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Death Watch [non-pnp]

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by DeranVendar, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate


    Inspired by Urian's own thread I picked up the Death Watch book and have decided to give GMing a go myself. This will be done in pretty much the exact same fashion as his with the Death Watch book acting mostly as inspiration and a rough guide line.

    My Rules are as Follows-
    1. Before ANYTHING message me in a conversation and send me any of your questions or your character sheet, I'll be approving folks through there and once given the green light you can throw your character sheet on here. This just helps keep the thread clear and full of post by the current active folks.

    2. After each mission surviving folks may or may not be switched out to facilitate others who get on the waiting list, if one comes to exist.

    3. Lore wise custom chapters and such are allowed as long as they aren't totally insane.

    4. Traits and flaws do not have to come strictly from the book and what not, just be reasonable with them. Once again this will all be handled in the conversation.

    5. The Character Sheet is as follows:

    Name: Self explanatory

    Chapter: Self explanatory

    Class: [Tactical, Chaplain, Devastator, Librarian, Assault, Dreadnought, Techmarine, Apothecary.]

    Traits: What special skills does your character bring to the team?

    Flaws: What may prove a hindrance to your character or team?

    Chapter Trait/Flaw: What effect does your Chapter have on your combat doctrine or character? Any specific bonus or weakness?

    Signature Equipment/Weapons/Armor: What will your character always have on them and always bring on a mission? Note things like specialist weapons, terminator armor or special items will be chosen after the briefing based on Allowances and Restrictions set by the mission perameters. This section deals in bespoke heirlooms like perhaps your character earned the Iron Halo and it would be worked into his armor granting him a protective power field or what not. Not the place to put down Bolter and two clips of kraken rounds.

    6. Mission Layout is as follows:
    Briefing- Set up the mission at hand.

    Arming- Picking your equipment. Elect leader

    Deployment- Insertion onto/into target area

    Mission- Longest stage and self explanatory

    Extraction- May or may not be available based on performance.

    Summary- How did it all go?

    7. Combat shall be handled in common sense fashion, no rolls involved aye.

    Well folks thems the rules~ Contact me if interested and I look to begin when we have a minimum of three for our first Kill Team.

    Mission One: Hulk of the Blade Heart-Completed
    Minimum Squad Size:
    Player One: Urian Velos as Sanatus. Revilers Assault Marine

    Player Two: Typhus-Herald of Nurgle as Mikhael Schaeffer. Imperial Fist Assault Marine.

    Player Three:Wandering Jester as legion. Exorcist Tactical Marine.

    Optional Slots:
    Player Four: Cousintp as Shokan Kaldar. Salamanders Librarian

    Player Five: Ser AlexTyrer as Rogan. Space Wolf Tactical Marine

    Mission Two: Inquisitor Guise
    Minimum Squad Size:
    Player One: Typhus Herald of Nurgle returning as Mikhael: Imperial Fist Assault Marine

    Player Two: WanderingJester returning as Legion. Exorcist Tactical Marine

    Player Three:Ser Alex Tyrer returning as Rogan. Space Wolf Tactical Marine

    Optional Slots:
    Player Four: Urian Velos returning as Savantus. Revilers Assault Marine

    Player Five: Cousintp returning as Shokan. Salamanders Librarian.

    Player Six

    Mission Three- Themos
    Minimum Squad Size-
    Player One: Urian Velos as Sanatus. Reviler Assault Marine.

    Player Two: CousinTp as Shokan. Salamander Librarian

    Player Three: Ser AlexTyrer as Rogan. Space Wolf Tactical Marine

    Player Four:Typhus-Herald of Nurgle as Mikhael. Imperial Fist Assault Marine
    Optional Slots-
    Player Five-
    Player Six-
    (Legion shall be an NPC in the Squad till Jester returns then he's back in player controlled whether the game is full or not~)
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  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: pm'ed you my char :)

    EDIT: my char got accepted, yay!


    Revilers [Raven Guard Successor]

    Assault (Ex-Seargent)

    #1 - Melee Proficient - increased skill in Melee combat (all weapons)

    #2 - Claws Supreme - FAR increased skill in Melee combat (energy claws only)

    #3 - Chaos Hunter & Knowledge- Most talented in hunting and killing of heretics, also knows quite a lot about the traitor legions. (know your enemy)

    #4 - 13th Black Crusade Veteran - participated in battles around the Cadian Gate with his squad. He was a Seargent, led his squad, never spoke after they returned of the events and then swore to participate in the Deathwatch and bring knowledge of how to hunt and kill the xenos to his chapter. Another comment he made to his superiors was 'I hunted the Heretics too long.'

