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Deathwatch Station RP [In-Game]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    Zuriel was glad to see Bargov join him, having not been sure that any of his team would. Yet Bargov and Tul were with him, even if they held complete disbelief. It would help if this all turned out to be false and cull Claudius' group.

    Jacen however was another story as he still stood defiant against the whole plan, unfazed that many others supported the idea. He couldn't blame him. "I understand your doubt Jacen, but you do not know how much the Imperium has lost since the Emperor was interred in the Throne. When I was young the Imperium held sway over the galaxy, Legions marched across it's expanse, conquering score of planets. And the moment he was gone, it all stopped, and all's we done is held. Held on to what we had struggling to maintain our grip on this galaxy, and we are failing. The Imperium is dying Jacen, and without the Emperor or his sons its fate is sealed. Maybe we can hold for a few more millenia. But that's all we will do, hold on to what little we have left until the light of Mankind is extinguished.

    I know that this is a risk Jacen, and the moment I sense treachery or deceit I will end this mission and break that crystal beneath my heel. I have fought to preserve the purity of the Imperium my entire life brother, I would not take this risk if there was any other choice."
  2. Webway
    @Keidivh | Jacen shook his head at Zuriel, a great sorrow passing over his face, as he tightened the grip he had on his bolter.
    "The moment you sense anything it will already be too late." Looking at those assembled against him, those he'd have once shed blood for, the young Stormseer turned back to Zuriel, reaffirming his position. "I will not be part of this. It is a choice between reality and insane fantasy, two different what-if scenarios. We cannot change or undo what has happened. We shouldn't have the arrogance to think we can."

    [OOC: Unless we've encountered a stretch of webway designed for time travel.]
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  3. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    The Viceroy dragged his hands across his face, "The collapse of the Imperium is not a what-if scenario lad! You've seen how the Imperium has degraded over a millenium. How much longer will it last like this? I'm taking a chance on something that has the potential to change all of this. To give humanity true leadership, true purpose. I would rather try and fail to restore the Imperium then sit back and let it stagnate, sinking ever further to its demise."

    OOC: that would be pretty epic *nudgenudge* @Uriel1339 :p
  4. Webway
    @Keidivh & @matt23 | "But to resort to using something we know virtually nothing about or how to control? We have only a kinslayer's word that the crystal releases the energy it has absorbed and our first test subject is going to be the Emperor? Do you understand how dangerous that sounds?" Glancing at Claudius Jacen eyed the orb the Ultramarine had. "Test it on anyone else, anyone at all. Prove it works as you claim, that you can control it, and I will stand aside."
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  5. Ancient ItsTime Preacher


    A sudden thought had struck mind, Seleenbrand- he should talk to him. Mariel had told the captain to halt his process of launching before making his way back into the city, presumably to where Seleenbrand had found his place within it.
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  6. BrunoGrimaldi Mohax Active Member

    Bruno was following team silently, not yet free from psyker's visions he expirienced aboard the Black Jewel. He was confident that Sanguine Templar Chaplain would find the correct way. However, his senses were coming back, and Jacen's words seemed kind of... convincing?
    "Zuriel, if we are mistaken, then our father's sacrifice would be truly in vain. We should test it on someone, or let it be examined by more psykers, to understand its inner workings."

    OOC: Sorry for absence.
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  7. Keidivh Keidivh Well-Known Member

    Zuriel had a feeling that unless was something was done to prove this items true effect, this would all in end in blood. And in truth, it wasn't a bad idea. If they could see the effect it had on one of them, it could very well prove whether or not it has the potential to either bring back the Emperor or kill him. But whoever it was used upon, it could mean death, or a fate far worse, and none of his brethren deserved such a fate, and Claudius needed to be there to ensure it was brought to the Emperor.

    "Aurelius, use it on me. I have lived long enough, and am near death as is. Let us see what this crystal truly does so we can finish this."
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  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    And of course Seelenbrand was at no other place than the Ordo Xenos temples. After having found the right serf to lead him to the Inquisitor, both eventually found a private room to talk.

    "I heard you got assassins to aid your cause. Well, it is not exactly what I had hoped. But I think it will work for your intended cause. Now the true difficult task is to actually convince them to fasten their seatbelts for the Ork Waaagh to reach critical mass and truly flood over us. We might be the Emperor's Finest, but we surely are not enough nor organized enough to stop the threat by ourselves." Seelenbrand started off, sighing.
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  9. Tech-Captain Drakka TechCaptain Arkhona Vanguard

    Erxandros with dark eyes stayed quiet but his heavy weapon stayed pointed at the Ultramarine who was no such thing anymore. He didn't have anything to say to a kinslayer no matter his reasoning. But to Erxandros he had decided to follow along the group if just to protect his brothers and cousins. He hoped they were doing the right thing.
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  10. Ancient ItsTime Preacher

    Mariel offered a couple of nods, "True, but we could always call upon our respective chapters for assistance. You are, after all, an Inquisitor. You and you alone could approach the Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists and request their assistance. While I will seek out the help of my chapter, The Dark Angels."
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