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Death Watch [non-pnp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Emporer DAMMIT!" Alto said cursing more and more as things began going more and more Fubar, It was time to go on the defensive and break out things best used as a last resort, He saw all of his brothers Vitals lowering more and more, Deciding to go on the defensive he would attempt to make a way out for all of them while he defensive for himself, Going on the defensive with his mind and body, Alto attempted to defend himself while he attempted to reach out into the warp and open a tunnel from one place to another to create a tunnel to take them from this place and to another.

    OOC one defensive one alto Mind and body, One spell attempt Gates of infinity, deeper into the hive if possible
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  2. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    "There's another level below us, we could try to reach it and lose them there. At least the vehicles won't be able to follow us," comes Einar's reply as his analysis came to a tangible solution. Following the traces of steam Einar looks for the closest possible entrance into the underground and if there wasn't one to fit all of them, he took out his krak grenade and primed it to open the hole in the ground and make the entrance on his own.

    But as he was about to do that, he saw that the Librarian was also attempting to pull off a spell of his own. Two possible exits at the same time were better than none so Einar still stuck with his plan so in case one of them fails, the other one hopefully won't.

    OOC 1 defense remains on Aldric, 1 attempt of making it off to the exit or creating one with a krak grenade. If we don't need it then another defense on Einar.
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  3. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    "Converge on our location." was all he said now - nudging Einar back a bit instead and shaking his head. His power fist crackled with energy and now raised itself up to the sky - a silver fist with lightning sparking at its fingers, crimson streaks along its paintwork, before it was brought down with a thundering crash to the newly found exit: with the power of tearing through armoured plating of vehicles, the Iron Angel sought to make them an easier path out without wasting their materiel!


    OOC: defense on self, one action dedicated to tearing this hole open - preferably keeping Einar from using his Krak
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  4. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Nearly knocked from his perch by the fortuitous shot, Jean's disciplined sniper's eye catches sight of the enemy sharpshooter before the hybrid manages to duck back behind the Leman Russ.

    Designate high-priority target for future engagements. This one is a tactical liability if left viable in-theatre.

    Casting about for exits, Jean finds, not one, but two strong leads - Alto opening up a Gate of Infinity, and Einar and Vlayden opening up a way to the level below by more conventional means. Signalling to Jobe to climb up onto his backpack, he makes swift passage through the pipes and overhangs to whichever exit is closer.

    Action Summary

    - Standard Action - move towards closest egress point
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  5. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Mathius felt his body struggling to keep up with the injuries he was compiling. Leaning up against a wall, he took a deep breath and gathered his mind in a few brief moments. Peeking out from behind the wall, Marhius could see the battlefield falling apart all around the squad. The mission had changed from objective oriented to survival oriented. Nearby he could see another armored unit approaching and across the field he could see Alto manifesting so sort of portal. Or at least trying to with Alto's luck.

    Mathius could no longer stand alone on this field and so the time came to make his move to rejoin the squad once more. Coming off the wall and out of cover, Mathius made a break for Alto's position. Using his bolter and power sword, Mathius would clear out a path for himself to make for the escape that Alto was hopefully creating.

    OoC: All out attack with power sword and bolter pistol to clear a path to the hopeful escape route.
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  6. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Alto's force claw shears open the veil between real and unreal, a shrieking gate containing a curtain of luminescent colors that obscures their destination manifesting where he deigns. Two Genestealers assaulting him dive in on accident, vanishing through the gate and to parts unknown. Forced to remain static so that his work might be maintained, Alto is at the mercy of their enemy as his comrades pile in.

    "Okay, okay, your magic guy? He is doin' us a solid, and my boss wanted me to pass on there he is very happy to be meeting the lot of you soon. There is a very strong desire to reach common ground so we can stomp these bugs. Even the fuckin' tinmen are actually excited apparently." Jobe hobbles along after Jean while they navigate the pipes. Come time for the Apothecary to vacate perch for low ground the man clings to his power pack and rides him down to the road.

    Leman Russ adjusts its cannon towards the psyker. Primus steps out from behind cover, dropping to a knee and using two hands to brace his rifle while the other is clasped firmly around a handhold on the tank's backside. Einar and Aldric bolt across open road, a grenade and swing of power fist spared by the Librarian's sorcerous skill. Genestealers lay stunned in their wake thanks to a combination of punches and shield slams. Primus looses another shot with unnerving accuracy. A burn mark manifests across Einar's brow, shot having very narrowly missed a killing blow. Xeno commander retreats into cover once more, Mathius able to spy him fleeing out from behind the other side of the tank, no doubt expecting some fashion of grenades to come flying his way.

    Blood Angel circles his power sword overhead before it descends in a killing stroke that scatters the crowd of Overseers, some in pieces and others simply stained by the blood of their slain mob-mates. Brood Brothers and Chimera alike open fire upon him, multi-laser, nine las-guns, and a grenade launcher turning his entire route into a mine field of laser fire and the odd explosive. Leman Russ brings its main gun to a halt, turret having trundled into place.

