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Death And The Maiden World Fan Art Competition

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    I'z wish i cud fingers too fat HEHAAA!!!
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  2. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Dreng Tromm.

    If I were a Dwarf I'd have certainly sworn the slayers oath today and be well on my way to clawing some semblance of honor back on the battlefield bringing as many beasts of the warp down with me as I fall to my inevitable doom.

    But seeing as in our world that is not considered a socially acceptable means of resolving such fathomless woe and to get some closure and hopefully move on to more creative endevours, congratulations to the victorious three above. Such amazing creative minds. I bow to your superiority.

    Your priceless recognition found is well deserved and have earnt it and I am humbled and shamed to even present my clumsy scrawling’s before your mighty works of genius.

    Absolutely devastated that I wasn't good enough as am sure a lot of other of our fellow creative minds who submitted but fell short. To we the defeated, hold strong. Hope never truly dies.

    But to those interested, please find below my heart, mind and soul in digital form, though somewhat battered and bruised all I ever wanted was for people to see it. I title it "A Eulogy for Hope" in place of its former name it will never be known as again.

    As all I wanted was recognition but really whats to recognize. Not even sure if what I've done is any good or even if I should ever pick up a pencil ever again.

    Took me every spare waking hour to finish this on time (sometimes even in my sleep)

    Hope I can gather the strength to draw again or even show my face on the battlefield.

    Thanks, hope you like it.



  3. Primarch TheBlackPrimarch Fan Art - 1st Place

    @Thraxus This is a great piece of art brother. Nothing to be ashamed of! I really like your interpretation and the stylistic way you made this.

    Art is always motivating and frustrating at the same time. Please don't give up Art brother. Show it to everyone, be open for constructive critique and always have the will to improve and the strength to change things even if you spent alot of time on it. The first concept I made for this contest took me about 10 hours and then I threw it in my digital bin. The concept I made after this was the first step to my final piece you can see now.

    I'm not the best artist but I like to support creative minds as much as I can. If you have questions ask me then and I think @Kilgar and @tcezar are open for questions too.

    A friend told me once: "Hard work beats talent if talent doesn't work hard"
    This phrase is one of my favourites and keeps me drawing while seeing other great artists with their superior work :)
  4. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Always dem fingerz... no worries, I'll keep the WAAAGH going for the boys in this field ^^

    @Thraxus --- Nice piece of work =) It has quite a unique touch and style I must add ^^ Looks interesting. Although your style is a lot different what I use. One thing though: you have talent and skills. There is never a case when an artist should not pick up the pen and draw if they can do so =)
    Once I was told by an art teacher in secondary school that I have no talent, I should not draw ever again. If I were to heed his advice you would not see my work here. So I think its just proper for me to say, do not ever put down the pen ^^ The drawing is nicely done, clean and has interesting color choice :) So its definitely worth a look.

    Depends on what path you want to take with your artwork, but you should pursue it. Your style is quite different from mine, so I wont be able to give in-depth critique for your work, however, I'd suggest looking up on Deviantart, where you will find like-minded people for sure who can help you improve your style even further =) Improving is a never stopping process for us artists ^^

    All I can do is to share what I know, that might or might not be useful :) I've shared a few posts in my own thread where I describe and show the basics of how I work, you might want to look at it ^^

    @Primarch --- Thats a totally true quote ^^ One thing I'd add to it, is to always compare the work you do only to yourself. Comparing it to super-artworks is nice, as long as you dont get depressed about where are you at. Everybody evolves in their own pace. It took me roughly 10-15 years to get to where I'm now. Was it efficient? No. Did it worth it? Hell yes :D I'd do it all over again, even if I'd get the chance to redo my life :p
    Although, one thing I would change is to learn from somebody, its hell slow by my own to figure out stuff xD
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  5. Primarch TheBlackPrimarch Fan Art - 1st Place

    @Kilgar You are absolutely right!
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  6. tcezar tcezar Fan Art - 3rd Place

    WOW what an amazing surprise! thank you the dev team for this award!
    Is such a great honor to be one of the winners for the this art contest
    Also congratulations Primarch and Kilgar, absolutely badass pieces!

    Hey Thraxus don't give up, for me art it's a constant curve of learning, you don't get better one instantly
    this is your first contest? I remember my first one in deviantArt, such a massacre (and still thinking my work was better than the finalists) , so one of the best tips I can give you (worked for me)
    Don't let your ego take over you, slanaeesh works in tricky ways, drawing for recognition will block your learning skills and will turn you in a frustrated artist, be humble and know there is always someone better than you.
  7. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    @Thraxus, I LOVED your piece! And so did the judges. It kind of reminded me of a Curse of Monkey Island style, it was super cool.

    With that being said I (and the team) certainly appreciate all the work involved with everyone's entries. You are a very talented group and we would love to give prizes to everyone, but then it wouldn't be a competition :)

    I hope you guys will share your work in the fan art section or continue posting here!
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  8. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Katie, is there a way we could see the entries ? :3
    Would be nice to see them in once place ^^ I think most of the artists who participated would agree :)
    Its always nice to see eachothers work, it usually sparkles ideas and inspiration :)
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  9. Katie Fleming KatieFleming Former Community Manager

    The easiest way would be to have everyone post them in one thread somewhere. I'd love to add them all to the website but unfortunately everything has to go through an approval process before I can do that and I wouldn't be able to post them all.

    Would you like me to start a thread in the Fan Art section?
  10. Phaeron Zcee Nook ZceeNook Well-Known Member

    I support that idea.

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