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Deathwatch: The Darkest Night [IC]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, May 26, 2017.

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  1. < @High_Adept_Zeth >

    When his ping was answered by Hesiod, the Salamander scowled a little. Not for any ill will towards the techmarine, but the knowledge that neither of them knew what had happened to the rest of the team. "I have no information on the team, Hesiod." he growled. They could all be dead, or maybe out of range. He very much hoped the latter. Then, though, Palladine fell to one knee and spoke of the vault, and the barrier. "Brother Hesiod, the enemy had penetrated the vault through some unknown means. We will attempt to rout them, get word to the team if you can!"

    < @Uriel1339 >

    The next astartes to get a vox from Yeveri was Roland. As the Salamander put his flamer away and swapped for pistol and chainsword - the better weapon for him to use in this situation - he repeated the situation for the chapter master. He glanced to the keeper and then the other astartes under his command. "What could break the barrier?" he asked Shin Zhu, as the veteran may have knowledge he didn't. In any case.. they may very well need reinforcements.
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    Orochi Mizakune just retrieved his Edos Pattern Mk VIII helmet when a repeat message from their Salamander brother came through. Patching into the vox, he responded. "We have taken the greenskins' warboss's head brothers. Brother Lichas and Brother Fidel are at the Emperor's side now. Brother Goreparan has recovered their gene-seeds and we have done the same with their chapters' relics. Brother Narok successfully transported us off the rok and back onto the Vera Krauz, and we are rearming on board the drone ship at the moment. Tell me brothers, have you all had a nice nap in the meantime?" The Ronin's tone had reverted back to its usual half sarcastic, half humorous self, and, from it, the recipients should be able to tell his words formed more of a friendly jab between siblings than a scolding or an accusation.

    Hearing the Salamander, Orochi scrunched his eyebrows. Something was very wrong with this situation. "Brother Yeveri. By what means have you ascertained that the vault has been compromised?" Deathwatch vaults were fortresses in and of themselves, and each station, no matter how different, shared this similarity. They formed the highest defenses on any spectrum, immaterium, physical and beyond. How would an enemy have been able to penetrate one's defenses?

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  3. Ruine adjusted his position and made ready to unleash a righteous hail of fire upon the heretics. As he prepared himself for the coming fight he said a prayer and silently thanked the emperor for allowing him to perform sacred work once more.

    "Before the swollen gaze of the Dark Eye, do I stand
    I hold for He who long ago sacrificed for man
    I will yield no ground, I shall take no step back
    In His name and for His will, I will never surrender"​
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    @Valonox - Galen Amadaus Morgain - Novamarine - Devastator
    @Kalle - Kleos - Flesh Tearer - Devastator
    @Avenging-Angel - Viserys - Blood Angel - Assault Marine
    @Keidivh - Zuriel Drathus - Sanguine Templar - Viceroy (Chaplain)
    @WanderingJester - Orochi Mizakune - Ronin - Assault Marine
    @DeranVendar - Harvom Clawtaker - Space Wolf - Scout
    @Vulpas - Narok Lightningfang - Avenging Fox - Librarian
    @Tamu - Goreparan Minkar - Minotaur - Apothecary
    <waiting on Vulpas before continuing Krauz' bits; just to see whether Narok will allow everyone to gather via ping or not; also Viserys may awaken already - just in a weakened state as the chemicals still get removed and the bionic heart getting to work>

    @High_Adept_Zeth - Hesiod - Blood Angel - Techmarine
    "As you wish! And if you don't mind, The Guillimans Shieldbearers will deploy along with you. Just in case any Orks are still wandering around." Jannika noted over the intercom, approaching the designated LZ. Once they arrived near the command deck in a broken-off hallway, she lowered the ramp. Once Hesiod jumped off, eight Astartes would follow him to protect him. After that, the Thunderhawk would take off to get to their designated area.

    The Rok would now be far off in the distance, getting closer and closer to a distance from which the Vera Krauz could initiate destruction protocols without harming the Fortress Thebes.

