooperation with these xenos? Will defeat be certain otherwise?" Orochi spoke up, turning to Brother Zuriel afterward. "Brother Viceroy, what are your thoughts on the matter? Better to die in battle than to have our faith compromised. I do believe that the saying goes 'a moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy.'"
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  2. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member

    Wincing, Alaster looked down at the wound in his sword arm before shrugging it off. "Bah, merely the bite of a fly. I've suffered much worse from more worthy foes. Worry not about me and go help Ruine while I go outside and pursue the traitor, Keeper." He said, pointing at the devastator locked in combat with the last clone.

    Alaster took a moment to retrieve his pistol and that of the Yeveri clone, maglocking both to his armour before finally picking up the clone's Chainsword. "That traitorous milksop Paladine still had my power sword stuck in his back last I saw him. I suppose this... copy's weapon will have to do in the meantime." He muttered as he ran out of the vault, shielding his wounded arm with Stormborne all the way. When he came out only to find the Sons of Guilliman, Hesiod, and the Blood Raven from his cell of all things he staggered to a stop. "W-why are you here? Where is the traitor Paladine!?!"
  3. " your efforts are futile against a son of Dorn clone!" Ruine yelled as he head butted the copy. His anger fueling him as he he put all his might into the attack.
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  4. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    "Too late to join the party, apologies... Cousins."
    With a brief laugh of disturbing qualities the psyker moved toward the hole in reality, with Yeveri in tow.
    Just when he was about to commit to the battle, enemy escaped from his grasp. Sons fired at the witch but
    Hesiod knew before first bolt round left the chamber that it was too late.

    As wound in reality reknit itself as fast as it opened, it left another wound an opening in the Techmarine. The wound manifested on his tongue as a bitter pang of failure of the worse kind. He failed both his duty and his brother. Looking at Roland as he vented his anger at decking beneath his feet, for once he sympathized with the Chapter Master. Only he did not had the luxury of releasing his anger in such mundane ways.

    "Brother Yeveri, respond." he voxed even tho he knew it was futile.
    "Brother Yeveri..." he breathed in and released a sigh "...respond."

    Storm Warden that he remembered from the prison ran out of the vault.
    "W-why are you here? Where is the traitor Paladine!?!

    "The witch escaped." he put it bluntly as if such thing happened every day.
    "Is the relic secure?"

    Turning his head to the naked Astartes next to him, Hesiod added in a livelier tone:
    "Tarcain, much of the extraordinary happened in these past few hours. Do you know that psyker?"

    With that said, he stomped into the vault.
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    <see prior post>

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    <Inside the Vault>
    Ruine managed to stagger the imitation of a Salamander, making him take a few steps backwards and interrupt his assault.

    Shin Zhu briefly nodded to Alaster, and before the Storm Warden even left the room, the Ronin Keeper already came down with his blade on Yeveri in a vertical cut. First it looked like he did do nothing except causing the clone to stop moving. Then after a few moments, his left and right side fell at the same time to the ground.

    "Good work, Imperial Fist." Then he saw two individuals enter the vault. Tarcain and Hesiod. Without a word, the Keeper sheathed his blade, after wiping it with a piece of cloth he always kept for this purpose.

    "No... I don't know this Palladine. I did expect Urtus to make an appearance himself. He is not much of a man to send his lackeys for important things like this..." Tarcain said begrudgingly, knowing to be no help. He smiled softly as he saw Shin Zhu. "Long time no see, old friend." and the two engaged in a warriors embrace, grabbing one another by the lower arm and a few friendly pats on the back.

    "This is Techmarine Hesiod. Hesiod, this is Shin Zhu. Not just the sole Keeper here on Thebes, but also a hero in the flesh. He has slain a Hive Tyrant in single combat and of course also aided in slaying Ahriman." The Blood Raven spoke with great pride of his former kill-team brother, even though they only worked briefly together.

    <Outside the Vault>
    Roland got back to his feet and his two Astartes gathered around him, Wedge and Biggs. They stood in front of the Vault, so they were still visible and in hearing range for those inside. He turned to Alaster, before making his statement.

    "We will get him back. I do not let anyone fall into the claws of Fulgrim's childish, excessive, flamboyant, narcissistic descendants claws. They are messing with the wrong chapter here. I will mobilize the first company immediately. It is time to bring an end to this. We will secure the vault, once and for all." He growled under his breath, arms crossed as he waited for Shin Zhu and the others inside to finish their talking.

    @BadDo9 - Yeveri Ta'Shan - Salamander - Tactical

    The Salamander found himself awake in the med-bay, his power armor and weapons having been apparently taken. The room was clinically clean, glowing white from the bright lights everywhere, reflecting from the white tiles. Surprisingly he was not in chains. In fact he was not even restrained. Instinctively he would sit up and notice that he was not hurt, but rather was even treated.

    The door opened and a beautiful young woman, perhaps around 5'7" walked in. She was dressed like an Ordo Hospitaller. Wait, she must have been one. Her long blond hair fell from the back of her neck towards her butt, there was no reveal of her skin from neck to waist as she was properly dressed. Well, all signs of not being on board an Emperor's Children vessel.

    "Yeveri Ta'Shan. Salamander of the 3rd Company. Currently seconded to the Deathwatch. That is you." She giggled and smiled brightly. "My name is Helena Himmelfahrt and I will be your nurse during your stay in the medical wing. Feel free to go and about, talk to the other patients, grab something in the cantina, etcetera, etcetera. Just make sure to not leave the med bay until we discharge you properly, yes? If you have any problems or complaints or a need in meds, just call me and I will swiftly be at your side." She gave the Salamander a quick bow before leaving.

