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Dear Devs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nari, Jun 2, 2018.

  2. Arleniel Arphenior Steam Early Access

    Campaigns allow us to rapidly increase activity, but the main reason why players are liven up during them is their rareness. The less campaigns are waged the more interest to them players have. Permanent campaign will cause loss of susceptibility of players to this event.
  3. Nari Nari Deacon

    I'm sorry that's very unclever what you say. They finally implement something that makes people play the game.
    People will play the campaign to gain certain items/skins/bonus/credit/karma...etc.
    If you develop a "function" that makes people play the game, there is simply no reason to turn it off,
    unless your plan is to make people NOT to play the game.
  4. Nari Nari Deacon

    According to Steamchart, they doubled the amount of players even in the dead hours from 100 to 200 players.
    Thats quite a success story if you consider thats exactly 100% more people to stay.
  5. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    it's new so people test new weapons( and we have new players lv1 -4)

    i just wish they add melee weapons, then i don't care if it's a master or normal
  6. Arleniel Arphenior Steam Early Access

    Activity may flourish for the first month, but after that players with incalculable quantity of skins will lose interest to them. There are no reasons for the haste, if campaign is always aviliable. Regulary payments of credits for eternal campaign is also detrimental for the developers.
  7. Then don't always give out rtc, maybe just skins will do sometimes.
  8. Nari Nari Deacon

    Well, campaign is over players just stopped playing. :(
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  9. Arleniel Arphenior Steam Early Access

    Then it would be better to implement special campaign currency, which will be an universal reward for different campaigns. Players will be able to purchase various available skins for this currency. And after an event becomes past, wargear from it still can be bought (For more expensive price, than during campaign).
    The first advantage of this idea is that the more skin is unique/sightly the more it will cost, so even old players will have more motivation to play campaigns. There are expensive skins for many hundreds of requisition used just because they are more difficult to get than the default ones. Adding shells, which require even more efforts is a good incentive, while separate currency will inspire requisition millionaires to play.
    The second advantage is that fact, that players will be able to puchase skins which they like, so even if a campaign brings unattractive by someone's opinion skins, it will be played a for others.
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  10. Nari Nari Deacon

    sounds like a plan for me
  11. Like it

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