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Dawn of War 3 - Confirmed!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by RustyRake, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    ah-ah this stuff is nosense!!
    what's next? primarchs will come back? a techpriest with eldar help will save the imperium? rowboute will make the imperium great again?

    oh wait... sigh
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  2. yea the reality is indeed for the lack of a better word is "Fucked up"
  3. Is Gabrielle even a SM anymore with all those cybernetics?

    I feel like he'd be more at home with the Mechanicum Techpriests now :p
  4. well just read the story spoilers
    this is what happens basically
    After a long fight between orks, eldars and space marines, the planet/construct Archeron shows up. All three factions is trying to find an artifact(Spear of khane). However the artifact doesn't exist, the spear that they found didn't have any power at all and got destroyed after a couple of swings. It was a trap to lure all the factions into a single place for a blood sacrifice. Remember the corpse pile in the trailer? A greater deamon was imprisoned and the planet itself was its containment. Farseer Macha convinced Angelos and Gorgutz to use a lot of dakka on the planet to destroy it. After the destruction. Macha transported them and herself to a void world(which she described being the last remnant of Archeron) and all three of them fought the daemon who got released from the prison. They defeated the daemon and they all went their separate ways. The End.
    Now, the Epilogue actually hints of an expansion. Someone was watching the fight, and they got angry that their creation got destroyed(the prison).
  5. Hmmm...interesting...sounds like expansion would be Inquisition(since they imprison demons and the campaign trailer even says one is pissed at the Ravens) oorrrr...maybe Necrons since they're trying to get rid of Chaos from the material realm.
  6. Another leak made it clear that was the Necrons, yes. Besides, I don't think the Inquisition has the power or the means to imprison a daemon inside of a planet-sized "living metal" structure.
  7. Corbecay Recruit

    So, its a mixture of DoW1, with the altar to a Khornate Demon and releasing it, and DoW2: Retribution where the big bad actually gets his ass kicked. I mean, its just another 'ooo spooky demon summoning' story. They could have revealed the Necrons instead. Would have been more interesting honestly.

    Taking it in a different direction than Chaos would have been nice. The Tyranid aspect to DoW2 was nice, while not detracting from the other factions. But it seems to just tend towards Chaos most of the time, despite interesting stories from all factions are possible.
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  8. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    So basically garbage!? I can understand and at least accept Eldar and SM working together. But Ork? Really? In what W40K universe are Ork that reasonable?
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  9. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    The biggest offenders (in my eyes):
    • this comic-bonbon-artstyle they used for pretty much everything
    • jumping and sprinting terminators
    • the special attacks were apparently done by someone with no conception of "overkill" or "inappropriate", because they look like taken out of some 3rd person action game (my brother's old favourite League of Legend springs to mind): they are huge, flashy and completely over the top (when Gabe swings his hammer it looks like the player accidentally dropped a ginormous orange on the screen)
    • only 3 factions. would not be that bad if it was not for the offense that are the points above and the one below
    • for that crap they charge 60 bucks
    And before the big bashing starts, this is my personal opinion and everyone is of course free to agree/disagree to his/her heart's content.
  10. Yeah, some of these attacks look fine (mostly the Eldar stuff, they're supposed to be all sparkly and crap) but the way Gabe, or even the normal Assault Termies, swing their hammer is just ridiculous. The Wraithlord's charge move, scratching the ground with its sword behind him, looks like it was designed by some 12 years old Naruto fan. And what's with the way the Morkanaut grabs a rokk from low orbit? Everyone in the stream were like "WHOA" while I was there, like WTF is that thing?!

    Also I took a quick look in the army painter. While every paint from the Citadel range seemed to be there, the least you could do would be to make the premade, un-editable schemes lore accurate! Give the Blood Angels Assaults their yellow helm and Devastators their blue ones, make the Dark Angels Land Speeder black, etc!
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