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Deathwatch Station RP [In-Game]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Sep 22, 2015.

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    "Even then our both chapters have their hands full with constant campaigns. But I will definitely see what we can do. The fate of the Imperium might this time truly rest in the hands of the Deathwatch as we can act without limitations. Even though all Deathwatch Marines together might come up only to the numbers of an entire chapter, their skills and experience are richer than some company captains." Seelenbrand said optimistically with a smile.

    "But I am sure that is not the sole reason you came for?"
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  2. Imperius matt23 Curator

    @Keidivh @Avenging-Angel
    Claudius shook his head, "This not some toy with a transfer switch you flip back and forth! If I transfer this to you, the -only- way to get it back into the Orb would be to absorb your soul as well. Killing you in the process, Zuriel." He then held up the orb, "What do you think happened to Shen? He willing sacrificed himself, and was absorbed into the Orb. The only reason I was not killed by the crystal that was used on me, was that the process was interrupted. But even then, it's power took from me something I will never get back, however; I have accepted that fate because it will go to the Emperor." Claudius then let out a sigh as he placed the Orb back within his belt, "Even then, the one whom knew most about it now resides within the Orb. The transfer of power could destroy the orb, thereby making it impossible to then transfer to the Emperor. This is not a game and, as said before, this is not a toy. I will not risk everything worked for and failing the Emperor just because of Jacen's suspicion. We have wasted enough time here within this place, and every moment we spend here makes this mission exponentially harder. So, the time has come to decide. You either stand for trying to see the Emperor returned to the Imperium or you have become content to see the Imperium rot through the blasphemy of this new church of theirs...I stand with the Emperor."
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  3. BrunoGrimaldi Mohax Active Member

    "But what if we transfer power to the Emperor and it doesnt work? I mean there would be no difference?" Bruno looked at each member of the squad. Then he turned to Jacen: "I'm not content with your ... withdrawal from the Black Jewel, but lets leave that to later time." and then adressed Claudius "I do not know why you are doing this, Ultramarine, but common folks of the Imperium need something to cling to. I guess old time Imperial Truth has been proved wrong by the heresy, and this new church replaces it. I stand with the Emperor, but this... religion is like glue to my eyes, needed to bind citizens together. Lets get this over with, for we can argue for eternity."
  4. Webway
    @Mohax & @matt23 | Turning his back on Claudius, and those who'd sided with the traitor, Jacen glanced at Bruno, a slight look of contrition on his face.
    "My withdrawal was necessary, as I tried to explain while we were preparing to board, and while we were on, the Black Jewel. And again, seeing as how this time you all seem willing to court disaster in this foolish endeavour of Claudius', it would seem that my withdrawal is necessary." Casting a dark look at Claudius as he prepared to walk away Jacen continued, a touch of anger entering his voice. "I do this because I am loyal, because you are messing with things you do not understand or can control."
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    "We now this is no game you stubborn ass, but neither is the Emperor's life, although that seems to be one you are much more willing to play with." Zuriel bit with a no small amount of venom, frustrated at the mans bull headed ways. Talking to Jacen like this would distance him further, drive a wedge further between the shambles of their team.

    "And we do this because we are loyal Jacen, to the Emperor true vision for mankind. They wallow beneath the fanaticism of the Ecclesiarchy and the tyranny of the High Lords. The Emperor once sent us to such worlds to remove such blemishes."

    "And I don't entirely disagree with you brother of my blood, but it isn't enough. This church is easily corrupted, and not capable of providing the unity mankind needs. Only the Emperor, freed from the Throne, has the ability to do this.

    There is no more time for debate my kin. Either stand with us now, or walk away. The choice is yours, but it must be made now."
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  6. Webway
    @Keidivh | "We set out so long ago, before we even knew of this crystal, to purge the High Lords. I still intend to do so and I'll do the same with the church the Imperium has created. You're not the only one believing in the Emperor's Imperial Truth."
    Jacen began moving away from the group, heading in a random direction that would hopefully lead to an escape from the alien tunnel network, and considered the legends surrounding the disappearance of the Khagan. Hopefully he wouldn't end up like his primarch, lost and wandering for all eternity.

    [OOC: Trying to return to Eldritch.]
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  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ In the Webway ~~
    @Keidivh | @TechCaptain | @seabass | @Wata | @Mohax | @matt23

    The group finally united thanks to Zuriel's guidance moved on at last. There was not much further to speak nor see as the awkward realm continued to move and change in the background. Dephormatus and the others remained at the side of Claudius, trying to stay further away from the rest for the sake of the greater good and agenda of both parties.

