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DaveyBoys cosmetic mod

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CuCulainn, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. cool, and you know for this mod i really want to include stuff from the ec community so hey thanks for the banner :)
  2. That won’t happen. The artwork I added is mostly not belonging to bE or myself. Plus it would be a waste of money buying the artwork as it could be better spent on more useful items.

    However there is nothing stopping anyone else from making more UI cosmetic mods.
  3. Nah you misunderstand, or maybe i did not explain it well. What I meant was the time, money and effort could be better spent by the devs on in game stuff that they can only create and which could generate revenue, rather than such a feature which anyone can make and provide for free. Just my opinion, I mean they could make it but I would rather prefer to spend my money on more character cosmetics, new weapons etc, rather than buying some pictures that could be made for free.

    Anyway's we are off topic. FYI checking out if loading screens will work [​IMG]
  4. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Cool stuff @CuCulainn. I saw the MYST banner in the video. I really liked the black and white images fading into the map as well.
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  5. thank @Demetri_Dominov , and for those banners yeah i wanted to get in as many as i could from the guilds, especially the founding guild banners. i think i got most of them.
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  8. starting working on loading screens ... not sure how long it will take

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