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DaveyBoys cosmetic mod

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CuCulainn, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Updates:
    12-06-19: - New Content!
    1. Version 1.8.43 released to include a custom map for Snow Zedek
    2. Loading Screens for all maps in all factions, and a custom splash screen per faction.
    3. Only one generic mod pack is available for Eldar, and Ork factions and not per Craftworld/Clan due lack of images.
    4. FYI The installation instructions have changed to be a bit easier
    This mod pack is a cosmetic customization for Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade maps and loading screens. This mod contains multiple packs which gives modded maps and loading screens which are themed for most Chapters/Legions/Craft worlds/Clans present in the game. The themed packs are based on the livery, heroes, symbols and lore scenes for said Chapters/Legions/Craft worlds/Clans.

    Customized Maps and loading screens for Download:

    - Alpha Legion
    - Iron Warriors
    - Night Lords
    - Word Bearers
    - Black Legion

    - Blood Angels
    - Dark Angels
    - Imperial Fists
    - Ultramarines
    - Space Wolves
    - Black Templar's

    - Eldar
    - Orks

    How to install:
    1. Download the particular cosmetic map modification you wanted. They are ordered per Chapters/Legions/Craftworlds/Clans. Find the list here:

    • Copy the folder ‘EternalCrusade’ from particular mod pack folder you downloaded.
    • Locate: Go to Steam>Library>Games and right click on your ‘Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade’ game and Select Properties.

    • Paste: On the new Properties window that opens up, select the ‘LOCAL FILES’ tab, then click on the ‘BROWSE LOCAL FILES’. This will open a new windows explorer and then just paste the ‘EternalCrusade’ folder you downloaded from my mod to this location. When prompted just confirm to ‘Replace the files in the destination’.

    • Play your game and enjoy the modded maps and custom loading screens :)
    Other stuff:
    1. Want to help? I am always looking for good high quality images. If you have said images or maybe even your guild banner then send it to me and I can have a look see if it can be used.
    3. Want to support me, then help me out on or donate at

    Questions and Answers:
    1. Question: Your mod pack broke my game. How can I fix this?
      1. Answer: Go to Steam>Library>Games and right click on your ‘Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade’ game and Select Properties. On the new Properties window that appears select the ‘LOCAL FILES’ tab. The click the ‘VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES’ button. This will scan your local games files and then download the original maps and loading screens that were replaced by my modded files.
      2. Question: I want to change back to the default maps and loading screens.
        1. See the answer for question 1.
      3. Question: Will you make modded maps for the other Legions, Clans, Craft worlds
        1. Answer: Maybe, if there is enough interest, if I have the time and if I can find enough high quality images to use.
      4. You use the same versioning as EC, why?
        1. Answer: Just to keep things simple and to signify this mod versioning versus the game. Older versions of this mod will be compatible with any future EC patches. After an EC patch you will need to replace my mod once the new EC patch updates as new EC patches will overwrite the modded maps. FYI I won’t be releasing updated modded maps to be in line every new EC patch, rather I will only update this mod and reversion to include for a new map release or maybe if a new chapter/legion/clan/craft world comes out and but even then it will take me some time so keep a watch on the forum thread to be notified of any changes.
      5. Question: Will you / Can you create other Chapters/Legions/Craftworlds/Clans that are not present in the EC?
        1. Answer: Nopes, there is just too much do as there is.
    1. Many thanks to the team at bE! Now everyone go out and buy some RTC so we can all get some more new cool stuff.
    2. These are not my images. All credits go to the original creators. Near the end of this work I only noticed I should have noted all the artists names who,s work I used. Here is a short list of some artists I managed to get credits for:Games workshop, black library, bE, John Gravato, Joazzz, Legion 5551, InkaryNacho Molina, Dmitry Burmak, Igor Sid, Richard Boylan, Focus Interactive, THQ, SilentKiwik, Ms. Waters, Diego Gisbert Llorens, Kai Lim, Veronica Anrathi, Sarp Cebeci, SuperNinjaNub, Shane Cook, Jon Sullivan, War bringer VI, Carl Holden, Thomas Wievegg.
    3. The idea to create this mod was inspired by Konoko's functional map mod which you can find here:
    4. Many thanks the testers Roop, CoLin, Chapter Master Modred, Phantagor, Cain, CShay, John Quick, The last Dude Fighter. You Rock! :)

    • 10-04-19 Word Bearers maps added.
    • 21-04-19 Black Legion maps added
    • 22-04-19 Black Templars added.
    • 12-06-19 Version 1.8.43 released to include a custom map for Snow Zedek, Loading Screens for all maps, and a custom splash screen per faction. Only one generic mod pack is available for Eldar, and Ork factions and not per Craftworld/Clan due lack of images.
  2. no man!
    I was pretty serious.
    Hope, u know, it still lives inside me
  3. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    It does not load, but maybe it's Drive, seems quite wonky atm. Hopefully it stabilises soon, want to see this. :)
  4. I will make video today showing how to do this so hopefully that helps ;)
  5. Hivespirit HiveSpirit Drill Abbott

    Well done kindred!
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  6. @JojoKasei et all, I have added a Vid explaining what this mod does and how to install it
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  7. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    I have a serious question for you davy.
    Do these new textures you made for this mod impact performance like load time and such in any way ? (positive or negative)
    Cuz I was thinking like if these textures are significantly smaller or larger than the original one's and they have to be loaded into the video card memory at some point you know to run the game than they might effect things and i'm hoping maybe make it better ?
  8. I never saw any impact on the load times. Though to be honest I did not test specifically for this and i had no negative feedback re this from the testers.

    You can actually run the game with out maps. So if you want to test it you could time load times with and without the 14 live map by just deleting and re-adding the maps. Also I believe the loading screen is also stored locally though I am not sure of the exact path were they are stored. Possibly these could be removed and tested to if you are interested.
  9. Did you get it working?
  10. Lucius Vinicius JojoKasei Arkhona Vanguard

    Yes, it does.
    EDIT: Thanks for putting our logo on the Pegasus Recovered map, I guess? :)

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