    As they moved onward, the air seemed to get thicker even within the helmets filtration system. "Orks..." Azariah growled under his breath. And with his uttering the familiar feeling of being surrounded by the energies of the 'Waaagh'. It was a concentration that usually an entire horde of the greenskins could create. Alas, the Deathwatch and others were quite disappointed when there were only a few hundred Orks. But one of them stood as tall as a Primarch, many would have an ugly memory of Faahrus Waaghnus. Except this one resembled not a loyalist but much a traitor. The giant of an Ork did glance at the group, revealing he had an eye patch over one eye, before he turned back to the massive gate before him and chanting words that none of them understood.

    The Ork boys roared and gathered in a formidable wall right behind the Magnus The Red imposter, small shields and choppas raised to meet the Astartes' attack. Only over their dead bodies their Waaghlord would get hurt! And as so often with Orks most likely could not be talked to. Violence was to be assumed the only thing these xenos would understand.

    OOC: Sorry for short and lacking descriptions post but the show must go on and you lot have waited long enough for progress.

    OOC - Player Attacks:

    OOC Enemies:
    1 'Wagnus The Green' - ?? Hits, Ignores ? Armor - ?? WL | ? Armor - Massive Chain Khopesh &
    500 Ork Boys - 100 hits - 500 WL | 0 Armor (only hit on 2, 4, 6 & 8; no crit hits nor fails)

    OOC - Enemy Attacks:

    OOC Allies:
    Dephormatus - 10 hits, Ignores 3 Armor - 9/9 WL | 7 Armor
    Immanuel - 6 hits, Ignores 3 Armor - 9/9 WL | 5 Armor
    Azariah Serran - Uses Codicer and other Spells every turn - 9/9 WL | 5 Armor

    OOC - Ally Attacks:

    Wagnus The Green can only be attacked after the Ork Boys are killed.
    Wagnus The Green attempts to force the door to the Emperor's Palace open.
    Ork Boys' attack are split evenly across the party.

    ~~ Outside the Webway - Eldritch ~~

    To backtrack was surprisingly easy, after just a few steps he suddenly found himself once again before the shimmering webway. Almost as if his will transcended and allowed him to be guided. Nonetheless there were other worries the Stormseer had to think about once he did return to Eldritch. First of all, it seemed the webway created some sort of energy barrier around itself, like a void shield. It allowed him to leave, but returning back inside seemed not possible as he could feel with his very hand a tension. It was not electrocuting him, but rather was like a solid wall between him and the portal.

    Another thing was the awkward silence. Fight seemed to continue in orbit. But planetside? The Thunderhawk was still there from Claudius. The Drop-pod the rest of the kill-team came as well. But other than that? Nothing. No Sanguine Templar nor Ultramarine near or far. His Vox didn't pick up anything in immediate distance either. It was eerie, only a quiet, slight blow of air moving through the wasteland and swirling some dust up.

    OOC Enemy Ship Status:
    Battle Barge #1 (Black Jewel) - 74(?)%
    Battle Barge #2 (Absolute Judgment) - 58(?)%
    Strike Cruisers - 2 (54%(?)) - Counted as one, similar to squad mechanics [each = 33%]
    Frigates - 6 (60%(?)) - Counted as one, similar to squad mechanics [each = 10%]

    OOC Imperial Ship Status:
    Battle Barge #2 - Macragge's Honour - 60%(?)
    Battle Barge #3 - Boiling Blood - 69%(?)
    Strike Cruisers - 2 (37%(?)) - Counted as one, similar to squad mechanics [each = 33%] (Xeno Annihilatus; Sword of Justice)
    Frigates - 3 (55%(?)) - Counted as one, similar to squad mechanics [each = 20%]
    Torpedo Boats - 2 (50%(?)) - Counted as one, similar to squad mechanics [each = 25%]

    OOC: Player Status:

    Zuriel - 4/9 WL | 5 Armor (Chaplain [Viceroy])
    Astartes Combat Knife - 3 hits
    Chainsword 1H - 3 hits, ignores 1 Armor
    Crozius Arcanum - 5 hits, ignores 2 Armor
    Crozius of the Eighteen Primarchs - 6 hits, ignores 2 Armor
    2H Power Halberd - 8 hits, ignores 3 armor
    Bolt Pistol - 4 hits, Ignores 1 Armor
    1 Krak Grenade - 3 hits vs. Infantry | 10 hits vs. Vehicles | Ignores 4 Armor
    Jump Pack Angel Wings Mutation

    Master of the Rage - feed off the Black Rage to ignore 4 damage and get +4 damage for the next turn. Can be used once per deployment.

