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Deathwatch [free Rp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 8, 2014.

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    This was of no problem as it was only a slight modified Gladius Frigate. Modified to the degree that it in fact had more weapons and less quarters. While it was common to have multiple hundred if not even thousands of serfs and up to a squad of Space Marines on such ship, this modified frigate was improved due to using Servitors instead of Serfs. Saving space that would be required for quarters, canteens, storage for food and water, etc. Making the ship ultimately far more effective in combat, as long as boarding could be avoided.
  2. As the vessel continued to remain in high anchor around the Deathwatch Way-Station, the Apothecary began to install himself upon the vessels Medical Laboratory. Taking inventory of the ships medical supplies and making sure that in the event of a warp breach or ambush along their journey, that the triage center would be adequately prepared.

    Along the sterilized, septic encrusted pristine counter-tops lied rows of sparkling surgical blades, syringes, and optical arrays. Painkillers, coagulant enhancers, plasma, and blood packs were arrayed neatly on tables for easy access. With his back turned to the entrance, the Oakenshield continued to work in complete silence with the only noise that of the whirring background noise of the numerous machines and sensors that would appear foreign and extrinsic to any unskilled in the arts of healing and repairing of the flesh.

    After spending almost an hour working at ensuring his station would be ready if needed, the Apothecary moved to a so far unused corner of the ante-chamber and began to strip his Bolter along the table with fervent care. Stripping back the purity seal encrusted outer shell to expose the innards and divine workings of the workhorse of the Adeptus Astartes so that he would be sure nothing would go wrong on such an important mission. Each bolter shell was removed from the magazine and painstakingly hand-loaded back into place, their every detail scrutinized to the tinniest fault before being mag-locked back into place along the many compartments along his etched armour.

    The Bolter itself remained unfinished though as the Apothecarys attention shifted to something out of physical hearing as if pre-empting an arrival.
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  4. Omg over 800 pages!?
  5. it indeed was. it was also the first succesfull one. and at a long time was the only one.
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    And only 2 characters survived from the start
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    Not to mention several spin off/sequel RPs to follow. Ah this was nice.
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    Happy late 2 year birthday, thread which made the Role Playing Thread possible, due to extreme popularity!
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    Happy birthday :D whenever I see an alert from this thread I'm like daaaaamn memories :D
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    are you still doing this rp

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