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Deathwatch Station RP [OOC & Interest Thread]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Sep 18, 2015.

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    All rules in the Rulebook overrule any other written rule.

    Original Post:
    It is good to be back within the Deathwatch. And first of all, I want to say thanks to all System Testers, while the test even still is going on here:

    @DeranVendar (great system helper!)
    @BadDo9 (also beyond this playtest)
    @Colapse (also beyond this playtest)

    and also special thanks to @Casavay for helping me out figuring some things out, too. Also thanks and applause to @WanderingJester who runs the Original Chapter which gave me a good chunk of an idea of what I will do with this RP and to return to the roots of letting the players form the story and dipping a bit into ridiculous achievements and diving into pure awesomesauce that you were used to by my original Deathwatch, here:

    So now to get finally to business. I am ready to answer any question you have and prepare you the best I can for the start of the RP which will be as soon as the Gladiator Test RP will be finished and concluded. Please read the information below before replying.

    #1 - Deathwatch Station - Wot?
    Game starts shortly after the Inquisition was born in 021.M31 during the second founding. However the Deathwatch in my case did not exist after Guilliman fell into stasis. The exact current year is 142.M31. Leman Russ still roams as he leaves in the year 209.M31.

    #2 So the Deathwatch station means now what...?
    You will start in the 'Deathwatch Station Designation 007' this station will be your home from the start on and as your characters continue to serve the deathwatch on this station you eventually rise to the various positions of Watch Commander, Forge Master, etc. and lead the fate of it's future. Anything from researching and developing experimental weapons up to building up defenses and deciding where to deploy and whom to recruit.

    #3 Does this mean I will risk my awesome Watch Commander in combat?
    Absolutely not. I will use @WanderingJester 's mentor system of his Original Chapter RP. Basically you will have at one point multiple characters, so you will have your Watch Commander and your regular Kill-Team character. Obviously you still can in special situations use your kick-ass characters. For example when the station would be under attack from aliens or so. Or in case you need to deploy your Deathwatch Champion or Dreadnought for special deployments, etc. etc.

    #4 So what do I start as?
    First of all. Your character is at least 300-400 years old. Being a Great Crusade AND Horus Heresy survivor. However the charter of the Deathwatch just had been signed, so the chapters are not ready to give up their specialists just yet and only give their regular combatants away.

    Secondly this results basically that you will only play Combatant Classes (Tactical, Assault, Devastator) at the start. These chars still can become Librarian, Apothecary, Chaplain and Techmarine down the road. But that is your starting requirement.

    Third. Your character can be from any of the first or second foundings as long as it's a loyalist, no Blackshields. The HH is so recent, every traitor gets killed on sight.

    Fourth. I will allow fan-made chapters if they are second founding and have enough background. Examples would be @lord-watchman 's 'Blood Watchmen' or also the 'Steel Predators' of the Original Chapter RP. However if they are of unknown descendance, they will gain no special start equipment.

    Fifth. What special start equipment? This:
    Successors get same start equipment as their parent chapter. So Black Templar would gain same as Imperial Fists. Flesh Tearers same as Blood Angels, and so on.

    Sixth. Do I have to choose from the special equipment?
    gets the basic equipment + their Chapter-specific bonuses. Some may allow you to choose, such as Iron Hand Bionics. Others may be straight out pre-filtered depending on your class. I.E. An Assault may get this item, but a Tactical something else or nothing at all, see the sheet for reference.

    #5 So how does the system exactly work?
    Note that everything is subject to change, does it need updates for balance and better experience. Additional some things change through playing the game, such as continuing the story to more foundings, making more start chapters available. Or chapter cultures being more individual and may start branching more down. So that Black Templar may have own unique start items vs. Imperial Fists. However at the start the Second Founding was so recent, there is not much time yet to really have complete unique cultures.

    Please see test game for reference:

    Here is the system in it's entirety:

    Oh you want to quickly find specifics? (please note that the entire system sheet above is always 100% up-to-date, whereas the following may not be):
    Combat System
    Character & Classes
    Start Bonuses
    Weapon List
    Psyker Spells List
    Rites & Honours

    #6 Character Sheet / How do I make a character?
    Read prior points to learn about available chapters, choices, etc.!