    Jean and Jobe break out first, tumbling through the passage and momentarily going blind. They splash down into a pool of alien blood; both Genestealers laying dead with their skulls staved in and necks parted from the ruined brain cases. Einar leaps out with Aldric and Mathius in tow, narrowly trampling Jobe into paste before Einar rebounds off of Jean's back. Alto brings up the rear before the tank can fire, emerging and thudding into the trio of close combatants' backs as they had run into Jean. Greeting them is a field of fallen Servitors, a single Servo-skull devoid of any markings of allegiance, and another of their kind.

    Sewage, toxic waste, rusting and oxidized metal, recycled air laced with traces of mold, burning fuel and of course the stink of ozone and Genestealer fluids rush into Einar's nostrils. Lighting is absent wherever they have ended up, Emperor granted dark sight and the headlights from a series of idling vehicles the only things exposing the figures and their environs. It would not be an ill guess to assume they are in the Scrap Yard that Jobe mentioned: a full hab-block sized area consisting of toppled combat servitors in various states of destruction and disrepair separated only by the trails between the mounds of decaying cyber slaves. Organic remains are few and far between.

    Behind the group sits a half-dozen civilian model vehicles that have received what looks to be the orkish garage treatment. The rough bunch of humans, all tattooed and ragged looking as Jobe, certainly would fit the bill for greenskins in another life.

    "Brother Librarian, you have my thanks for the trust in this matter, glad to be of service. Hopefully we can make it a mutually beneficial thing." The marine standing across from them stands tall, bared head lacking in old scars, any ugly marks appearing as fresh as only a month or two old. A strip of hair buzzed down close to the skull divides his scalp and a warm smile. Standing at his side is a staff with a head resembling a double-headed battle axe that drips with blood fresh from the Genestealers and laticed with the same amplifying wiring common to all force weaponry. Armor is largely devoid of ornamentation and the only sinister mark adorns his right pauldron: a three headed serpent painted in green against a dark blue background. "My name is Iskaness, and I am here to negotiate terms."
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  7. Brother_Draconion Draconion Well-Known Member

    Jean's practiced eye takes in the scene at glance the moment they come barrelling through the Gate. The dead Genesteaers, heads neatly bisected in a single stroke. The ragtag team of hardened alien hunters. The decidedly non-standard Space Marine psyker sporting the insignia of Alpha Legion.

    Very gently, Jean lowers Jobe to the ground in front of him, and places a ceramite gauntlet on the man's shoulder, squeezing ever so lightly.

    "Speak, Legionnaire. We listen," he says, his voice falling to the same neutral deadpan it takes on when performing delicate surgery, or hunting targets through a scope.

    Keep him talking. Elicit information. Buy time for the team.
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  8. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "So polite of you Raptor. To keep things concise: we do not like each other, but perhaps not so much as we hate these aliens. This entire world is beyond our reach to ever dream of retaking with the forces we have available, and judging by the Novamarines hesitance to come back down here without the lot of you, I would say they feel similarly to us. What we can accomplish is escaping this world with some very important information locked up in the heads and cogitators of the Biologis researchers underneath this Hive. Safe to assume you know of them yes? Cannot imagine anyone thinking a mismatched squad of even the most heroic of Angels of Death taking on an entire hive world of heretics and genestealers." Iskaness scans the whole lot of them. Jobe holds himself still as stone, with the PDF outfit he looks like a proper soldier now.

    "Most of our unit are currently holed up with the Magos in his facility. They have seen the wisdom in working together, and remain alive because of this. There are factions among my legion interested in making use of their studies to fight the swarm on battlefields that have not yet been decided. We have what we need already, but lack an effective means of escaping. The Magus and his puppets are of a level of strength I have yet to encounter, and trying to open a rift off this world is considerably riskier than I would like. Consider yourselves lucky your Librarian accepted my aid, already had to flex some to keep the Magus from tracking you." Legionnaire crosses free hand behind his back, turning to the side and pacing to the opposite side of the servo-skull, allowing them all to see his hand remained empty even after having gone out of sight for the brief second or so.

    "In summary: work together, kill xenos, escape xenos, and go our separate ways to kill even more xenos elsewhere."
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  9. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Einar exits the infinity gate with some swaying, obviously it was something he never grew familiar with. "I know that stench..." his nose picked up the scent almost the same second he was in this new surrounding, the yellowish eyes darting around before setting up on the psyker in front of them.

    Low growl escaped Space Wolf's throat as he listened to Jean's querry and following answer. Fingers tightening around the rune axe, the only thing that prevented Einar from pouncing forward was the fact his brothers were in somewhat bad condition due to his rash actions some time ago.

    Not about to repeat the same move twice like some young Skyclaw, Einar stepped forward and pointed his weapon towards the Alpha Legion marine. "Novamarines lost some scouts in this Hive. Know anything about it sorcerer?" he wanted to talk so lets talk, maybe there was something they could gain from this traitor before he inevitably betrays them.
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  10. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Much like the adepts they too are in our custody. Credit to the chapter, they made it quite a ways down on their own before we captured them; or saved depending on how you view the situation. They are a bit bloodied up, in part our fault, in part that of the brood." Iskaness gives a half-apologetic and half-indifferent shrug with empty hand raising with the gesture. "Of course they shall be released into your custody if an accord is reached."
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