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Dear Devs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nari, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Valentine Iyan Firebrand

    And outside of campaigns have a tiny bit given? =o
  2. Arleniel Arphenior Steam Early Access

    There are different rival ideas about how often campaigns should be held. At the present time, campaign is an event, during which different rewards can be received for playing battles. Some members insist on creating permanent campaign. In this case, campaigns in a habitual insight of this word (Limited by time events) will virtually disappear, and the result will be creating of system of regular rewards for players, who play Eternal Crusade at regular intervals. In this case there is no existance "Outside of campaigns", so campaign credits will be periodically paid to players, who have enough victories over a period of time. Another opinion imply discontinuous campaigns, basing on an opinion, that players can get tired of endless events. In this instance it would be better, in my opinion, to pay campaign credits only during events, what will make this occasions more appreciated by game community, while players will be able to take a rest between events, entering every new campaign with renewed energy.
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  3. And then there's the idea that rtc should not be given for campaigns, and instead skins, or currency to buy only campaign skins. (I wonder how fast single skin for each race could be made and if it would be feasible to have one for every campaign)

    please let bean chef hat be a cosmetic reward from the campaign and I will let bE own my wallet
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  5. Nari Nari Deacon

    any news on this suggestion ?
  6. Reanimation protocols activated!

    @Asheru I summon you to close this thread!
  7. This one isnt too old Ill let it slide.
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  8. On the subject of 'Dear Devs' Please can you; Remove Smart Pistols + Rollex + Shooting between swings to bypass having to engage in melee Thank you! :D

    Also, 2 and a half years of BolterGeddon is a bit much don't you think?
  9. Hey I've got a good temporarily solution for now: make abusing Rollex bannable? That's a good way to 'remove' it until it can be properly removed, right?
  10. Bromoflexual Recruit

    I stick around for the one Ork game I get every week. Where are the boyz?

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