    Templar Halberd - get permanently a 2H Power Halberd - replaces former primary melee weapon

    Grandmaster of the Rage - Ignore 6 hits + 6 hits bonus for the next 2 turns (can be used once per deployment; replaces 'Master of the Rage' talent; Active Talent)

    Memories of Blood - Zuriel either through biting people or otherwise retrieve blood of others can drink blood in order to get see the most important memory of someone's recent life events. This can however have negative after effects in the shape of the Red Thirst (Passive Talent)

    Claudius - 8/10 WL | 5 Armor (Assault)
    1 Blue Meteor Use left
    Chainsword 1H - 3 hits, ignores 1 Armor
    Astartes Combat Knife - 3 hits
    Calth's Vengeance (formerly 'Fudge Breakah') - 8 hits, ignores 5 armor, AoE
    Master-crafted Powerfist - 8 hits, Ignores 3 Armor
    Bolt Pistol - 4 hits, Ignores 1 Armor
    Champion's Shield [Strap; Allows second hand free.] (Blocks 2 [3] damage; causes 3 hits) [1/3 hits till next degradation]
    1 Frag Grenade - 6 hits, AoE
    1 Krak Grenade - 3 hits vs. Infantry | 10 hits vs. Vehicles | Ignores 4 Armor
    Jump Pack

    Blue Meteor - crush with full-speed via Jump Pack into an enemy, attack with 3 hits, ignore all armor. Can be used twice per deployment (bonus attack, does not take one hand up)

    Junior Admiral - Gain oversight of Void battles and overall see and predict what your enemy's stratagems are. (Also helps in boarding fights, identifying weak spots when boarding, ship layouts, etc.)

    Survivor of the Warp - Surviving in the warp and fighting Daemons day in, day out is one of the best training routines there are in the galaxy. Gain permanently +1 WL & +1 Hits on all attacks

    Jacen - 4/9 WL | 5 Armor (Assault-Librarian [Stormseer])
    Tulwar (replaces Combat Knife) - 3 hits
    1H Power Spear - 5 hits, Ignores 2 Armor
    Force Hood
    Bolt Pistol - 4 hits, Ignores 1 Armor
    Bolter - 6 hits, Ignores 2 Armor
    1 Frag Grenade - 6 hits, AoE
    1 Krak Grenade - 3 hits vs. Infantry | 10 hits vs. Vehicles | Ignores 4 Armor
    2 Kraken Clips - Ignore 2 Armor

    Free Spirit - Gain clearance on experimental weapons and/or alien equipment

    Eye of the Hunter - Land 1 guaranteed critical hit, negate all critical misses for the this turn (Active Talent, can be used twice per deployment.

    Spirit of the Great Khan - The leadership of Jaghatai seems to settle within Jacen. Great bravery and strength can inspire others when charging right into the enemy. [Active Talent; +1 hits for every nearby player character, including Jacen, lasts 2 turns; can be used twice per deployment.

    Scar of the Warp - Having endured a Horror's scratch right across a body part, Jacen's body managed to adapt to warp wounds. While the scar might be still hurting from time to time, his overall warp resistance increased. The scar also burns stronger when near Psykers or warp effects [Passive Talent; Grants Lexicanum rank psyker powers to Jacen]

    Bargov - 6/8(9) WL | 5 Armor (Devastator)
    Astartes Combat Knife - 3 hits
    Bolt Pistol - 4 hits, Ignores 1 Armor
    Compact Suppression Heavy Bolter (10) [AOE x 2.5 instead of x 2.0] (Ignores 3 Armor) + Heavy Weapon Artificer (+1 hit)
    Heavy Ordinator Missile Launcher (based on missile) [+2 hits on every missile]
    1 Krak Grenade - 3 hits vs. Infantry | 10 hits vs. Vehicles | Ignores 4 Armor
    ∞ Frag Missiles - 7 hits, AoE
    ∞ Krak Missiles - 3 hits vs. Infantry | 13 hits vs. Vehicles | Ignores 4 Armor
    Ammo Backpack
    Bionic Leg (Easier movement/ Less tiring.)

    Leg Stabilizer - Can be used twice per deployment. Shoot little hooks from the feet into the ground to gain 1 re-roll, incl. crit. fails for all ranged attacks.

    Path of the Machine - Bargov has learned the basics of what it means to become a Techmarine, heck! He even might go to Mars for proper priesthood. (Guaranteed Insta-fix jammed weapons up to 2 times per deployment; Active Talent; Passive Bonus: Eligible for Techmarine training)

    Erxandros - 6/9 WL | 5 Armor (Techmarine)
    Astartes Combat Knife - 3 hits
    Omnissian Power Axe - 5 hits, Ignores 2 Armor
    Servo Arm (Reference) - used for lifting, reparing vehicles, etc. | 4 hits
    Sealance Launcher w/ Ammo Pack - 10 hits, Ignores 3 armor
    Bionic Eye (Better sight/spotting)
    1 Sacred Urgent
    Combat Shield (Non-strapped)
    2 All-Round Mechadendrites - used for restraining, slapping, grabbing, data-tethering