    Here is the template:

    Character Name:
    (at least 300 years)
    Class: Combatant (Assault/Tactical/Devastator)

    Basic Choice - Ranged:
    #1 - All, Bolt Pistol or Combat Shield (No-Strap)
    #2 - Tacticals, Bolter or Flamer
    #3 - Devastators, Heavy Bolter or Las Cannon or Missile Launcher

    Special Start Chapter Choice - Melee:
    Example: Dark Angels Assault
    => N/A

    Special Start Chapter Choice - Ranged:
    Example: Dark Angels Assault
    Plasma Pistol

    Special Start Chapter Choice - Accessory:
    Example: Dark Angels Assault
    => 1 Plasma Grenade
    => Hooded Robe

    Received Honors:
    Great Crusade Veteran
    Horus Heresy Veteran
    (Feel free to make specific campaigns / notable battle participations up)

    How is your character? Why is he that way?

    In-Depth of your Received Honors and also what your char was up to since the Horus Heresy. Also perhaps why especially he got chosen to the Deathwatch's first batch.

    What is your Characters goal in the rest of his life? (Will help you to work towards something!)

    Questions? I will gladly answer them!
  2. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Name: Dantus Yent
    Age: 311
    Class: Tactical
    Chapter: Angels Vermilion

    Starting Equipment:
    Basic Ranged - Combat Shield (No Strap), Bolter
    Special Ranged - Wrist Mount for Bolter
    Basic Melee - Combat Knife
    Special Melee - Chain Sword

    Received Honors:
    Great Crusade Veteran
    Horus Heresy Veteran

    To be fleshed out via RP if GM allows

    Dantus' part in the Great Crusade was the very same as any other Astartes; Carrying forth the Emperor's plans for humanity. Serving with the Blood Angels unit that would one day become the Angels Vermilion the warrior proved himself just as worthy of his armor and gene-enhanced form as any other of Sanguinius' sons. In time eighties years of service would come to pay off with a promotion to Sergeant of his own tactical squad, an especially hasty decision as it was a field promotion in the middle of invading an Ork assailed world, former Sergeant Gavar having been snipped in half by a power klaw minutes earlier. From then on both Dantus and squad would establish themselves as solid, dependable warriors capable of meeting any task set before them with minimal casualties due to their Sergeant's decidedly reserved, thoughtful nature and a habit of making sure any losses that needed to be made were well worth it and that death was avoided as much as possible.

    Come time for the Horus Heresy the Blood Angel found himself escaping the trap set at Signus Prime along with his own battered brothers and Primarch. It was here that the Blood Angels' Red Thirst would become its more notorious incarnation known to the later Chapters, the already fearsome assault specialist becoming nearly rabid in close combat during the climax of Sanguinius' duel with Ka'Bandha after Primarch's legs were shattered and greater daemon rampaged through Blood Angel ranks, reaping five hundred dead before parting from the field.

    Left with but three Brothers under his command and spirit sullied by his own fall to whatever berzerker madness gripped their legion most his time between Signus, Ultramar and ultimately Terra was spent in deep thought and isolation until at last war called once more. Making his own stand on hallowed ground with White Scars and Imperial Fists to hold the line against Horus' ultimate assault the under strength squad threw themselves from breach to breach, to line to line and into several violent counter attacks spurred on by the Red Thirst ignited to its fullest. It was in those precious weeks leading up to enemy arrival that Dantus and co would develop a compromise between their unending thirst and duties to keep at ranged, taking to each fight with combat shield and wrist mounted weaponry that would allow them to revel in the thick of shed blood while still being able to maintain fire support orders.

