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Death Watch [non-pnp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Anger overtook Mathius after falling out of the portal. He could feel his body struggling to keep up with the wounds the xenos had inflicted. How could this mission have fallen apart so quickly? The mind break the hive mind had conducted on their pysker seemed to have done far more damage than initially thought. Regardless, breath could still be drawn so the mission had to be continued.

    However, it was at this moment Mathius looked up to see the traitor standing before them. Mathius could feel his soul burn just being this close to a son of the fallen. Listening to his words nearly burned his ears from had and Mathius spoke out his displeasure, "And you expect all this to be just taken as is? I know to whom you are a descendant of, traitor. Do not pretend that you and your brothers do not speak with forked-tongue any time you draw breath. For all we know, you seek something here that could be just as detrimental if left unchecked. Which brings the point up of why the hell exactly it is that you are here?"
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  2. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Here in this very moment? Or on Murine II to begin with? Don't answer that, I shall answer both Blood Angel." Iskaness' lukewarm expression briefly falters with the effort of restraining both a sigh and an eye roll. "Initially we visited this world years ago to seed the Cult of Unraveling Fate. Content to leave it at that, I would periodically check in to make sure no one was doing anything particularly idiotic. Things reached critical mass, as they always do on your empire's planets, and the rebellion began. Lo and behold the brood cult surfaced to defend the hive and make a power play of its own. We came here to curb that, and have failed, but not before finding out about the Adeptus Biologis forces present. Trust me, or do not, but I would have been content to ignore this world entirely after my previous check in were it not for these freaks of nature deciding to mettle in our war; you know, ourselves and yourselves? That war."

    "As for my specific presence in this spot at this time with that group of hive scum there? I attempted to contact your Librarian earlier, some time after you landed, but he repulsed me. We were ordered here so that our runner, your guide, had somewhere secure for this meeting. When I sensed a gate being opened I seized the opportunity and started niggling at my cousin's own gifted mind to accept my aid. Hence my thanks for his trust when the lot of you arrived." Iskaness sealed his left hand into a fist and raised it. "Again, even the weakest bond of brotherhood ought to prevail here."

    "That-" Servo-skull projects a voice smoother than grox butter through a field of static, "-or we can do this the hard way and demolish this place, perhaps when the cult or any of your friends arrive, and attempt operations on our own once more. You may kill my Psyker friend there, little doubt, and we will probably be cut to ribbons by the xenophiles, but such is the case when we all act like bastards to one another. So, lets get along, at least for now. If we must really tear at each others throats, we can do so off planet. Brother Alphegon sends his regards by-the-by."
  3. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The Iron Angel merely clenched his gauntlet a few moments through the conversation, but nothing more: while his pitch warplate was cracked and battered, it did not make him any less intimidating to normal mortals - though to an Astartes, he would seem less so whatwith the injuries.
    As he spoke, he did so in a calm voice: subtle hostility in his tones, but overall keeping his aggression entirely absent. "So... You had set a Heretical cult here, that was then overwhelmed by a xenos cult, forcing us to now work together, Loyalists and Traitors alike, against an outside force." He glanced over to his brethren for a moment, gauging their reactions.

    Speaking through the vox, he grumbled, "I hesitate to work with... This. But I do not see much choice: not even an hour into our insertion and we're heavily damaged."
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  4. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "Hmff, let us be open since this is what you desire, spread all of our cards on the table and see what the All-father has dealt to us," Einar speaks again, this time more composed than the last time. "If you were strong enough, you wouldn't need us for this assault. We had no idea of your presence here and if we knew it, we sure as hell wouldn't be talking to you meaning that you are desperate for our aid. Nothing unexpected given how worthless you all are but it still brings a smile to my face to hear you whimper and try to forge an alliance. This must be very hard for you but oh well, life of a Space Marine was never an easy one."

    "So, let's say we agree. You are well-aware none of us will ever believe you or allow any of you to guard our back during a firefight. We're perhaps undermanned and in a tough situation, but we aren't suicidal. So the way I see it, the only way this can work is if you point us at the right direction, you take the rear, we take the front and we meet in the middle. No joint operation, no teaming up, just simple vermin extermination via two separate teams with the truce lasting as long as the Magos is alive. Once he's dead, we get back to our regular selves and stop with the charade."

    "How does that sound to you, little snake?"
  5. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "That one is a Space Wolf isn't he, Iskaness?" Servo-skull lists towards the Sorcerer.

    "Yes, that is the barking you hear brother." Iskaness cants his head to the side, looking unimpressed with Einar.

    "There is bite to back up that bark I am sure, but no where near enough to make the lot of you seem anymore equipped to deal with things than we are. However, if it helps you trust us more, or at least we can be in easier reach to murder each other when things go sour, allow Iskaness to bring you to this lab and then we can all sit down and insult each other face to bolter. Yes?"
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  6. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Hanging back from the interaction, Jean remains silent, allowing his brothers to come to terms with the Alpha Legionnaires. Inscrutable behind his battle-scarred helm, he casts his senses back and forth, noting every observable feature of the location they are in, extrapolating what he cannot see, and what may lie ahead, based on inloaded schematics of the Hive, and prior experience in such locations. A plan begins to form in his mind - something perhaps a smidgen more to their advantage than simply marching to the Alpha Legion's tune - but which will require the utmost finesse and perhaps more than a little luck to pull off. He assiduously keeps his gaze from Alto - the lynchpin of his plan - while wondering how to communicate his intentions to the one battle-brother he needs to pull this off.

