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Death of Ollanius Pius -30K Short Story

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  1. As with all good things GW kind of ruined Ollanius Pius by making him a perpetual, I think it takes away from the deed he did. So I wanted to write a story where his sacrifice was still meaningful. Hope you enjoy.

    Death of Ollanius Pius

    He made his way through the battle barge. The earth shattering fighting sounds he heard earlier stopped. And he understood why.

    There was an angel lying on the floor, lying in a pool of its own blood, dead and the sight broke his heart. But what was beyond was even more terrifying sight than the dead angel.

    A monster was standing above the Emperor, triumph. He saw the life seeping out of the Emperor, and he charged in. Not stopping, raised his las-gun and shoot the monster in the head. The wound barely even scratched the monsters skin. The monster turned his head and smiled at him and watched Oll.

    Oll stand between the Emperor and the monster that was Horus, the favorite son of the Emperor. He saw nothing of the noble being that once was, only a being of hatred, fury, destruction and corruption.

    “You made all the way through my Battle Barge to protect the False Emperor, yet you are late, the Emperor has fallen. Now kneel before your new emperor”

    Every part of his being wanted to kneel down and beg for the forgiveness of the being before him, for he feared. Oll was a perpetual, he had died countless times and came back from the dead each time. Yet he knew, if he did not kneel he would not come back this time. What faced him was death, true death that normal mortals faced. It terrified him, after living thousands of years not existing, how did mortals willingly went to war knowing they would die.

    Kneel said every part of his being to him, every part except one. That part of him instead made him stand and look Horus in the eye. That part of him told Horus why he would not kneel, why he would die standing.

    “My name is Ollanius Pius, and I will not kneel. Because I AM AN IMPERIAL GUARD.

    Where I fall ten more shall take my place! And one-hundred each of them! So strike me down! I am the harbinger”

    Horus became the embodiment of an vengeful god, He felled a God yet a mortal was defying him his rightful honour. He sent a beam of energy of corruption and darkness. Oll died countless times before, but this was more painful than all of them combined, a pain beyond words. He felt foul beings ripping every shred of his being. He could only feel the chaos, the darkness. But for a single moment he felt something else, he felt a power pure, a power of hope.

    Then nothing
  2. iBAD9eR Recruit

    surely his sacrifice was more meaningful as he is a perpetual ? i think gw did a bang up job , how would a normal guardsman even make it onto the vengeful spirit ?

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