    When Horus was slain and Emperor fell Dantus felt the effects of Sanguinius' passing as keenly as any other, having little say or thought when Guilliman passed down his decree to split the legions. Now one of the few hundred that would become Angels Vermilion Dantus found himself in for another surprise, a chance at becoming one of the newly minted Veteran First and initial tribute to the Death Watch. Former was barred from him as superiors decided he would first need prove himself as a representative and a judge of sorts on this new organization birthed by an already troublesome Inquisition. Being one of several candidates whom were mostly picked out for being of fair quality and reasonably in control of their more aggressive tendencies the former Blood Angel had no reason to decline and would be shipped off to Watch Station Seven.

    Plain and simple Dantus looks to accomplish those duties set before him by the Chapter in serving as worthy tribute, gauging the effectiveness of this Death Watch and setting forth to prove worthy of the First.
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  3. First off, thanks for the thanks.

    Character Name: Athenallas Mercutio
    Age: 290
    Class: Combatant (Devastator)
    Chapter: Black Templars

    Starting Equipment:
    • Basic Choice - Ranged: Bolt Pistol, Missile Launcher
    • Basic Choice - Melee: Combat Knife
    • Special Start Chapter Choice - Ranged: Concussion Missiles
    • Basic Choice - Accessory: 1 Frag Grenade, 1 Krak Grenade, Ammo Backpack
    • Special Start Chapter Choice - Accessory: Boarding Shield
    Received Honors:
    Great Crusade Veteran (Araneus Wars, War of the Consus Drift, Battle of Gyros-Thravian)
    Horus Heresy Veteran (Battle of Terra)
    Great Scouring Veteran (Siege of Olympia)
    Survivor of the Iron Cage

    Like most Imperial Fists Athenallas Mercutio was considered a 'Stone Man', as stern and unwielding as his Primarch although frequently given to moments of levity. After learning about the massacre at Isstvan III though, and the possibilities that his friends in the XVIth were either dead or marching against the Emperor, such aspects began to disappear. By the time the Battle of Terra came to an end a deep anger was Athenallas' driving force, an anger that has only grown since the Heresy ended.

    During the Great Crusade Athenallas was just another Marine, one cog in the Legion's Heavy Weapons Squads. Part of the detachment that accompanied Rogal Dorn to the world of 63-19, participating in the funeral of the so-called Emperor of Mankind, he made several friends among the ranks of the Luna Wolves.

    Upon the Legion's return to Terra, and learning about the Warmaster's treachery, Athenallas was initially unwilling to believe the truth. Dispatched to be part of a force standing watch over a small citadel in the realm of Albyon, much of the wider Heresy was unknown to the Devastator, although wild rumours and tales reached even the remote citadel. Only when the Traitors entered the home system, and the Imperial Fists Legion was summoned to the Palace in its entirety, did the enormity of it all sink in.

    The Battle of Terra proved tough for Athenallas, forcing the Devastator to confront concepts and powers that he'd previously been ignorant of. Fighting on the Palace walls along with the Blood Angels Athenallas witnessed the Dies Irae rip a hole in the defences, as well as the arrival of the Sky Fortress and Rogal Dorn.

    In the aftermath of the Heresy, the period called the Great Scouring, Athenallas fought as part of the joint operation that was the Siege of Olympia, witnessing the Ultramarines in combat, their Codex Astartes already being trialled and turning the powerful Legion into, in Athenallas' opinion, robots. During the Iron Cage incident Athenallas' distrust of the Ultramarines increased when they 'magically' arrived in time to save the Imperial Fists, his lack of trust in the other Legion having been born when the Ultramarines had falled to show up for the Battle of Terra.

    Athenallas joined the Black Templars because of his distrust of the Ultramarines and Roboute Guilliman, stemming from a variety of reasons about the Heresy and the Codex Crisis, and also believing in Sigismund's vision of continuing the Great Crusade. Becoming an oddity due to the rapidly solidifying assault-based culture of the Black Templars Athenallas was side-lined and essentially exiled to the Deathwatch, a relic of a previous era.

    Whilst other Chapters pursue the Chaos Legions Athenallas understands that xenos are just as much a threat. Initially resentful of his transfer Athenallas hopes to use his time to push back the eldar Craftworlds, having encountered the powers of the Warp and desiring to remove the source of most weaponised sorcery and witchcraft.
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    You also get:
    Boarding Shield (All)

    Obviously you need to elaborate a bit on Personality, History and Goals - but the other bits look fine so far.

