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Dawn of War 3 - Confirmed!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by RustyRake, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Gave the beta a try.

    Honestly, I do actually kind of like the game despite originally being among the masses of "To MOBA like".

    Wish the beta would give you a basic faction tutorial, you do 3 tutorials explaining game mechanics and then afterwards, have to go straight to multiplayer, had no idea how to work Orks in my first game besides the few videos on youtube id seen, they seem to be more melee focused with Sluggas and Nobz, loading them into a trukk and then catapulting them into the enemys back row ranged units seems to be one of their key tactics.
    Gorgutz is a bad idea against Gabrial btw, you try to start Gorgutz' Spinnin Klaw, Gabrial shuts it down with either of his 2 abilities (Then again, his character description does list him as a "disrupter" so go figure)

    Ohh speaking of them 2, this brings me to my biggest gripe with the game, as ridiculous as it sounds, I hate that the Elite Heroes in Multiplayer are not generic heroes, but the same story characters.
    It honestly just breaks immersion for me when you see all these different LSM chapters all being led by the Blood Ravens chapter master. Why not just give him matching colours and symbol as the chapter your playing and name him "Force Commander", same deal with Jonah, Gorgutz, and Macha (probably others ive missed aswell, but atleast their colour schemes match your army painter)

    Think Ill defiantly buy the game but will want to play story mode first so I can understand how all the factions work, then go multiplayer, hope the game gets more Elites and Factions.
  3. Good question. This was a decision by the same people that brought us Skinny Marines and Flying Terminators, so that tells you something I guess.
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    Don't get why people are so opposed to DoW3, maybe it because people are afraid of change (poor Tzeentch). I quite enjoyed the beta. Especially loved how the corpses and carnage persisted on a large scale. To see the dozens of dead marines filled me with joy. I think the only gripe that I had was the lack of Stormboyz for orks, only partially filled by the trukk catapult.
  5. for me the title DoW it self has a standard, i want DoW games to be:-
    1. complex (more tactics and variable effecting the outcome of a battle )
    2. realistic(yes i know what i said there)
    3. to be accurate to the lore
    in DoW3 how ever i see none of thos, it's more closer to SC as a standard then DoW
  6. That's the thing, it's not a Dow game, it just bears the name so they have an already existing fanbase etc. and it doesn't even feel like a relic game..

    I guess I'll wait once all dlc are out and get the package at the cheapest cost
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    A lot of the dislike I've seen this game get is either acceptable to outright retarded.

    "To MOBA like..." Are you actually F**King kidding me? You put a control point, a turret and a core in a game and you call it damn MOBA? Unreal Tournament has this shit and that's not a MOBA. Idiotic kids should actually read what actually would be considered a MOBA.....

    If that's the case both DoWI and DoWII failed miserably at multiple points...

    1. Complex: Out of three games at the moment, DoW2 had the least amount of complexity. Seriously some units we're flat out underpowered to near useless in comparison to others and it was actually pretty restricting in comparison to other RTS games. In my opinion SC has more tactics in general.

    2. Realistic: Realistic how? To the lore I'm assuming?

    3. Accurate to the lore: It's honestly as accurate as most people can accept right now without putting game balance into jeopardy. If we wanted to be accurate all marines would be like Captain Titus.

    I really missed the larger scale battles of DoWI so I'm happy with the direction their going. It gets going more with the action and bigger, bloodier battles with all the chaotic mayhem and adrenaline rush you get only from those fights. It was something really DoW2 lacked. The Company of Heroes system had it's ups but it only ever felt right if you we're playing LSM or CSMs.

    I will say however DoW2 had superior voice actors. DoW3 voice acting sounds dull and even forced to the point I might just try and mod it out.
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  8. 1 yes some of the units were under powered and unbalanced , but situations like that can be fixed with tweaking and buffing and nerfing, IMO it was another mistake by relic to not bothering the balance the game

    2 realistic as to:- units taking cover, units shooting while moving , dynamic movement , not having unnecessary amount of flashy animation ( hope they tuned it down at the very least)

    3. they could at very least try to switch Gabriel's jump with a teleportation , and some of the character model designs

    Edit :- honestly i don't see the game as either universally good or bad, i am just saying that for me as a fan of 40k and previous titles of the game i can't enjoy it , people can enjoy the game depending on there taste , and good for them.
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  9. The game looks okay to me. Not awful, but it's... nothing special. Definitely doesn't seem to have 60$ worth of content at launch either way.
    But I still hate how flashy they made most special attacks look. Some of them are alright I guess, but Gabriel juggling with his hammer, the Wraithlord charging enemies while grinding his sword on the ground behind him like something you'd see in Naruto, or the Morkanaut shooting his damn klaw to the sky and grabbing a rokk from low orbit? No way in zog.
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  10. Jesus Christ, the amount of jimmies rustled over a fucking jump is staggering.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I'm pretty sure that SM's jump and jump often. The world of 40k is filled with lots of nasty shit that will one shot you regardless of what you're wearing, you will jump out of the way, you will jump to get into combat etc etc.

    The game was visually satisfying, the animations have "weight" to them for the most part which is hilarious to see people HERE complain about since everyone thought the Space Marine animations were sooooo good because you felt the "weight" on them.

    As for tactics it has A LOT of units(and more on release) with strengths and weaknesses. The Elites are basically another form of you "picking your playstyle" and there are Doctrines to choose on each one that also effect their gameplay. There's neutral bunker locations to utilize and claim and I'm pretty sure I even saw some cover mechanics at one point and there is also Fog of War areas to utilize for ambushes.

    Is it a perfect DOW game? No, never will be because 40k nerds are too hard to please. Is it a bad game? Not to any stretch of the imagination from what I experienced, my opinion though.

    At the very least, if Gabriel jumping really makes you upset, don't take him as one of your elite choices. I'll tell you that the Assault Terminators absolutely wreck face though, watched @DerelictHeretic drop 3 of my Falcons in about 3 seconds with them haha.
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