    "I'm on the lower decks, I think near the vehicle bay. I'm fine, still have my pistol and sword. No enemies spotted so far. I believe there is an elevator nearby, and I guess a staircase too." Tarcain replied over the vox channel.

    Hesiod would quickly find the matrix and be able to gain any information he desired. From the fact that the Sons of Guilliman had their ships deployed in formation with the Vera Krauz to be a united force, over that Yeveri in fact was inside the vault, along with Shin Zhu and three unknown individuals. Other scans and reports revealed that the Fortress was basically incapable of doing anything, relying for example on void sensors from the Vera Krauz, the defensive void weapons being mostly malfunctioning or needing to be controlled manually. Not to forget that the fortress still had significant damage from the purge the Sons of Guilliman had done unto the old crew which had turned away from the light of the Emperor. There were dozen other reports he could pull, but none of them looked really good except that the Sons of Guilliman suffered relatively low casualties from the Ork attack, having lost only fifteen Astartes according to the last headcount of vox signals.

    @BadDo9 - Yeveri Ta'Shan - Salamander - Tactical
    @SpeceralWolfe - Ruine Master - Imperial Fist - Devastator
    @Jammysod - Alaster MacBaran - Storm Warden - Assault Marine
    Shin Zhu opened the door and the four of them rushed in. But there were no enemies. Before any of them could even question what was happening, the Keeper was thrown against a wall and knocked out immediately due to a strong psychic telekinetic spell that would not just ragdoll him but also inside his helmet.

    Palladine stood amidst them once more, looking up at the massive machine that stood before them in the vault. It looked like an oversized heart (OOC: the biological one) made out of xenos materials - Eldar architecture and materials if anyone had to guess. There were two pods, akin to stasis capsules. One on each side.

    "Behold! The Geneforge! The rumors were true!" Palladine laughed like a mad man, putting a hand on the machine. "You see. Fools like Shin Zhu, the Sons of Guilliman and the Deathwatch themselves are too blind to see the power we hold here. A machination to end the wars of Armageddon AND Cadia!" He raised his arms and with them his staff.

    "So what do you say brethren. Shall we try this machine out and bring birth to an army that is capable of annihilating any of our foes?" The Librarian asked, standing relaxed rather than in a combat stance. His eyes focused on Yeveri, as if to pierce his soul through his lenses, then he extended his free hand towards the Salamander.

    "I can feel your pain, Yeveri. The memories of Armageddon. That you feel like you abandoned your brethren there. But what if I told you. This machine. The Geneforge. Could allow you to create a second, identical version of you. Free of taint, as yourself. Strong as yourself. Trained as yourself. The same memories. Even genetically. A one-hundred-percent perfect copy of you. One of you who could fight on Cadia. And one who could fight on Armageddon." Palladine kept his hand extended, as a gesture of whether the Salamander was to join the revolution, or if he was to oppose a new golden age of the Imperium of Mankind.

    Chapter Master Roland in the meanwhile had received the vox and hurried to the origin of the signal.
  5. "I knew you reeked of HERESY"! Ruine yells as he opens fire upon the Heretical Psyker. His hail of rounds are unrelenting as he seeks to reduce Palladine to a bullet ridden corpse. In his mind he recites prayers to refrain from falling under the librarians control.
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    Yeveri turned himself around the moment that he saw Shin Zhu slammed against the wall, raising his weapons but pausing in his tracks. He tried to move his body but the eyes that stared at him felt to pierce his soul, the layers of spells that had been put upon him as time went on activating and giving the Salamander pause. Words echoed in his brain, his body stuck, and eyes stared right back into Palladine's. Even the report of an Autocannon didn't reach his ears, as Yeveri did all he could to combat the other presence inside his mind. He took no step forwards, but neither did he raise a hand in defiance.
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    Goreparan would instruct the servitors to bring galen and kleos to the med bay while he was busy preparing medical slates for them as well. While galen may not need it kleos would. Upon their arrival, we would go through the same procedures as visreys for kleos to see if the Devastator has a ruptured heart or a damaged one before healing him and galen. Once done with those two he would instruct the medical servitors and the med bay equipment to monitor the three while he voxed to the ronin,the librarian and the rest of the team.

