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Dear LSM.

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Njord-Halfhand, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. After grinding out 6 hours of game play to achieve 3 wins on my 3rd LSM toon yesterday, I came to several conclusions. Or should I say, I have several suggestions. Please try to pass these on at the beginning and during every match.

    Tough love incoming so get your big boy pants on gents. Enlighten the newbies and pugs. Of course this doesn't apply to guilds or premades.

    1. Redeploy. As much as I hate suicide rewarding us with fast travel, it's the system we are forced to work with. Exploit the hell out of this feature. Dont run from Medusa A to Medusa C when C becomes contested and you're defending. It takes 60 seconds to run that distance, or 5-15 seconds to redeploy.REDEPLOY! USE RHINOS!

    2. Kill enemy transports and tanks ASAFP. Dont assume someone else will do it because if it's an LSM pug they will not. Take the time to redeploy and grab a melta/meltagun and take down that enemy transport and/or tank. Reload on meltabombs at the back of your rhino, check the map for enemy vehicles and repeat the process. If you spawn off a rhino with anti infantry gear, and see an enemy rhino nearby, instantly redeploy with anti tank gear and take out that enemy transport. Dont assume someone else will, BECAUSE THEY WONT.

    3. Use your vehicles. Announce on voice comms over over chat "We have 3 rhinos and 4 predators not being used guys! Use them!!" I can't count the number of matches when I'm the only guy driving the only spawned rhino for LSM as I hunt enemy transports. I'll see 4 predators and 3 rhinos sitting idle in DZ list the entire match. I know at that point it's probably going to be a loss.

    4. Use the map. When you look at the map and see 15 green/blue dots at objective C and we're defending, with no dots on A and B, maybe DONT SPAWN AT C. Use the map and cover the objectives that have no friendlies guarding them.

    5. Use the map. When you look at the map(non fortress map) and see 20 red dots defending an objective chances are the other 2 objectives are totally empty.

    6. Use your vehicles. Don't run from the DZ to defend or attack objectives nearby when there are 3 rhinos sitting in the spawn list not being used. Instead of redeploying to defend a contested objective, use the squad rhino that's parked 30 feet away from the contested CP. Oh there's no rhino there? Then spawn one and drive it to the contested CP. Make sure you have Anti vehicle loadout when you spawn because you know there's a transport there and you know nobody else on your entire team will take the time to destroy said vehicle.

    7. We can indeed win a non fortress type match(Olipsis, Pegasus, Torias, Medusa) by capping and holding 2/3 objectives if we cap those 2 early on.

    8. You cannot win by holding a single objective the entire match(Olipsis, Medusa, Pegasus, Torias). Get off your asses, grab a rhino, and go cap something. Preferably go to the objective where you dont see any red dots, that hasn't just been lost. That's AFTER you've destroyed all enemy transports near your lone friendly held objective.

    9. Dont feel the need to "get some payback" when we're defending and attackers take the first objective. If they take C... DONT GO RUNNING TO C!!.... thus leaving A and B totally undefended. Take a deep breath, look at the map, and redeploy to a rhino with meltagun and meltabomb in hand then go kill some enemy transports near A or B because they are there already or will be there imminent.

    10. While attacking it's just important to run anti vehicle as when defending. On most maps defenders only have 2 rhinos. If you take them both out early on the defenders are fucked as far as their AV capabilities for the next 5 minutes. Or.... ignore defender vehicles and AV crews and find all of your team's vehicles have been destroyed 3 minutes into the match and you're being spawn camped in the DZ because you failed to capture a single objective and your faction has no vehicles to spawn.

    Use the tools available and game mechanics to their fullest potential.
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  2. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Ok, now me:

    -Always defend an objective. It doesnt matter if it is not being attacked or you could hold it with half the current force, just stay at the point you originally spawned at and let your team handle the other ones. The two kills you get when an enemy occasionally stops by are very much worth it.
    The best thing you can do is choose one objective you defend and never leave it, if everyone does this, all points are taken care of.

    -Never listen to people who are using the text-chat. They just want attention and usually they also want to screw you out of your kills. Just ignore them entirely and do your own thing. If they are really persistent, throw some insults their way and see, if they shut up.
    It is also generally a good idea to call your team names on chat if they teamkilled you or lost a point, otherwise, they arent learning anything.

    -Dont bother defending your Rhinos. They may get attacked every few minutes, staying back to wait for enemy AV is a waste of time and your gun is needed at the point.
    Even if you already lost 10 Rhinos to enemy AV, dont bother, someone else will take care of it.

    -On Fortress maps, make sure to bring down both gates early. It gives you a way inside, and it removes the wall-spawns, so you dont have to keep clearing them up and can focus on A.
    Once on B, best is to use Stalker Bolters, Plasma Cannons or Heavy Bolters, set up outside the main doors and snipe the defenders to break their resistance. Dont just go inside, you get more kills with sniping.

    -The best way to deal with enemy combat-tanks is to ignore them. There arent that many and they dont do a whole lot of damage.
    The game is won on the points, not against some tank on an open field.

    -For Fortress or Hold the Line, it is important to reinforce the earlier points with tickets from the back.
    You have to hold them as long as possible.

    -Try not to stay too close to your teammates. They will steal your kills, shoot you in the back and you will be a vieable target for AoE. Best you can do is searching for a separate path and fighting your own battles.

    -Only play Tactical Marine. No other class can measure up to the mighty Bolter. The Tactical marine can replace any specialist at any given time. The only somewhat acceptable alternative is playing Devastator with Heavy Bolter, setting up at a wall and playing point-and-click for 10 minutes.

    -Never try to cap or uncap an objective if there are still enemies around. First clear the point, then initiate a cap, everything else is too dangerous. After you have capped, immediatly move out, so you can intercept them early, best start a counter-assault.

    If you are following this advice to the point, and still loose, the only acceptable explanation is that the other faction is overpowered and cheesy and m...mmm.Muh...MUH Bolter!
  3. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Ok now me :

    People that are bad in game dont go on the forums, and if they do there's already tons of guide/tutorials on the subject
  4. Ryan Gosling RyanG Steam Early Access

    are you really getting this bent over a casual game?
  5. S1a5h EpicHiLuss Steam Early Access

    OK Now me:

    No Comment
  6. Fangz Fangz Confessor

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  7. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior


    This is one of the smallest yet most hostile communities I've ever encountered.

    And I've interacted with LoL's community.
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  9. Yesterday i tried to eat shit play LSm a bit to grind up some exp and req. I had decent team that listened suggestions like "A is empty please help me" - then 6 ppl redeployed, some did antitank willingly. And we won agaist GOOD csm pug.
    And another on Zeddek against orks in defence. trolled greenskinned as hell with cheeziest position of the cheeze. Sure noone will like if somebody will shoot you in the back when you run to the b point. And those who tried to come and punish me were welcomed by grenade and bolter.

    But later for 5 games. Meh i couldnt play more because of rage. I thought i was surrounded by bots with no brains or even aim-LMB-click-click basic combo. I saw two guilded guys were completely tilted and had no interst to the game. Cant blame them.

    Unfortunately only one thing LSM should do to go through hard times is GitFuckingGud
  10. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    Honestly it all comes down to communication and playing as a team... LSM can win. They just need to be herded by someone.
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