    #1 - Raven Pack - Prefers to move alone. In groups only with Raven Guards or their descendants

    #2 - Hunt the Heretic - should be heretics faced during a mission he will hunt them down, at least until he has met a leader and disposed of him

    #3 - Plasma Weapon hate - If anyone should use Plasma weapons he will always keep telling them how the weapon will malfunction, himself he would never touch a plasma weapon

    #4 - Leader critique - He tends to criticize everything of leaders that is even slightly dangerous or wrong in his beliefs, though he never wants to lead anyone ever again.

    Chapter Trait/Flaw (if you use):
    Raven Guard Secrets - knows how to sneak even with a Servo Armor, becoming one with the shadows, without making a sound disappearing and reappearing. He is like any Reviler a master in Hit-and-Run / Guerrilla warfare.

    Signature Equipment/Weapons/Armor:
    - Pair of Master Crafted Energy Claws
    - MK6 Corvus Armor [from his prior Seargent when he passed away and took his position] (has special carvings, runes, etc.)
  3. Epidemius Tallyman Well-Known Member

    Mikhael Schaeffer

    Imperial Fists

    Assault Marine

    - Defensive Specialist - Excels with the use of his boarding shield and chainsword and will hold the line, no matter the cost.

    - Into the Breach - Specializing in siege warfare, Schaeffer is skilled in finding weak spots in the enemies lines/formations and exploiting them along with exceptional skill in boarding engagements and breaking though enemy fortifications.

    - *Field Surgeon Experience* - Having amputated Teegan's legs without ending the brother's life Mikhael now has a minor medical knowledge boost!

    - *Command* - Having essentially guided the Kill Teams decisions once all hell broke loose and effectively managing the defense of the Space Port has convinced Command to make Mikhael the defacto squad Sergeant unless otherwise decided by the team.

    - Task at Hand - Improvisation is not Schaeffers strong point, siege warfare is methodical and this can lead to problems when the tempo of battle changes.

    - Ranged Deficiency - Foregoing ranged weapons and equipment for melee and explosive charges leaves Schaeffer in tricky situations more often then not.

    Chapter Trait/Flaw:
    - Men of Stone - Imperial Fist are a particularly stubborn lot and are harder to shift from a fight by friend and foe alike. Granting a resistance to damage and a degree of tactical inflexibility.

    Signature Equipment/Weapons/Armor:
    - Boarding Shield - Schaeffer has a specialized storm shield, in essence a tower shield that covers the full length of his body.
    - MK VIII Errant Power Armor - Added protection for boarding engagements.
    - *Upgraded Equipment* - Shield - Mikhael's shield has been repaired and incorporates a new reflective coating that helps dissipate the power of non-physical rounds against the boarding shield.

    * Indicate mission rewards.
  4. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Character Name: Legion

    Player Name: Wandering Jester

    Sub-Faction: Exorcists

    Class: Tactical

    Traits: Jack of All Trades: Legion is above average with both range and melee weapon but will never be as good as a specialist in either group. (Also counts as flaw if you'll let it).

    Black Crusade Defender: Having defended against multiple black crusades, Legion is especially qualified to fight and kill anything and everything chaos related.

    Servant of the Ordo Malleus: Having to serve under a particularly effective and ruthless Inquisitor from the Ordo Malleus before. Legion understands the Inquisiton quite well and even have a few contacts of his own in the various Ordos, when the Inquisitor and his retinue completed the mission they were tasked with, Legion transferred to the Deathwatch.


    Lone wolf: Not the most talkative of the astartes, Legion cares little for the proper social skills to impress others (player characters/NPCs), preferring to let his actions do the talking.

    Non-binding: Doesn't really care about the codex or any particular sets of rules and regulations. As long as the mission's completed, Legion's happy. Will cause friction to codex-adherent factions or other "puritian" factions.

    Chapter Trait / Flaw (optional ; need to be confirmed by GM):

    Exorcists: Grey Knights descendent: Possibly the only successor to the Grey Knights Chapter, the Exorcists are privileged to be able to understand their predecessor's existence. Their unique training (letting a daemon possess a recruit and having the recruit resist/even cast out the daemon himself) have allowed all members to be extremely resistant to the temptations and attacks of Chaos.

