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Death Watch [non-pnp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "They will be up here in a few seconds, seems they have your trai-" Servo-buddy cuts off his quieted communications and scans the area for any sign of Jean. Observation distracts the unit for several seconds too long and soon a Genestealer with scythe tipped limbs crawls into the heart of the trap. Jean feels the vibrations through the weakened floor beneath him, a solid thump that sounds in time with his hearts and leaves a solid impression that he has done himself several favors. Servo-buddy certainly does not pursue him.

    A thin veil of smoke disperses through the underhive's stagnant air, drifting over the battle below. Battlefield illuminates to the birth of a small coldly burning sun. Scythe Strain's screech of pain builds up into a roar that rattles the nearby buildings. Blackened and burnt down to a single heaving limb, the smoking beast takes a single step forward before Mathius' is upon it with his blade. Every blow falls with the weight of vengeance and borderline hysteria behind it. For a moment the Blood Angel sees his kin helping him, wisps of movement on his peripheral vision; Mathius turns away from the slain xeno without having fully grasped how swiftly he had butchered it. Whatever delusions he suffered from were not so strong that he could not recognize reality, and that someone had certainly just tried to toy with his mind.

    Marine's gaze falls over the handy work of the Alpha Legion, the small combat squad of operatives cutting down the remainder of their foe in sprays of promethium and bolt fire. Both Aldric and Alto get to sit it back and watch as the field clears. Neither auspex, nor eye or any other sense available to them betrays the presence of further xenos. Before long the suppression field begins dragging back towards Iskaness, briefly hazing their minds once more before effect peters out to nothing.

    The four legionnaires form up in cover and around the hovel Iskaness had made into his little witch's lair for the duration of the brief engagement. Sorcerer emerges from cover with a narrow streak of blood stained flesh trailing beneath his right eye and both ears leaking even more.

    We should fall back while we still have the opportunity. Our cannon fodder have broken, and the rest of the footslogging cultists will be here to bog us down before long.
    Sorcerer forces his voice into the minds of everyone nearby with little regard for manners or who among the trans-humans are actually present. The five traitors begin ambling their way towards the end of the fissure nearest to their entry.
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  2. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Mathius, long after the creature was dead, continued to stab his power sword into its chest. Each time the sword would pierce the fallen creatures chest, Mathius would mumble another name, as if a sliver of vengeance was carried out in their name, "Nathaniel, Samuel, Craven, Isaiah..." After a moment longer, Mathius seemingly regained his senses and shook his head. Looking down at the xeno, Mathius began to cut the xeno's head off before attaching it to his waist. "There is much to be learned for these strains and we shall ensure that something of use is returned, if nothing else," Mathius said as he began making his way back to the group. Mathius felt strange as if something was scratching the back of his mind, pushing him a little further across the line than he was used to. It was a matter of concern, but this clearly was not the time to have it addressed.

    Hearing the traitors voice ring in his ears was as nails against a chalk board. "Traitor, though we are in a position of benefitting each other through cooperation, do not overstep lines you clearly know not to be crossed. This is something I do not feel needs to be explained further I trust," Mathius said in a slightly restrained manner. Obviously this would be a horrible time to start a skirmish with the traitors, but limits were being pushed that were making Mathius uneasy. And the attempted influence on his earlier actions furthered this same feeling. "At any rate, I agree. Let's get moving before we get pinned down again and our situation grows even more dire. The xeno mind should be readjusting and calculating its next move which should buy us a very small window," Mathius said as he in turn began to follow behind the traitors, not wanting to be left open to ambush.
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  3. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Jean waits and watches in statue-stillness as the cloud of debris - architectural and biological alike - dissipates in the aftermath of his trap. Not even after the servo-skull leaves does he even move. When the trap went off, he had abruptly switched off his armour transponder, as well as all other transmitting gear. On the squad net, it will look as though he had been abruptly wiped from existence...or fallen down a hole so deep and dark, he might as well have been.

    In any case, he gives the servo-skull three minutes past its exit, silently counting breaths, till he likewise makes his own. He does not leave his position by the way he entered, but by one of a number of pre-planned egress routes he had scouted by eye on the way in. Picking his way around the side of the building away from where the other Astartes - loyal and Traitor - are now congregating, he weaves his way through the derelict slum, always taking care at all times to keep significant obstacles to line of sight between himself and the others.

    A lot of planning and a little luck have granted him this chance to slip away. Moving alone and unobserved, he has a chance at making it to the Mechanicus facility first, following the map of the Hive. The only unknown factor now is whether or not Alto has upheld his part of the plan. @Vulpas
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  4. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "Fine work with the sword, Brother Angel," Einar grimly acknowledges slaugher caused by Mathius, although his subsequent action of taking alien's head under the guise of learning more about them earned him a grunt. These monsters were just that, monsters in need of extermination and glorifying them like this didn't sit well with the Space Wolf.

    However another thing caused Einar not to voice his opinion. The sudden disappearance of their Apothecary - even though he was sure he could still sense Raptor's unique personal signature - made Einar somewhat uneasy. On one hand, he wasn't even under attack just to fall off like this seemed highly unlikely, and on the other hand, having an enemy psyker in their midst must've caused Jean to do whatever he did without consulting anyone else. Eyes once again drifted towards their own Librarian, after all that happened in this Hive since their deployment the witch was definitely the weakest link in the squad chain which made Einar even more displeased that he already was.

    Brooding and silent, Space Wolf fell in rank behind Mathius, trying to cast away dark thoughts as he began marching towards the next objective.
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  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Alto, As he heard the sorrcerers voice would grit his teeth when eh spotted Jean's Transponder go offline, It was time. using what time and ability he had would keep his head in a anger state and look to jeans soul fire through the void and then attempt to dimin it from outsiders view as if sucking the light from it and only darkening it, making it look like Jean had slowly vanished or his life's flame had gone out, like the lives of the xenos that were slowly diminishing around them he attempted to make once more a illusion like a spark within the winds of the warp cast out. As Alto did this he would rise and slowly go to rejoin the others. limping and giving off the image of him being weaker then he currently is.

    OOC attempting to mask soul/life signautre

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