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Deathwatch [free Rp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Deathwatch Ressurection by Uriel1339:
    New System, new focus, new characters, new adventures!
    RP Start

    Important Links:
    Character Overview (Google Drive link)
    Item Reward Tree (Google Drive link)
    Stat Reward Tree (Google Drive link)
    Rules & Joining Criteria (Forum Link to Rules)

    Kinda inspired by Steelfang and by the PnP Deathwatch RP I decided to create this.

    There are 10 positions to be filled, and I would love to make it a balanced Deathwatch team that is why I provide the following spots:

    Librarian - Tempestus - The Lord Watchman - The Blood Watchman [Secret]

    Chaplain - Stevanus - Colapse - Chaplain - Flesh Tearer [Blood Angels]

    Apothecary - Varius "Matron" Taye - Warboss Grot Stompa - Apothecary - Raven Guard
    - Player went MIA, therefore Control has been given to Merciegone

    Techmarine - Alviss Iron-Tooth - Cousintp - Iron Priest - Space Wolves
    KIA - Haroldheim II Secundus

    Marine #1 - Linkin - WanderingJester - Tactical - Red Scorpion [Unknown]
    KIA - Haroldheim II Secundus

    Marine #2 - Benedict Dyalov - White Angel of the Storm - Devastator - Thunder Falcons [Imperial Fists]
    - Player went MIA, therefore control has been given to AragonShadslayer the name of the character now is also "Noctis" [Chapter still the same]
    -- Trait Changes:
    Ranged Profession (better ranged combat)
    Relentless (higher accuracy while standing and better than usual while moving)

    --Flaw Changes:
    Bad Melee Fighter (decreased efficiency in melee combat)

    Marine #3 - Marius Titus - James Moisson - Tactial - Iron Hands

    Marine #4 - Nathaniel Lorenzo - Hokken - Assault Marine - Blood Angels

    Marines can be either Tactical, Devastators or Assault. I just want one of each specialist so your squad has THE CHANCE to spot and identify unnatural things. I.E. without a Librarian nobody really can sense Psi-powers. Without an Apothecary there is nobody to withdraw Gene-Seed or give first aid. Without a Techmarine you cannot hack, identify, repair or use most of the machines. And without a Chaplain you might be an easier victim to trickery of heretics or influence through chaos forces.

    Though please note they can be filled. Let's say you guys have 6 Marines already and the 7th wants to be too, then one of the Specialist Classes has to be striked.

    Also to make more clear of your objectives and structures: Each Mission will contain of these pieces in the following order:
    1. Briefing
    2. Election of Squad Leader
    3. Deployment
    4. Mission
    5. Extraction / Rescue / Death of Squad
    6. Mission Report (Deathwatch Report to Ordo Xenos / Leading Inquisitor of the Squad)
    This will provide each mission with a required structure to make it more enjoyable and provide all of you with easy overviews and progress-observation of how your mission goes. I myself won't participate in the RP to be neutral towards your characters and also to not manipulate the story or lead it in a specific way. I want you to play your characters out however you like, as long as you stay in character.

    For example If I let you know the events will lead to a Tyranid Invasion but there is no sign yet and your character goes like "We need to fortify because the Tyranids are invading!" then it would be breaking the knowledge of your character.

    Example how it could be done though: The Librarian of your Team feels some Warp presence and tries to follow it through space, he feels the Hive Mind starting to scratch on his mind so he instantly lets go and pushes it out of his mind. ; Now your team would know the Tyranids are coming.

    Last but not least: I do not want to see Mary-sueing around. A Blood Angel or Successor who falls to the black rage, calms down of it and lives on. No. Only one person in the whole wh40k lore has done this before in a very special situation.

    Very last but not least: Your characters can die without required permission, including teamkills. A player seems heretic to you? Good, go ahead and dispose him, though live with the consequences.... Also I do not want to see a single person run through an army and kill them all *except he would have turned into a Daemon Prince or alike of course* Babying around is not accepted, just as in Chapter Master Games, you do something risky, do not expect it to succeed. You are no super heroes, there is no plot armor.

    Your enemies will be controlled by me or trustworthy players, if they fail your expectation and I assigned them to play as such and they are mary-sueing their troops against you just PM me and I will take care of it.

    I.E. I let the forum member "WanderingJester" play some Chaos troops to fight the Deathwatch and he starts killing one member with just one shot from a random marine without giving even the chance of fair battle ; then it would be good to notifiy me or express your worries.

    Galaxy Map:

    The First Briefing begins as soon as there is a full Deathwatch Squad. (Started already as by player vote)

    Mission #1 Phase overview:
    Phase 1 - Briefing
    Phase 2 - Squad Leader Election
    Phase 3 - Deployment
    Phase 4 - Mission
    Phase 5 - Extraction
    Phase 6 - Mission Report

    Mission #2 Phase Overview:


    Mission #3 Phase Overview:


    NPC's for Mission #3:

    Mission #4 Phase Overview:

    Mission Up To Date Character Sheets (Mission #4):

    Mission #5 Phase Overview:

    Mission Up to Date Character Sheets (Mission #5):

    Mission #5 - Challenge #3 - Important NPCs / Setting:
    Mission #6 - Phase Overview:

    Mission Up to Date Character Sheets (Mission #6):

    Mission #7 - Phase Overview & Character Sheets:
    Unable due to short mission

    Mission #8 - Phase Overview:

    Mission Up to Date Character Sheets (Mission #8):

    Mission #9 & 10:

    Mission Up to Date Character Sheets (Mission #11):

    Mission #11 - Phase Overview:
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  2. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Hey! That guy had a giant gash in his armor already! Not my fault Khorne didn't tell him to repair it in between battles :p.