    Special Equipment (optional):
    Purity seals (Chapter bestowed)
    Liber Exorcismus (Chapter bestowed)Mark VIII Errant Armor - "Contempt" - Same explanation as the power sword and bolter
    Power Sword and Unknown Pattern Bolter with fire selector- "Hatred" and "Disdain"- The armor set Legion wore against his first daemon incursion. He had been personally tempted by a Salennish's Daemonette, in which turn Legion, following the tenants of the Liber Exorcismus, banished the daemon back into the warp with no hesitation. A moment of pride for the astartes, and the beginning of a record of unwavering faith.
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  5. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    OOC: First off thanks for the interest you three! I'll be kicking things off with the briefing following this message. Just a quick note for all readers that there are at this time still two spots left. if you join after the briefing I'll find a way to write ya in so you aren't missing any pertinent information, just might miss out on the in between phase RP.
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  6. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Stage One: Briefing
    Aboard Death Watch vessel 'Talon of Annihilation' 22:30-
    Watch Captain Daiamedes tapped an activation rune on the holo deck between him and the assembled Astartes.
    "Brothers, this is the Blade Heart." A solid projection of a ship appeared before them; it was a massive vessel that resembled an animal in a way with four box like protrusions extending from each corner of the relatively squat vessel. The skull and cog symbol of the Mechanicus lay over the top and a stream of data ran along through the air over the projection. "It is one of the Mars Forge Ships, it was lost to the warp several years ago after having to make a particularly daring jump in the presence of a Tau war fleet. This is what has become of it." Tapping several more runes the image was altered, the blocky forge ship now lost amongst a jumble of other ships.

    Their styles varied heavily and the smooth lines of a small Tau vessel was highlighted, it had crashed into one of the square sectors in the ships south western corner. "Currently a Mechanicus Reclaimer fleet in heading to retrieve their vessel, such is the import of any forge ship. However you will be tagging along in order to retrieve some precious cargo aboard for study. Before being lost to the tides of the warp the Adepts aboard had come into the possession of several intact Tau battle suits as well as two of their grav-tanks. Needless to say such an opportunity is rare. " He looked over each marine present and clicked his tongue. "We have arranged for you to board alongside the Reclaimer force however both sides are entirely aware that you will be acting as a separate entity for the designated task. You'll be given teleporter beacons to help us lock onto the alien machine spirits so that we may bring them aboard for delivery to a proper lab station for study. We do not know what may lurk on the ship at this time. I do not favor making assumptions so I'll leave it up to all of you to guess as to what could be lurking aboard. The Mechanicus fleet will arrive within the next three hours, we will call you to the Armory before they come in range. Barring any questions, you are dismissed. "

    Daiamedes stood before them awaiting any request for his attention, letting them take in the sight of the ship.
  7. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Sanatus looked at his comrades and then back to the projection. "Priority of survival of the Mechanicus units? If we are to go in there, all I will try my best for is to retrieve that Xeno-Tech, I will not care if the Mechanicus loses all they send. Tech retrieved, mission successful... Correct?"

    The Reviler wanted to make sure that the mission parameters are correct of how he understood it... And would act accordingly.
  8. Epidemius Tallyman Well-Known Member

    Schaeffer reviewing the projection and trying to determine the state of the ship. "Are there any signs on the hull that it has been breached ? Anything to indicate Orks have crudely forced their way in ? Any signs that Tyranids have made themselves at home ?"

    Trying to gauge the integrity of the ship and preparation for any possible incursion that might be aboard.
  9. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Facing Sanatus first he spoke. "Considering it's the Tech Heads own class of ship I would be cautious about allowing them to die. They may prove useful in helping you navigate the ship, no doubt many paths are sealed or have been cut off. They aren't Priority but it would be an unfortunate loss to the sector to lose them, take that as you will."

    Now he addressed the Imperial Fist. "The projection here is from a long range scan that simply cataloged it's shape and the various vessels it has melded with. We currently lack the details of the full range scan as our go between transmitter was out of reach for the in depth study. The Mechanicus may have further details but I cannot guarantee it."

    Finally he faced the Exorcist wondering if he had anything to say.
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  10. KnightReborned WanderingJester Well-Known Member

    Legion simply watched the ship's schematics, trying to get a sense of where everything is on a map he's constructing in his head. He looks at the Watch Captain, "Is survival of the ship a priority?"
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