    Iron Serpent - get a Mechadendrite (can be outfitted differently on per-deployment base)

    Scrapcode Mastery - Erxandros learned the techniques of scrapcoding from Iron Maiden which allows him to have a chance of remotely hacking all sort of Servitors and potentially even Magi, Warpsmiths and Techmarines, perhaps even Machine Spirits (i.e. upset a Plasma weapon for higher chance of explosion). It also allows to block scrapcode attacks against Erxandros at a better rate (Passive & Active Talent)

    Techmarine Expert! - Gain a 2nd universal Mechadendrite & Better chance at hacking, repairs & other Techmarine tasks (Passive Talent)

    Servo-Punch - Use your Servo-Arm as a deadly melee weapon by charging it with an electric field and giving it an extra swing [5 hits, ignore all armor, including vehicles) (Active Talent; can be used every 2 turns)

    Lucky Fella - in critical situations you might end up just lucky...
    Agile Velocity - while health is full, be immune against crit. hits.
    Dual Wielder - 1 guaranteed hit when fighting with 1 hand in each weapon (does not count for 1 two-handed weapon, still applies to wrist-mounted or shoulder-mounted weapons)

    Xarxis - 4/9 WL | 3 Armor (Scout)
    Needle Sniper Rifle - 4 hits, effects depend on needle
    Stalker Bolt Pistol - 4 hits, Ignores 1 Armor + 1 Missed hit Re-Roll (re-rolls crit fails.)
    Shock Blade x2 - 4 hits, Ignores 1 Armor
    Cameleoline Cloak - Narrative Aid for Stealth
    3 x Explosive Needles - 6 hits, Ignores 2 Armor
    3 x Toxin Needles - 4 hits, causes Poison 1 (-1 WL per turn; -2 WL vs. hordes)
    3 x Knock-Out Needles - 4 hits, causes Stun 1 (causes Stun for 1 turn; doesn't work vs. hordes)
    1 x Seelenbrand's Needle - Instant Kills anything (Incl. Bosses)
    1 Frag Grenade - 6 hits, AoE
    1 Demolition Charge - 20 hits, AoE, Ignores all Armor

    Shock Blade Info:
    Chance of stun for each hit that PENETRATES armor (causes at least -1 WL), stuns on 4,6,8
    Crit. Hits that penetrate armor are automatically 1 turn stun.

    For narrative purposes the user can choose whether to knock out or kill. So if during a combat a player wants to only knock an enemy unconscious and the enemy reaches 0 Wounds, he will be merely unconscious for an arbitrary time determined at GMs discretion. Whereas if the player intends to kill, the enemy will die as intended.

    Tul - 9/9 WL | 5 Armor (Tactical)

    Meltagun - 5 hits, Ignores 3 Armor [Ruined until can be fixed]
    Emergency Bolter - 6 hits, Ignores 2 Armor
    Bolt Pistol - 4 hits, Ignores 1 Armor
    Astartes Combat Knife - 3 hits
    1 Krak Grenade - 3 hits vs. Infantry | 10 hits vs. Vehicles | Ignores 4 Armor

    Bruno Grimaldi - 6/9 WL | 5 Armor (Tactical)

    Bolter - 6 hits, Ignores 2 Armor
    Bolt Pistol - 4 hits, Ignores 1 Armor
    Chainsword 1H - 3 hits, ignores 1 Armor
    Astartes Combat Knife - 3 hits
    1 Krak Grenade - 3 hits vs. Infantry | 10 hits vs. Vehicles | Ignores 4 Armor
  8. Eldritch Surface - Webway
    Making his way over to the Thunderhawk Jacen climbed into the craft's cockpit, bringing it to life. He wasn't re-entering the webway, that path closed off to him seemingly forever, but no doubt the battle for Eldritch was still raging. The Sanguine Templars had assaulted the fortress visible in the distance and Jacen angled the Thunderhawk towards the massive structure, sending the craft racing off so that he could join them in crushing the enemy.

    [OOC: Heading to Golbez' fortress.]
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  9. BrunoGrimaldi Mohax Active Member

    At the first sight of orkz Bruno shouted: "Combat formation, cover heavy weapons, fire at will!" and then added more quietly: "we should kill as many as we can before engaging in melee. Bargov, care to share some heavy firepower?". And he opened up with bolter fire, in the name of his fallen brothers.

    OOC: Bolter attack - 6 hits, Ignores 2 armor.
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  10. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Roger, combat formations!" Tul replied firing his bolter at the myriad orks while taking proper position. He welcomed combat, something to take him away from his troubles and what they were about to do.

    Bolter attack - 6 hits, Ignores 2 armor.
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