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Deathwatch [free Rp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: Thanks for pointing out, edited the armory a bit to respect that the Combi-Bolter is superior now. And yup 5 points left.
  2. Xaphen Xaphen Well-Known Member

    Enyo did not need much. His standard kit was well enough already(So Jump Pack, Power Sword, and Bolt pistol. With 2 krak grenades). He did think of improvements though. So he requisitioned two clips of Metal Storm Frag, This might prove useful if attacked by heavy numbers.

    "Indeed. Having the support would probably benefit us more, then any weapon of choice. I offer up my remaining 11 point for the Rhino or any support requisition you see fit, Chaplain."

    OOC: Oh man. That bike option sounds like fun, but I think team first is the way to go. So 11 points for the team.
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  3. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Gargen gave a nod to the other Astartes, perusing a bit of left over pull they had he decided to expend five requisition along with that of their now absent Apothecary to load up their Frigate with an extra thousand Men at Arms for the trip. "Well that will leave us only four points short of a Rhino, anyone feeling charitable? " He had already opted on the free pair of Krak Grenades so they had some anti-vehicle clout as what he saw so far didn't leave him terribly concerned about dealing with infantry. For his special ammunition it was Kraken Rounds for the extra punch they added against armor and flesh, the cheap-skate bonus of being free didn't hurt either.

    [OOC: Believe I've 10 points left, will wait to see how others spend their points/if anyone goes in on the Rhino before I spend any more. ]
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  4. OOC: When I see the "load up their Frigate with an extra thousand MaM's" I just picture boxes filled with disposable single use Guardsmen that we can rip open like MREs and deploy when ready....and I don't know why.
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  5. After going through the choices he could take for extra equipment, Sven decided that other than the standard grenades, he took one melta bomb, and one demolition charge, it was always good to have something a little bit extra.
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Shopping List
    (please correct me if I got ANYTHING wrong):

    @Mando - nothing as of yet ; 15 points left
    @CommissarGaunt - Common Bolter (-5); Combi-Flamer attachment (-5); 5 points left
    @Xaphen - 2 Metal Storm Frag Shell clips (-4); 11 points left
    @DeranVendar - nothing as of yet; 15 points left (just for simplicity sake even if you donated to the team)
    @Grall_Stonefist - 1 Melta Bomb (-8); 1 Demolition Charge (-4); 3 points left

    => Team Points: 49​
  7. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Gargen stood by observing the Son of Antaeus and Storm Warden who yet remained in the Armory, taking care to observe their purchases and how they outfitted themselves. Decidedly through himself he would leave the remainder of his own pool to the overall team effort putting in four alongside Enyo's offered eleven to get themselves a basic naked Rhino Transport. Six points left he hummed. "Worth upgrading it to a Razorback for extra fire support? It'll still fit all five of us and have room for a few smaller attendants if we wish, or any prisoner we might have in our possession. "
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  8. Xaphen Xaphen Well-Known Member

    "While I think we do not need such firepower for this specific mission, especially with the extra auxiliary forces, it wouldn't hurt. Maybe we should give it a Pintle mount and Hunter-Killer Missile for a some additional fire power, but still keeping the room and speed of the Rhino. Again, I don't mind if the team chooses otherwise " Enyo said to his team's chaplain, right before fitting on his helmet.

    (Ill assume we get some creativity with our gear's esthetics.)
    Enyo's Power Armor, clad in black with its left arm shining silver. The armor was a special relic. Curadh Pattern Power armor, donated by the Fire Angels Chapter. The armor was a modified Mark VII armor with a raised gorget to cover the neck, but unlike the Mark VIII it did not cover the Vox caster/grill, keeping the Vox at the helm. It was the only that the Deathwatch station could provided due to his size. Even then it had several modifications to make it a perfect fit.

    He walked away from the group to retrieve his Jump Pack that had been waiting for him. It was also modified for the Astarte's size. Its Intake Vents were larger to support the larger twin-turbines in the back. The turbines themselves were almost the size of a Space marine from head to groin. Next he received his bolt pistol and Power sword. A serf handed both of them to him, before he even asked. The serf then again returned to hand over the grenades, bringing them in a thick case.

    The bolt pistol was nothing special. Standard issue, but it came with both clips he had requisitioned. The Power Sword was a little more ornate. At least the scabbard was, it was painted dull blue and had several ribbons hanging off of it.

    After holstering the pistol and the scabbard to his waist, he pulled out the blade. The metal reflecting off the armory's ceiling lights, almost making a mirror image to Enyo's figure. It looked quite standard although. It was strait with a skull pommel and a winged guard. Nothing too special.

    With everything prepped and ready, he waited for his team's decision before he would make his way to the hanger(?).
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  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: Sure, but most likely it won't have an effect at all.
    Team Points: 19; 34 if @Mando decides to not spend a dime. And seems like we lost him for now. Though doesn't matter because I will be quite busy for final GDC preparations. Also: Please continue the Armory Phase in the OOC chat; we can always retcon what you do with the leftover points; transit most likely will be used for the time I am gone during the GDC, insinuating it may have taken longer than usual due to the Warp which never does as one wants! :)

    Once all Astartes would be clad in the gears of war, they would march into the Stations hangar. Besides the two perfectly crafted Thunderhawk was a..... Freighter. It was more of a personal freighter for little merchants than those bigger glorious ones for Rogue Traders. But what was probably the worst was that it was a highly modified freighter. Sleek and metallic-chrome colors, almost as if it was Necron. Sure they would not go as the Imperium of Mankind, but at least they didn't travel with Tau crafts either. Which made it also a bit more difficult to think if they should really announce themselves as Envoys of the Tau.

    Awkwardly from the inside it seemed bigger. The Astartes easily could sit next to one another, perhaps a dozen would fit in here with shoulder on shoulder. They were given the lift-off to the Frigate that already stood awaiting it's own precious cargo of Angels of Death. It was in similar fashion as the freighter but a matt silver. It didn't bore the Aquilla, but wings and other icons which seemed to fit more to Angels of Diplomacy, rather than of Death.

    One could only hope the Machine Spirit understood and would not rebel. Alas, Kill-Team Wipeout has no Techmarine to confirm so. Once they landed in their new capital ship and stepped out of their craft there would be little activity going on. Everyone was probably already on their station, knowing that they would depart rather soon. A single Servitor greeted them, gave them a gesture to follow and then walked as graceful as a gorilla toward the Hangar.

    They could see another freighter identical to the first one was standing there. But no military craft as of yet. At least the ship itself had some weapons as they could have seen from outside, seemed even the regular equipment. Perhaps an excuse that they fight pirates on a regular base would do as good explanation?

    Wipeout had time to exchange a few words as they would walk to meet the ship's captain...
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  10. Walking slightly behind the others which appeared to be his common placement in the squad, the Apothecary took special note of the layout of the ship and more specifically, where his new home would be in the Med-Lab compartments of the vessels innards. Having served in all manners of warships and civilian vessels during his time as an Astartes, the current bleak atmosphere was of no consequence to him and in fact seemed to narrow down his focus even more.

    When baited to respond to the others, Oakenshield simply stared at them from behind the cold-dead stare of his armours enhanced optics which would appear to be looking at anyone unlucky enough to be caught in its sights as if they were a new specimen strapped to a cold carbon block awaiting his expert ministrations of the surgical saw.

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