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Deathwatch Tactica: Horde Modes

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Katzu_HSM, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Hey all!

    I'm putting together a series of tactica for my brothers (and really anybody, though the INITIAL push is for LSM.) Please look below and give me the following types of feedback:

    1) Better ways to do what the tactica describes.

    2) Ways to modify this tactica for Chaos/Eldar/Orks, ESPECIALLY CSM/Eldar. Psyker Powers/Warp Charges and being down a bolter really changes the dynamic in even simple hordes like Gamma.

    3) Best methods of clearing the Warriors on each map.

    Please include which map you're referring to in any comments. The plan is to make definitive documents on Horde Mode clears so I can then turn my attention to each Lair. Thanks in advance!

    * Horde mode Gamma Tactica
    * Horde mode Delta Tactica (Plasma Cannon/JPA combo)
    * Horde mode Delta Tactica (Standard): [under construction]
    * Horde mode Beta Tactica: [under construction]
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  2. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    On all the maps, there are places for jump infantry perch and or nooks to place a plasma cannon/Tempest launcher or Kannon Deffgun out of the way. The problem is usually when you go for that kind of tactic, half the team doesn't know how to do it, so this kind of guide is a GREAT idea.

    A note-

    Swooping Hawks are next to invincible on two of the three maps, but their grenades are next to useless in most situations. The major problem I find with them is that the flight mechanics do not work quite right in the smaller PVE areas and you will find yourself teleported across the map fairly often when you fly out of bounds. When that happens, you will more often than not take a lava bath or run out of fuel trying to get back up where you were. In my own experience, Hawks on the ground rarely last long enough to recharge their fuel, especially on higher levels.

    I have played PVE Horde with all factions and chapters even though I main LSM.

    Very first and MOST IMPORTANT RULE of Horde---

    If you stand in front of the heavy weapon, he cannot keep the gaunt horde away from the team. Doesn't matter the faction. Doesn't matter the weapon. Stand in front of a heavy weapon and get shot or team wipe, same difference. Epic fail.
  3. Another problem with that is that on Beta and Gamma the jump ledges screw up the Hormagaunt pathing. The central towers on Delta seem to not affect it, though.

    We cleared wave 15 on Delta with Hawks and a Tempest-equipped Reaper, but OMFG the hops up to those platforms were rough. I agree that the maps are too small for EFFECTIVE Hawk jumping. Good thing they have rifles and not pistols, yeah?

    I will Squad chat it out once. Twice if I'm team lead. After Wave 5, I will gun you down to save the squad. It is just a fact.

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