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DaveyBoys cosmetic mod

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CuCulainn, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Made some quality changes to the Ultramarine map pack. Its now available to download. Add a watch notification to this thread to get further notifications.

  2. Alpha Legion has a lot of images with texts, but Word Bearers do not have a single extract from the holy book of Lorgar.
    Blasphemy or not? I have not decided yet...
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  3. Noted, next version with custom loading screens is coming soon. I will add some text to the maps also just for you :)
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  5. never mind, i found out it was Kor Phaeron
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  7. Working on adding the new snowy Zedek map plus loading screens. Fingers crossed it will be done soon.

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  8. Updates:
    12-06-19: - New Content!
    1. Version 1.8.43 released to include a custom map for Snow Zedek
    2. Loading Screens for all maps in all factions, and a custom splash screen per faction.
    3. Only one generic mod pack is available for Eldar, and Ork factions and not per Craftworld/Clan due lack of images.
    4. FYI The installation instructions have changed to be a bit easier

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