    Anyways can I'm just going to load my character in from Steelfang's version, he never got the full playthrough and I spend way too much time making/playing him for an unfinished story. For those who don't know, here are the slightly adjusted stats below:

    Tactical Marine Linkin from the Red Scorpions

    Follows the Codex Astartes closely. Like to pass the time reading it or checking over equipment. Assisted the Ultramarines in the last tyrannic war. Demolition and explosives expert.

    High and low Gothic, slight tau recognition (cannot speak, but understand meaning of typical phrases and orders)

    Mark VIII Errant Armor (auspex and vox caster built in)
    Astartes Bolter Godwyn pattern with fire selector and Preysense Sight with abundant bolt ammo.
    Plasma pistol
    Astartes Combat Knife
    Three Krak and Frag grenades.
    Hellfire rounds and Kraken rounds already loaded in the fire selector, abundant amount.

    Repair cement
    Astartes Cluster Mine (one cluster)
    Demolition Charge (two charges)
    Astartes Magnoculars
    Astartes Cartograph
    Astartes Grav Chut
    Astartes Harness plus Grapnel
    Astartes Omni-Tool (for general demolition use by Linkin, ex. screwdriver, etc.)

    Traits (Simplified):

    Tyrannic War Veteran (part of a successful boarding party to plant and detonate a bomb inside a main directing synapse broadcasting bio-ship)
    Demolition Expert (Can use rockets to make bombs :p)
    Unyielding Faith in the Codex (High resistance to Chaos Corruption due to strict following to Codex Astartes, unimpressed (no fear factor) by warp powers, mutations and entities, even by direct exposure to the them. I.E. veil rip, simply seeing enslavers and daemons, etc.)

    Follows the Codex Astartes to the point, and will increasingly be displeased at any commanding astartes who does not do the same, eventually ignoring orders completely.
    Likes to blow things up... a lot, this urge conflicts and sometimes even overcomes the instinct to follow the Codex, leading to unnecessary collateral damage at times.

    Edit: also I'm assuming you'll do most of the narrating? So I'll only say my actions but not the effects of them?

    Edit 2: also adding an Omni-Tool for general assistance for demolition disarming/arming, etc.

    Edit 3: added the simplified traits and flaws section.

    Edit 4: added additional trait up.
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  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: Yes I do narration, but you guys can go ahead to kill ppl and so on, just in Boss-Fights it should be the action and not the cause. I want you guys to be able to play along without me, but like for example if you guys do scan stuff or identify things or as said have boss-battles then I will put my narration in. Also in case new events occurr or when you interact with NPCs. I.E. if you talk to a Governor, then I will post his replies.
  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Create your character then! But try not to be too absence! ^^
  6. Simple skeleton:

    Name: Benedict Dyalov

    Class: Devastator

    Chapter: Thunder Falcons

    Heavy Bolter
    MKVI 'Corvus' Armor
    3 krak Grenades.
  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: Artorias..... really.... and what nickname he has? Let me guess.... Abysswalker?
  8. No...maybe...
    Just kidding. His name is Benedict Dyalov.
  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Then edit pls xD

    Btw..... from which chapter you coming from? Thats kinda.... Important ^^
  10. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Name: Stevanus

    Class: Chaplain

    Chapter: Flesh Tearers

    - Crozius Arcanum
    - Plasma pistol
    - Rosarius
    - Mark VI Corvus Power Armor
    - Skull helm
    - Jump pack
    - Power Axe "Ill Omen"

    Like every Flesh Tearer, Stevanus was born and bread on notorious planet of Cretacia. Being bloodthirsty and savage was a natural state of any marine trained in this chapter, however Stevanus was also a very pious soul, his inspiring speeches and acts of devotion made him quickly ascend to the ranks of Chaplains. Believing that only in unfaltering service to the Emperor and His will can his Chapter be saved from extinction, clad in black, Stevanus joined the ranks of Deathwatch to combat the xeno, cleanse the alien from the Imperium and, when enough tainted blood has been spilled, to one day stand before the Golden Throne and ask for Him on Earth to save his cursed Chapter.

    1.Melee Proficiency - really good in melee combat.
    2.Supreme Melee Proficiency - All these centuries of close combat have turned Stevanus into a killing machine - further increase in skill in melee combat.
    3.Calm - immune against provokes and less likely to fall for Red Thirst/Black Rage.

    1. Anti-ranged Proficiency aka Lousy shot - because of the great focus on melee part of the combat, Stevanus uses ranged weapons with a skill of an Ork.
    2. Anti-Codex Adherent - Stevanus doesn't really value Codex Astartes and its wisdom, he follows it loosely and he is more likely to fall in bad reputation with those who follow it.
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