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Deathwatch [casual Rp] - Playing Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    For Character Creation see here:

    Current Players:
    @Uriel1339 - Character: Isaiah
    @Grall_Stonefist - Character: Henigst Ghostmaker
    @Angles - Character: Angalox
    @lord-watchman - Character: Chronos
    @Loldoom - Character: Daaros
    @Vulpas - Character: Duran
    @NightxHaunter - Character: Azazel
    @Thurservorr - Character: Terath
    @Xaphen - Character: Lothar
    @PorOborosCain - Character: Paen
    @Skarboy - Character: Morex

    General RP Rules:

    This is casual RP, but I will govern if you play kinda mary-sueish. Also I will warn about possible deaths but expect them all the time anyway, because you WILL die, well your character. Nothing and nobody got plot armor. Every enemy you face is killable except I state otherwise. Things like there is a Baneblade and nobody of you has an Anti-Tank weapon. Or if you cannot win against a horde of enemies then I shall indicate so. For example: "To stop this horde would be neither heroic or smart, the countless Orks will overrun the Deathwatch Kill-Team, the only thing they can do is slowing them down."

    For PvP in sparring purposes I leave it to the combatants to resolve. The usual way is to go to a website like and roll 1d20. The one with higher number succeeds in general, but if the numbers are too close it might be that both get hit or both fail. The higher the number the better. So if two are sparring and both roll a 1 it is to assume they both failed horribly.

    Please keep in mind that every Space Marine has indoctrinated knowledge regards the Imperium and general things. Also EVERY Astartes is capable of driving ground vehicles and manning them, it is in their standard training. Piloting Aircrafts is another story though. See for details in the character creation thread.
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  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Death Watch Station Myruh
    Located in the Segmentum Obscurus, not too far of Outrenacht and not too close to Cypra Mundi, watching all activity surrounding its own sector. In orbit and planetary. The orbital station of Myruh is an automated facility, warning of potential danger, that the territory belongs to the Ordo Xenos, a part of the Holy Inquisition led from Terra, and that unauthorized trespassing will result in death. Furthermore it serves as long-range communication point and resupply station for Inquisition vessels.

    The planetary, rather small base, more of an outpost, is led by a Magos who dedicated himself to the Inquisition and in research of local fauna and flora that may ultimately aid in fighting the enemies of the Imperium. The world is a jungle world filled with creatures that are not truly dangerous, but rather interesting, due to their variety and different sorts of toxins and poisons. It was a regular reconnaissance mission for samples, when the contact with servitors broke off. A single servo-skull with implemented picter soon gave the answer of what had happened...

    Magos Jax Hegen was irritated of how it could be that they were here. No vessel would be capable of sneaking beyond the stations ever watching eyes and when the world was 'colonized', it was fully scanned. Nonetheless quickly a message was sent to the Ordo Xenos and within twenty-four hours an Inquisitor himself replied to send an investigation kill-team to get to the ground of things.​

    All eight Deathwatch Astartes had just finished their special Deathwatch training in reading, indoctrination and handling weapons beyond their regular chapter duties. They learned all the theory behind of what they were to face, who they could face and how to handle them.

    The Techmarines learned of some basics of Xeno-Technology and their weak spots, but he would need more training in that if he would dedicate himself to it. Anything like this would be heresy among some chapters, but the Deathwatch was different.

    An Assault Marine was only as good as his maneuvers and special training allowed him to learn of how to fight more dynamic, now that there were only two Assaults in the squad. But also how to pay more attention to his allies without endangering himself.

    Devastating firepower was only as good as it's owner, and so the Marine learned of what his duty would be in the upcoming missions. To reduce hordes to individuals, leaving them for the rest of the team. To understand he was the ace against armored targets and the multitude of enemies.

    It was the Librarian and Runepriest who had spent most time in the Librarium of the Deathwatch to learn and study behavior, skills and other feats of the enemies and their brethren history. As very well known in any chapter, these were the men who advised their Chapter Master, it was these who would know the most of their own and that surrounding them.

    The seven were united for the first time after arriving at Death Watch Station Myruh. Unknowingly they all had been among the same craft. But it was here, in the Deathwatch station, were they would meet for the first time. Having been led at the same time into the briefing room with the Inquisitor waiting (in form of a hologram projected by the holo-desk), they were offered to sit down with a hand gesture. Nobody but them and the holographic projection of an Inquisitor was in the room.

    "It seems you have not gotten known into each other, yet. If you need time to get known to each other first, then I gladly wait a few minutes until you did so."
  3. the lord watchman lord-watchman Well-Known Member

    "i am chronos" as the chaplin spoke he had his helm on "i am a chaplin of the blood angels"
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    from Beside his fellow raven a libarium appeared by his fellow blood raven. With a good grin on his face he looked to the chaplin as he spoke "Good to meet you chaplin It will be a honour to fight by the side your side and the side of the other first founders." he said said with a smile.
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  5. Angles Angles Subordinate

    Angalox heard the Inquisitor words, and so looked around at his new companions in order to see just who he would have to work with. He saw that he had Blood Angel Chaplain, who had just introduced himself, a Dark Angel, an Iron Hands techmarine, as noted by the servo-arm mounted on the Iron Hand's back , a Space Wolf and a fellow Blood Raven, who was a Librarian for his allies.

    With him having taken a look at his fellow marines, he introduced himself with the words "I am Angalox of the Blood Ravens." There was no need to embellish his introduction, so those words would do. Like the Chaplain, he also had his helmet on when he spoke.
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  6. The next to step forwards was wearing a set of power armour ardoned in tribal runes, some with a slight orange glow, where others looked like they where made of ice.
    A long grey braided beard also flowed over his chestplate.
    "Greetings cousins, i am Henigst Ghostmaker, rune priest of the Fenryka" he said, his voice gruffed but warm.
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  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Isaiah." The Dark Angels Devastator simply said. His white robes covering his armor and helmet. Even if one would look at his face, they would meet first the hood, followed by his helmet before anyone would see his gaze. The man stood behind a chair, his arms simply hanging alongside his body, giving not the slightest emotion or intention away.
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  8. Loldoom Loldoom Well-Known Member

    Daaros looked at the other marines, none of them were fellow Iron Hands, thats all that really mattered to him anyway. After all, it told the techmarine all he needed to know: They were weak, the only exception perhaps being the other mechanium servant, that was still to be determined...

    "Daaros, techmarine of the Iron Hands." Voice level, almost civil, almost. His eyes lingered on the two codicers, pyskers were bad news. No need to bring them along in his view.
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  9. "Well know that we have made our intruductions, lets sit down so the briefing can begin" Henigst said, as he pulled out his own chair and proceded to sit upon it. His warm gaze once again going over the group members, he had to remember that the tech-marines wherent iron priests, they properbly did alot of things differently.
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  10. Loldoom Loldoom Well-Known Member

    After a few seconds he nodded in agreement, the briefing could begin as further information could only be gained in the field. Daaros had no need to sit, the marine's bionic legs never grew tired, so he instead merely stood there and looked at the inquisitor's projection, waiting less than patiently for the briefing.
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