    Not for the first time is he satisfied he was born a little...different from the rest of humanity. Even moreso than one with the potential for Astartes ascension. Since his early childhood, nothing truly stirred him to depths of emotion like it did others around him. At most, he felt vague hints of emotion - a tickle of curiosity here, a spike of annoyance there, all too soon swallowed by what felt like a thick, dark blanket over his...soul? It was almost as though he had none. Oh, to be sure, in the technical sense, he certainly had a soul. He was no blank - the powers of the Warp affected him like they did most others. But from that first day he had carefully crept up upon a feeding bird, delicately wringing its neck before meticulously cutting it open to see what it looked like inside, he - and the rest of the tribe - had known he was different, forever set apart from the rest of humanity. The act had elicited no emotion in him whatsoever. His heart, his breath, had neither quickened nor slowed a whit from normal. It was as though that act of spontaneous and unethical scientific inquiry had been no less mundane to him than buttering a slice of bread for breakfast. Many, many years later, rigorous scientific and medical education and evaluations had confirmed what he had already suspected - he was fundamentally different from most of the rest of humanity, eminently suited to his chosen calling...with the caveat of rigorous ethical conditioning.

    The upshot of all this is, it is that much easier for him to discipline his body language and surface thoughts, hiding them from the Alpha Legion psyker as he formulates his plan. Taking advantage of a lull in the conversation, he steps forward, releasing Jobe's shoulder.

    "If we are all agreed, may I propose a brief pause to administer field medicae? We will all need to be at our very best to see the mission through."
  7. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Mathius had grown frustrated from the traitor's talk. However, instead of attacking, Mathius held back just enough to scuff and place his sword on his belt. "This will have to do to complete this mission. There is no more or less danger since we are hive deep in xeno cult. So, as brother Jean has stated, we need a moment to recover before pushing forward with this mission," Mathius said as he looked at all of his wounds. He could feel his body try to recover on it's own, but Mathius was far from full fight form. He could feel the blood still flowing slightly from the large gashes the xenos filth had left him with. "And on the same note brother, could I ask you to take a quick look at my jump pack. Damn xeno got a lucky shot on it," Mathius asked as he took a moment to sit and recover.
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  8. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Biter, go tell your cohort to patrol the area. If they encounter anyone or anything, kill it, or failing that, lead them far away from here." Iskaness stares daggers at Jobe who cowards back behind Jean and starts hoofing it towards the line of vehicles. "Go ahead, tend your wounds if it truly makes you feel more secure for the moment. It changes nothing of the situation in the long run."

    "Do we really have time for this?" Servo-skull quips as it levitates closer to the group, less than subtly spying on the party. "At least if you hurried over here we could have our Techmarine take a look at things. I'm sure the Blood Angel would love to have his wings back. Not exactly seeing anyone that fits the bill of a Martian among your number. Besides the Magos is starting to get a bit bug-eyed. Makes my trigger finger nervous."

    "Be nice, be patient. We will be along one way or another before too long brother." Iskaness sits himself down on a rusting heavy bolter stuck out from the pile of servitors. Weapon mount creaks and bends until it finds support on the implanted thrall's body. Sorcerer looks towards Einar. "I believe operating in separate groups under the terms of a ceasefire would be ideal and the most likely route of coordination for the lot of us yes. Though we will all need to converge at least to start for exchange of the prisoners, and presumable retrieval of whatever you are after."
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  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "No Alpha Legion's Techmarine will touch my armor, or armor of any of my brothers," Einar waved his hand away, whoever was behind that servo-skull was quite an optimist. Sorcerer on the other hand, seemed to take quite an interest in him which in truth, made no difference to the Space Wolf. He didn't even try to hide his surface thoughts and while there was no betrayal in them, there was no friendliness either.

    "Then we agree on something. By the way, I expect you to free those scouts before we launch our attack. The more of us the greater chances are we'll complete the mission. As for our reason why we are here, isn't hatred enough of a reason? Not all of us have secret agendas, maybe some are here just to do their duty and crack some alien skulls."
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  10. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Without another word, Jean goes about tending to the wounds of the Kill-Team, starting with the most severe. When he comes to Alto @Vulpas , he plugs his mechadendrites into the Librarian's armour for direct interface, monitoring his vitals and administering drugs. On the Librarian's optical feed, the following words begin to scroll.

    Give no indication you see this. Have suspicions about Alpha Legion intentions. Am intending to fake own demise to effect separation from team and act independently. Require psychic assistance to fool Alpha Legion psyker. Let no one else on the team know. Indicate your lower left rib fractures to me if you understand.

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