    “Librarian if you are done with your meditation, may I suggest heading to the armory to resupply, find better-suited armament for the upcoming fight, repair any arms and armor damage if your gear is damaged and then to the med bay to meet me so that I can do a full system check on you. The same applies to the rest of you as well."
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  8. High Adept Zeth High_Adept_Zeth Arkhona Vanguard

    "Brother Hesiod, the enemy had penetrated the vault through some unknown means. We will attempt to rout them, get word to the team if you can!"

    "What is nature of the enemy? Is the relic safe?" Hesiod blurted out as if trying to force the words out of the Salamander.
    I should be there instead of here.

    Then another channel switched to life and Blood Raven replied:
    "I'm on the lower decks, I think near the vehicle bay. I'm fine, still have my pistol and sword. No enemies spotted so far. I believe there is an elevator nearby, and I guess a staircase too."

    Framed by Sons of Guilliman from both sides as group entered the command matrix, Techmarine observed an empty deck, the crew presumably either purged by the Sons or whatever malady struck them before. Approaching the elevated dais that housed a huge console framed by banks of cogitators, Hesiod interfaced with the machine, pulling up a detailed schematic of the Fortress, updating it in real time.

    "Tarcain! The enemy breached the Vault by some insidious means! Get there and help our brothers, i`ll guide you down the fastest route." Hesiod voxed to the Blood Raven in reply as he guided him to the Vault, advising him to peril or blocked of or otherwise impassable areas.

    With his gloved fingers dancing over the keys of the console with dexterity few would attribute to the bulk Techmarine, as his thoughts fused with the machine though flesh-metal interface, Hesiod called upon working internal and external auspex and other sensors to scan for the enemy lifesigns within the Fortress and across the void.

    Accessing pict-feeds across the station he attempted to get a visual on the enemy if any unknown lifesigns get confirmed. Accessing the powerful vox-array of the Fortress, Hesiod attempted to locate their kill-team, his hope that they are still alive yet burning.

    OOC: @ Kill-team
    I guess you would all get a "status update request" via your vox. As far as Hesiod and Yeveri are concerned, the rest of the Kill-team was last hear of within the Rok, so please respond :D
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  9. Ruine was consumed by the sound of gunfire and the sight of muzzle flash as he continued his barrage upon Palladine. He found solace in the sound of gunfire and found himself once more at home doing what he did best. though he was content in his current state the peace was short lived as his visor came to life.

    Ruine's Vox broadcasts sounds of heavy gunfire across the channel as his voice comes through.
    "Brothers! Palladine has betrayed us. He seeks to use the Gene forge for his own purpose's. Shin Zhu is currently down and Yeveri is under the Librarians spell. I currently have the traitor under heavy fire." Ruine's Vox cuts out.
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  10. Victus Jammysod Well-Known Member

    @BadDo9 @SpeceralWolfe

    There was a moment of confusion when Alaster and the others rushed into the vault only to see that there were no enemies at all but that confusion quickly vanished as Paladine revealed himself to be the enemy by their side. At first he hid his ever growing rage as the psyker explained his plans by lowering his his sword and pretending to listen, eventually scoffing at the idea of using the Gene Forge to make their own army. "Hmph you sound like one of those radical inquisitors. The ones that believe any ends justify the means. There's a phrase I keep hearing about them that I feel is appropriate now..."

    It was at that moment he heard Ruine yell something about heresy before unleashing a barrage of fire with his autocannon. Alaster took advantage of this potential distraction to reveal his true intent. Grabbing his power sword by the guard, he hurled it at Paladine before raising Stormborne and activating it. The shield would release a powerful blast of energy that Alaster hoped would cause the sword to fly fast and true and its target.
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