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Death Watch [non-pnp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Imperius matt23 Curator

    "Forgive me for being blunt, but as my brother Einar has stated, no son of the snake shall lay hands on my equipment. It shall be hard enough to explain all this as is and something tells me a son of Mars will be far less understanding," Mathius said in a very forward tone. Really, though his jump pack had been handy so far, the deeper they would descend, the tighter the spaces would be. So Mathius had already come to terms with the style of combat he was going to have to switch to. Attempting to close his eyes and let his body recover for the time being, Mathius began to imagine Baal in all its glory. The destruction that had be set upon its surface and his brothers still weighed heavy on his mind and at times thinking about it caused him to seem distant. Mathius thought to himself as he opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling, if he would ever touch the surface of Baal once more...
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  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Alto was silent as he was looking over the alpha legionaries the plan of working toghter left a bitter taste in his mouth his chapter had fought against them many times before and many disasters they created agaisnt him, As Jean came over to him his suspicions stayed on his mind as text began scrawling on his helmets screen alto would keep suscipiouns on his mind. A hand would go to his left ribs and a grunt come out. "Right here doc. Rib got fractured during the explosion." Alto said to Jean. His mind on the alpha legionaires and trying to stay of Jean's plan.
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  3. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "You'll get your pups back as soon as we all come to an agreement." Servo-skull hovers just out of Einar's reach and flits about over his head like a fly. Darting to and fro it makes no bones about studying his armor. "Mighty interesting squad though... Angels, Dog, Bird, a Fox."

    Iskaness maneuvers around the party in a slow circle, seemingly pacing without aim as his gaze traverses their surroundings. Darkness clouds the edge of the groups' dark sight, the nearest buildings visible in shades of grey that fade into murky outlines before merely becoming a muddied pool of shadows beyond. Ganger support force tears away into the maze of underhive rubble. Whatever strata they have landed on is little more than a ruined battle field, stalked only by hunters looking to mop up the vermin and seekers trying to flush out the marines, loyal and traitor alike.

    "You are forgiven Blood Angel." Sorcerer steps casually towards a trio of servitors that somehow became fused by their cybernetic legs, like an even more demented of a rat king and its tails. Iskaness turns and stares down Mathius, offering a sympathetic smile. "Your manners are appreciated, giveng the stress you must be enduring. Trouble at home always weighs on the spirit as heavily as it does the mind; might even know the feeling myself."

    "Quit pestering them Iskaness, see yourself out of there and get back here. The diversion unit is returning and they will need a screen if we do not want all the hive crashing down on us prematurely." Servo-skull streaks toward the Sorcerer, hovering just over his shoulder. Quiet as a mouse someone else intrudes upon the situation: represented by a single ping in the squad's vox channel. A message in binaric cant scrolls across the visual units of everyone wearing their helmets. Unfortunately the Techna Lingua is gibberish to most of them... after several seconds without response a streak of tap code comes clicking over the vox.

    The Omnissiah demands action. Stop. Traitor Astartes in control of Site Black. Stop. Requesting immediate assistance from Imperial units in area. Stop.

    "By the by..." Iskaness moves like a specter, simply dropping to a knee behind Jean and Alto, an armored hand to their nearest shoulders. "No need for all the anxiety Brother Librarian, your secret is safe with me. No need for anyone to know about our mutual channeling once we are all off world." With a side step the legionary begins to make his leave, strolling off deeper into the field of wrecked thralls.
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  4. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    A simple grumble was all that came from the Iron Angel once the Sorcerer would leave, his fist clenching briefly before speaking through the vox.
    "Are we actually going to be working with that? A millennia-long Crusade would not be enough to even cover a hint of the shame it would bring to our blood." He growled, instead now holding his boltgun and loading in a fresh magazine, racking the bolt before mag-locking it back onto his hip, looking to the others: he at least wished to see that the others had a plan other than follow the Traitor.
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  5. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Jean tends to Alto's ribs without another word, his heart rates remaining steady even as Iskaness drops by to play his head games. Had the sorcerer sensed their conspiracy after all? Impossible to tell...but not to account for. Plots within schemes within conspiracies...two could play at that game. And he was better-equipped than most to do so.