    As per skype conversation, approved.
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  5. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    Will pop a character up after work
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  6. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Player: Colapse
    Name: Sariel
    Class: Assault
    Chapter: Dark Angels
    Age: 450 (unconfirmed)

    Starting Equipment:

    Basic Melee - Chainsword, Astartes Knife
    Special Ranged - Plasma Pistol
    Special Accessory - 1 Plasma Grenade, Hooded Robe

    Received Honors:
    Great Crusade (various campaigns) Veteran
    Thramas Crusade Veteran
    Horus Heresy Veteran
    - Records Sealed -

    Stout, secretive, concerned with the fate of those who violate Emperor's divine law & experienced in dealing with such individuals.

    The records given to the Inquisition are relatively scarce concerning Sariel's background. Not much is known about the individual except that he came into service somewhere around four centuries ago and that he originated from Caliban, being the one of the natives who became Space Marines after the Emperor and his legions found the planet. It's also known that he fought throughout the Great Crusade alongside the rest of the I Legion and his Primarch, earning many honors and accolades. Records describing his actions between the start and the end of Horus Heresy, as well as the aftermath say nothing, except that he served with exemplary courage against the traitors and is recognized among the men in his Legion.

    Unknown at this point (Sariel's only words at the introduction were "I came here to join the Deathwatch and help the Imperium in this time of great uncertainty").
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  8. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Name: Arslan
    Class: Assault
    Chapter: Steel Predators (in honor of @WanderingJester 's RP)
    Age: 353

    Starting Equipment:
    Basic Melee: Chainsword
    Basic Range: Bolter Pistol
    Special Start Chapter Choice: Power spear
    Special accessory: Personal bike

    Received Honors:
    Great Crusade Veteran
    Ullanor Crusade Veteran
    The Battle of Terra Veteran
    Horus Heresy Veteran

    Very opinionated and blunt when it comes to making decisions. In battle his is ferocious and hunger as they come. His loyalty to his chapter and the Khan are only match by his desire to cut down the traitors of the Imperium.

    During the Great Crusade, after reuniting with his Primarch, Arslan fought as any White Scar would with quick and brutal intent. This was shown during the Ullanor Crusade. Arslan was fierce in the battles against the Ork hordes of Urg. He like many of his brothers found trophies were in great numbers to be found.

    All that he had known though would change when word came to him that his legion was returning to Terra to help defend it from other legions he had once considered his brothers. During the battle he was forced to kill many of his crazed brothers at the Lions Gate spaceport who kept speaking about how he was following a focus god and that they had found the true gods of this universe. He cared little for their talk once he learned that their traitorous ways were true. This made it a little easier to do but it still left a great scar on his mind, one that he would not forget. And one he would not forgive.

    After the battle was complete he was chosen along with many of his brothers to become part of a second founding chapter that would come to be known as the Steel Predators. At first he was somewhat resistant is this new change but the more he thought back to what damage entire legions could do when they turn, he knew this was the right choice. And so he became a part of the new formed chapter's Third Company where he faced in many battles against Orks and Dark Eldar. During these battles he was shown to be very adept at slaying xenos. So it came as no surprise when the newly formed Deathwatch was formed that his name was thrown into the lot that was to go.

    Once again he was torn away from what he had known and thrown into something very new.....

    As most who are descendants of the Khan and Steel Predators, he shows a special hate for the Dark Eldar and as such he always looks to settle the score with each and every one of the vial heretics. The only thing that surpasses the desire to kill these Dark Eldar is the desire to clean the galaxy of the traitors who have scared his mind with their heretical acts. If the Deathwatch helps him towards these two goals he will fall in line and adapt.
  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Steel Predators are White Scars successor. So they get these:
    Melee: Power Spear/Lance (All) & Tulwar (All - replaces Combat Knife) [Same Stats]
    Accessory: Personal Bike (All)

    Rest looks fine - approved.
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