    Yeveri would find himself being drowsy if he tried to get up, capable of walking - but running might cause him to throw up. He must have suffered an extreme concussion. Especially as he touched his head it was wrapped in bandages, still moist and smelling after blood. As he would inspect his body, he would notice to have two shirts sewn together for makeshift pants, while the rest of his body remained for the world to see. After all, hospital garb was human sized, not super-human.

    There was a single door from which this 'Helena Himmelfahrt' came from, nobody else was in the room. The cabinets against the wall seemed stocked fully with medical items, anything from bandages over medical alcohol, gauzes and syringes to actual medication in locked cabinets. No sign of his weapons, though surely if he searched the drawers he might find a scalpel. A human-sized scalpel which would not just be hard to handle, but also pretty useless compared to the raw strength of an Astartes.

    However he got here. It must have to do with this Palladine who dragged him through a warp portal - with that thought, Yeveri at least could confirm his memory was still intact.
  6. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    "Urtus? The name rings unknown." Hesiod grunted as he disliked begin kept in the dark for his bretheren obvious knew something. Turning his helmet toward Shin Zhu, gracing him with a long stare until the Keeper sheated his blade, Hesiod turned to half-naked Tarcain as the Blood Raven spoke, noticing the camaraderie radiating from the two as they embraced each other. In the end, it all they had. Each other and the faith in the Master of Mankind. As only static of the vox responded him, it carried with itself a sting as he reminiscened of the witch dragging unconcious Yeveri into the Warp moments ago.

    "We met, however i did not know of such great deeds gracing your name." Hesiod responded flatly as he looked at the two Astartes, hearing behind him Roland giving orders to his Sons.
    "What is the situation of the relic?" Techmarine asked, turning his helmet once again at the Shin Zhu as the two stopped hugging.

    The vox crackled white noise uselessly at him, and before shutting it of, Techmarine sent thought the Fortress comlines vid-feed his face to the Sons he left in the control matrix. A chiseled face framed by dark brown hair winked in inperfect vid-capture onto one of many screens onboard the command matrix. As he spoke his eyes carried the glazed, absent look as if looking into something beyond, his face looked into a permanent scowl, marring his otherwise noble features into a grimace of displeasure and anger.

    ++"Situation stablized. Enemy escaped into the ether presumably not anymore onboard this fortress. I recommend sending a medium to long range auspex beaming across the void along with a standard barrage of auger-probes. High possibility of an enemy starship in the sector."++
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  7. < @Uriel1339 >

    Yeveri groaned after his introduction to Helena and slowly sat up, grabbing his bloodied, bandaged head as it began to swim. He knew he could walk, but he must have had very severe trauma for his head to be like this, and for it to have messed up his body in such a way. Taking a moment to look around, he noted everything in the room and growled a little. "Palladine... where... did you take me.." he rumbled out as he slowly got to his feet.

    He looked to the door where Helena had went and paused. If he was on an enemy vessel, it would be safer to play along in his current state. Which meant not leaving the medbay. However, he had been told he could move about, and go other places, which would mean that the door would more than likely lead to somewhere else in the medical bay. If not.. he could always play it off as confusion. With that, he slowly moved towards the door.

    And warp be damned, his head hurt. That confusion thing wouldn't look too out of place.
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  8. Ruine turned to his fellow astartes. He nodded his head to them as he began checking his equipment and ammo. Silently he cursed himself for allowing such a thing to happen and makes a mental note to be extra vigilant to prevent further betrayal.
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  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts


    "Awake are we?" He heard the voice of Palladine right in his head - telepathy. "Now now, Yeveri. I saved you. You soon will see. Walk amidst your kind. These Ordo Hospitallers. Your beloved mankind. Find out all the secrets that hide here in plain sight. Then go back to Helena and report your findings. But make sure you get all the clues. Else... Your life might end... Prematurely. And neither of us wants that, now do we? Enjoy your stay in the ward of the Newborn Hope."

    As the voice of Palladine left his mind, his headache seemed to ease significantly as well. Allowing him at least to walk without a pounding to his skull. Eventually he made it to the door and could see through the small window built-into it that in fact it would lead to a main room of this med-bay. As he opened it, nobody would care, not even turn towards him.

    For each patient there was one nurse, each of them completely covered from head to toe, making them unidentifiable from one another, except their name tags. Which however to Yeveri's disdain were too blurry from his distance, them moving too fast, the font too tiny. Perhaps all of those things combined making them unreadable.

    As he walked into the room, he noticed that the patients all were human but varied strongly from age, skin and ailments. For example there was a young man, covered in blisters and other ailments that looked like caused from one of Nurgle's many pestilences all over his face. A black elder woman who had a pipe stuck in her abdomen, being pushed on a bed towards what Yeveri only could guess was the operating room. As his eyes wandered for a second time over the hallways, he would see a glance of one of the nurses gesturing him over with a hand into another room. She already walked in and was now waiting inside for him.

    Nobody else seems to have noticed her, in fact nobody was anywhere near that hallway, almost as if they were forbidden to go there or didn't know it existed.
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  10. < @Uriel1339 >

    "Palladine... mind tricks..." Yeveri growled to himself, grabbing his head before the headache subsided. He took a breath and opened up the door before walking through, looking around. He was doing all he could to comprehend what he saw, but he just seemed to be getting more and more frustrated at remembering what had happened, at Palladine, at everything. That's when he saw the nurse gesture to him, and - without much else to go on - he walked over to where she had disappeared into, and walked inside as well.
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