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Dawn of War 3 - Confirmed!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by RustyRake, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    My personal main problem is the fact that most units are damn expensive compred to their survivability. You build an army over 10 minutes, it fights 20 seconds and then has to retreat and be refilled, taking another 5 minutes for the resources. This is rather boring.
  2. Krakza Krakza Well-Known Member

    Now we're into guesswork territory. Maybe post-THQ Relic is a much smaller team. Maybe the systems they implemented for multiplayer (elites, doctrines, and lots of active abilities) took a lot of dev time. Maybe SEGA pushed it out before it was ready. How should I know?

    DoW2 only had one mode really - and I don't know about any of you, but I loved DoW2. A single good competitive game mode kept me going for >1k hours.

    (I know: "but Krakza there was 2-" No, Annihilate was just Victory Point control with Victory Points removed - and wow, what a stale experience it was compared to VPC.)

    I see Dawn of War 3 as a great base to expand upon with all this content though. Because you're right - with the hero set up they have, Last Stand is obvious, a hero-based Campaign can't be out of the question.

    What remains right now is if the ludicrous fan backlash will kill the game before that happens.

    God I hate doing people's googling for them. If you want to assert that there were more in DoW2 how about you link me something?

    Dawn of War 2
    1. Scouts
    2. Tactical Marines
    3. Devastators
    4. Assault Marines
    5. Razorback
    6. Dreadnought
    7. Terminators
    8. Predator
    9. Force Commander
    10. Apothecary
    11. Techmarine
    I'd include Assault Terminators and VenDread but apparently we're very against 2 units that are the same thing.
    Bold are an addition to the regular units a race can build.

    Dawn of War 3

    1. Scouts
    2. Tactical Marines
    3. Assault Marines
    4. Devastators
    5. Land Speeder
    6. Dreadnought
    7. Predator
    8. Whirlwind
    9. Gabriel Angelos
    10. Chaplain Diomedes
    11. Librarian Orion
    12. Terminators
    13. Imperial Knight
    I even excluded the Servitor just for kicks, and this is from the race with the highest amount of duplicates. Other races only really duplicate their Knight-equivalent walker. Unless you really want to say Jain Zar is basically the same as a Banshee squad.

    You don't need to take that long to be back in the fight. Unless you're playing some really sluggish 3v3s with people who have no clue then I'm not entirely sure where you're getting this from. Also there are health upgrades you may be interested in.
  3. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    Ever heard of "exaggerating for effect"? It wilfully uses too long times to emphasise the point that the times, even though not as long as pointed out, are subjectively far too long.
  4. Krakza Krakza Well-Known Member

    Yes. Everyone and their mother does it which basically means I have no idea what on earth anybody is talking about or actually getting at.
  5. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Except all DoW2 units have upgrades and abiltiies which can change their roles in a fight, while DoW3 doesn't have ANY upgrades OR abilities for their regular guys, and those variations are put in as whole different units. By using that logic - DoW2 has a bigger or if that's not the word you want to use - better roster.
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  6. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    Tacticals in 3 can pick a Flamer or Plasma Guns...but yeah, they are the only ones as far as I know.
    And the game is completely devoid of any kind of squadleaders.
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  7. Krakza Krakza Well-Known Member

    The difference between buying a unit and upgrading it, and buying a different unit, is negligible. It has some impact on the multiplayer meta, but I get the feeling that's not what you're arguing.

    Dawn of War 2 is also a game completely focused on 'zooming in' on the squads you're using. Of course it features more 'intricate' tweaks and such that you can perform on each unit. Dawn of War 3 is very much a 'bigger picture' game. Of course it features less of those in order to ease micro and macro.

    Why does that make DoW3 bad?
  8. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    No that's not the reason units in DoW 3 aren't as developed. The reason is that they don't care about regular units and want Hero stomp fests, aka what mobas are like which is kind of why everyone says the game is like a moba - the hero focus and the gamemode.

    That ALONE doesn't really make it bad on it's own, it certanly wouldn't be bad if the rest of the game had effort put into it, but that's not the case
  9. Krakza Krakza Well-Known Member

    Exaggeration. Maybe if you saved up all the way to a Knight-equivalent. Otherwise, yeah elites are a few notches above the rest (obviously) but it's hardly a stomp fest.

    Various elites overperforming has already been patched

    Line units are very important.
  10. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    Their goal WAS hero focus, the "patch" was a change in their doctorine, either way Alright.

    But, finally, most 40k units shouldn't be called line units or act like some.

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