    "Have we a choice at this point, Brother?" remarks Jean in a laconic tone as he stalks by, bolter at field rest.

    As the tap code comes through their voxes, Jean decodes the message in his mind. Giving no indication of having noticed anything, he files the information away for reference and continues his silent march at the edge of the ragtag formation.
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  6. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "You lot have lots of choices actually." Servo-skull's anti-grav unit gives a melodic thrum as it dithers about the area without any notable focus. "You can start running now and abandon this place and try to extract. You can follow Iskaness and go meet up with the rest of our boys and start heading over. You can follow me and head to the facility now. You could ask me to put someone else on the line. You could just start shooting and go ahead and declare the three way battle here. Hmmm....Oh! You can always renounce your allegiance to the Imperium and join us, can always use a good mole or five. Hell, if you want to go the full mile and worship Chaos? Go for it. I hear Slaanesh lets you enjoy all those fun things that regular mortals indulge in that seem so banal and pointless to us. Yeah, you got plenty of options."
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  7. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "We must complete the mission and rescue the rest of the stranded Novamarines," Einar speaks up, bringing his weapons up as he starts with the marching after the heretic Sorcerer, "If we are to do this by playing their game for a bit, so be it. There are hardly any surprises left for us here and the lines are drawn. Now we just have to make the best out of a bad situation."
  8. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Standing up after recovering a bit from his previous wounds, Mathius brought his power sword to his hand and spoke to the others, "The time for debate is up. As brother Einar has already stated, we need to get things moving if we are to have but a small chance of hope of succeeding in this current mission. We have brothers stranded beneath us and protection war winning information deeper below us. We have our plan, now let us execute it." Though his voice showed little protest, his insides screamed for the blood of the traitors, especially after the mention of Baal. His reserve was tested and pushed to its limits being this close to him, but the life of brother Astartes and the overall mission success kept them at bay....for now.
  9. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Good option! You can meet the rest of the squad, I think some of you will really hit it off. Might even meet a few cousins." A comically evil chuckle punctuates the statement. "Oh just jesting, they might just look like some of yours..."

    "What a pleasant surprise. I had expected the lot of you to chase down our cranial conversationalist all the way to the Admech base. Saves all of us both time and blood though." Iskaness, having donned his helmet now, glances back at the squad as they close in behind him. Scrap Yard shifts towards scrap city, at least the remains of one. Hovels and shanties built up along the ground and in layers of scaffolding built from whatever items were at hand. Many of the larger buildings had knocked down walls and broken floors covered with tarps, spare planks of wood or metal plating. Signs of previous life were everywhere: dice abandoned in corners or besides flipped tables, long dead fire pits made in barrels or large metal bowls. The entire area formed a snapshot of the varied environs of an underhive. From where the band stood they could see the 'floor' of the hive strata was cracked beneath the scaffolding, multiple buildings listing towards each other and some of the hovels and structures suspended over a chasm that might as well of been a chute straight to the Warp.

    "Time is short and your cooperation will make follow-up ops significantly easier." Warmth and charisma bled out of the man like blood from a necked pig; in its stead was the presence of a trans-human super soldier like the rest of them. "My brothers will pass through this area, their destination is the arbites HQ on this level we are using as a cover base. My job is to strangle the Hive Mind's influence and keep the pursuers from finding out our exact location just by means of proximity. Your ideal job will be to prepare an ambush here and aid in dispatching the trackers, ensuring there are no survivors able to escape the snare and relay Intel by word or thought to the brood. Then we can all finally converge on the research site. Agreeable?"
  10. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "We can ambush these things easily enough," Space Wolf replies as they walked, absorbing the view of the hive city in all of its ruined splendor. There were many thoughts running through his mind now, a mangled mess of instincts and common sense that he forced aside by sheer strength of will. Better not to allow it to come to the surface least all of this ends up becoming a bloody-filled attempt at diplomacy.

    "But the better question is: how did they even manage to track us down here in the first place, so soon after we were gone from the surface? I already thought they were rather quick in organizing the defense and this...this reeks of foul play."
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